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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 11.1

Over the next few days, Tao Ti was kept busy with the renovations of the Eastern Palace’s small kitchen.

In addition to acquiring some kitchenware, she also asked for a small bread kiln to be built behind Yaoguang Hall.

The bread kiln was very simple; the craftsmen understood it as soon as they looked at Tao Ti’s drawing, and it took only two days to build.

Tao Ti immediately tried to bake some bread.

The first two times, the fire was not properly controlled, so the dough was either burned or but soft enough.

Fortunately, the third time was finally successful——

Before the kiln was even opened, a sweet fragrance had filled the entire Yaoguang Hall.

Even the palace attendants who were cleaning at the door could smell the peculiar aroma.

They each closed their eyes and sniffed greedily, “How fragrant!”

Tao Ti glanced at the incense in the incense burner that was almost all burned down and rubbed her hands excitedly.

“It’s almost time, you can take it out.”

Linglong answered in acknowledgement, picked up a damp rag, and removed the lid.

After being greeted by a burst of steam, was the sight of a row of milk honey bread squeezed neatly together on a long plate, golden, plump, and fragrant.

Zishuang and Linglong couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

At first, they had thought that the crown princess was simply indulging in whimsical fantasies and just playing around.

They never expected that this food called “bread” would be made successfully, and that it was so fragrant!

Tao Ti tried one; it was a still bit hot.

When she broke it apart, she saw that it was soft and fluffy inside.

Upon tasting it, her mouth was filled with a light milky fragrance.

“Mhm, it’s not bad.”

The sweetness was moderate—Pei Yan should be able to accept it.

Thinking this, she said to Linglong, “Pack six of these and send them to His Highness.”

The bread she baked this time was not very big; one was just the size of a fist.

According to her estimation of Pei Yan’s appetite, it was already very good if he could eat half of six.

But packing just three was a little lame, and would make her seem stingy; it still looked nicer to pack six.

Linglong deftly plated a dish of small buns and headed to Zixiao Hall.

Zishuang came up to Tao Ti, showered her with compliments, then asked tentatively, “Mistress, you and His Highness… have you decided to live well together”

This question made Tao Ti’s brows knit together.

“If not, what then”

Seeing her attitude sharpen, Zishuang smiled bitterly, “No, no, this servant is merely asking.

Mistress, it’s naturally for the best that you’ve thought it through.”

Tao Ti pursed her lips; she was suspicious, but didn’t let it show on her face.

She packed six buns for herself, and when she saw that there were still some left on the tray, said to Zishuang, “Give out the rest to the palace attendants.

Zishuang was slightly surprised, “Mistress, how are the palace maids worthy of eating the food you made yourself”

“It’s not anything rare, it’s just some bread,” said Tao Ti disapprovingly.

“Besides, this only tastes good when fresh.

I can’t finish it alone, and it’s a waste to just leave it, so it’s better to share it with everyone and prevent food from being wasted.

Ah, by the way, remember to save one for Linglong.”

“……Understood,” said Zishuang with difficulty.

After Tao Ti entered her palace, Zishuang did not dare dawdle and distributed the remaining bread to the palace attendants who were on duty.

However, she harboured selfish motives and didn’t leave any for Linglong, but ate it herself.

She didn’t believe that Linglong, that little wench, would file a complaint with her mistress over a snack.


In Zixiao Hall, Pei Yanzheng was in the midst of a discussion with the Eastern Palace’s officials.

Suddenly, he smelled a strong milk fragrance; he raised his eyes slightly to look at Fu Xirui.

Fu Xirui understood his look and hurried out of the room.

Not long after, he brought a food container to Pei Yan’s side and said in a low voice, “Your Highness, Crown Princess sent some pastry.”

She sent this Could it be that “bread” thing she’s been dabbling with for the past two days

Pei Yan raised his hand and lifted the lid slightly for a look.

The appearance was pretty good; it seems like she was successful.

He was about to ask Fu Xirui to take it away, planning to try it after the discussion of official affairs, but heard Song Wenci, who was sitting on his right, say with a laugh, “The imperial kitchen’s skills are getting better and better.

I wonder what kind of pastry has been delivered today, it’s so fragrant and sweet that this old man’s cravings have been hooked.”

Song Wenci was the crown prince’s Grand Mentor; Pei Yan had been studying with him since he was three years old.

As the old saying goes, ‘A teacher for a day is a father for life’; Song Wenci and Pei Yan had a teacher-student friendship of almost twenty years, which was naturally extremely deep.

Hearing that Grand Mentor Song was having cravings, Pei Yan smiled and said, “After discussing official affairs for so long, I guess you are all tired.

Why don’t we take a break and have some pastries”

Song Wenci stroked his white beard, “Very well, very well.”

While dividing the snacks, Fu Xirui secretly broke out in cold sweat, for fear that there wouldn’t be enough to share.

Unexpectedly, the number of pastries were neither too much nor too little, there was just enough for one each.

Fu Xirui breathed a sigh of relief; this crown princess was really amazing! Even something like delivering pastries was done just right.

“I’ve never seen this pastry before.” Song Wenci picked up the bun, looked at it, opened his mouth and took a big bite.

In the next moment, he raised his brows and praised, “Mhm… fluffy and sweet, with a lingering fragrance in the mouth, not bad, not bad!”

The reactions of the others were similar to Song Wenci’s; everyone was full of praise.

The bread was still warm.

Pei Yan tasted it elegantly, recalling the news from his shadow guard——

Tao Ti did cook in the Marquis Yong Wei residence, but not many times, and only ever made ordinary pastries and soups.


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