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She did not receive adequate affection and encouragement from her mother, and her father, Marquis Yong Hou, never paid much attention to his children.

As a result, the original owner lacked love since childhood, and subconsciously became a sensitive person with an inferiority complex who was eager to please.

So, when Third Prince Pei Changzhou was a little good to her, she couldn’t help falling for it…

Thinking of this, Tao Ti couldn’t keep from sighing.

The influence of the core family on a child is enormous.

Psychologist Adler once said, “Lucky people are being healed by childhood all their lives; unlucky people are healing their childhood all their lives.” Unfortunately, before the original owner could heal her childhood, she had ended her life prematurely.

“Have you become mute Don’t think you can muddle through just because you stay silent!” Madam Zhang’s angry voice rang out again.

Tao Ti returned to herself, looked at her calmly, and asked, “What do you want me to say”

Madam Zhang had not expected such a reaction from her, and was momentarily speechless.

Tao Ti said evenly, “I was reckless to have tried to kill myself with poison, and I apologise.

But… before that, I’ve said it many times, I don’t want to marry off to the Eastern Palace, have you ever listened to my wishes”

This was something the original owner had said, but always in hysterical cries, and never this calmly.

Madam Zhang had wanted to continue berating her with a stern face as usual, but for some reason, when she looked into Tao Ti’s clear and serious gaze, she only felt her heart throb with a tremor of guilt.

Tao Ti added, “Mother, I’d like to ask, when you heard the news that I’d taken poison, was your first reaction anger, or was it concern for my safety”

“I, I…” Madam Zhang’s throat tightened, and she turned her head awkwardly.

“Aren’t you perfectly fine now Don’t try to change the subject.”

Tao Ti squeezed her fingers tight, her eyelashes drooping slightly, “I see.”

She adjusted her skirts and got up slowly from the couch.

For some reason, Madam Zhang was a little panicked, and said hurriedly, “Ah Ti, where are you going”

“I’m going out to get some air.

If Mother still wants to rebuke me…” Tao Ti showed a courteous and distant smile, “I’m tired of listening to it after so many years.”

Madam Zhang’s feet were frozen in place; she clearly had a bellyful of words to say, yet couldn’t say a word, so she could only watch helplessly as her daughter left the room.

Bright sunlight shone down from the carved wooden window, casting dappled light and shadows.

Madam Zhang sat down on the couch dejectedly, only feeling that the heart in her chest had become empty and desolate.

In an instant, she covered her face with both hands and sobbed, “No, it’s not what you think.

You’re a part of me that I carried for nine months, my own flesh and blood, how could I possibly not love you…”


After coming out of the main house, Tao Ti had no idea where to go, so she simply asked Zishuang to take her to the back garden for a walk, hoping she might find some peace and quiet.

Unexpectedly, this back garden was not only not quiet, but on the contrary, extremely lively.

“Did you all see that just now Fifth Sister seems to have become a completely different person!”

“That’s right, I think so too.

Although she has always been rather pretty, but today, dressed like this, she seems much prettier than before!”

“Tch, what’s so strange about that ‘Clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse’, everything she’s wearing was prepared by the palace, if I were to wear them, I’d look just as good.”

The ladies of the four branches of the marquis family had gathered around to chat, and naturally, the topic of conversation wouldn’t skip past the day’s main character.

“But did she really try to kill herself with poison Her complexion looks very good to me, you can’t tell that she tried to commit suicide at all.”

“I’m not very sure either, I’d only vaguely heard about it.” The one speaking was the second branch’s eldest daughter, Tao Ti’s cousin, Fourth Lady Tao.

She squeezed her embroidered handkerchief, lowered her voice and said, “Anyway, on the night of her marriage, Eldest Uncle ran to Eldest Aunt’s room and threw a big fit, and also said something like the whole family is going to be implicated…”

As soon as these words were said, the expressions on the ladies’ faces changed, fearful and resentful.

“If she really did something like that, we’re all going to be killed by her! She usually looks so quiet, how can her heart be so vicious.”

“Exactly! She’s been engaged to the crown prince since childhood, and should’ve been resigned to it long ago, why did she have to deliberately stir up trouble…”

“I once heard Second Brother say that the crown prince is dignified and elegant, just like an immortal.

Seeing him today, it is indeed so.

He’s not only handsome, but also so gentle, and actually personally helped her down the carriage.

Sigh, it’s a pity that the crown prince is weak and sickly, otherwise, he would be the most perfect gentleman in this world.”

“Humph, if the crown prince is as healthy as a regular person, how would a woman like Fifth Sister be worthy of being Crown Princess I’m afraid she wouldn’t even be worthy of carrying the crown prince’s shoes!”

These mean words caused the ladies to cover their mouths as a burst of low titters swept through them.

Behind the fake rockery, Tao Ti’s lips twitched as she listened.

She wanted very much to rush up and retort, I’m not worthy of being Crown Princess, then, are you

In fact, that’s just what she did.


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