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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 11.2

As for her cooking skills, that was unknown.

is not known.

After all, the only people who have tasted her cooking were Madam Zhang, Marquis Yong Wei, and the Old Madam, and these few people have never commented on her cooking skills to outsiders.

Could it be that she had always been hiding these excellent cooking skills in the past...

Or, was the crown princess Tao Ti who was now in the Eastern Palace really Marquis Yong Wei’s legitimate daughter, Tao Ti

Pei Yan’s black eyes narrowed slightly thoughtfully.

Song Wenci finished eating the bread in two or three bites and was left feeling like he wanted more.

He asked, “Your Highness, I wonder what this pastry is called So this minister can go back and get the cooks at home to try making it.”

Pei Yan came back to his senses and said mildly, “This pastry is called bread...

It’s something Crown Princess figured out how to make by herself.”

Upon hearing this, the several important ministers of the Eastern Palace were stunned and looked incredulously at the… leftover breadcrumbs on their plates.

Such a delicious pastry was made by that crown princess who attempted suicide by ingesting poison on her wedding night In just a few days, that woman had become so virtuous It was truly inconceivable.

“I didn’t expect Crown Princess to have such excellent cooking skills.” Song Wenci was a veteran of the officialdom after all and quickly recovered himself, saying with a smile, “Your Highness’s taste buds will be blessed in the days to come.”

After he took the lead, the rest of the officials also echoed the same sentiments.

Pei Yan smiled but did not say anything.

After drinking some tea, he continued with the discussion of official affairs.


That night, dinner was personally delivered to Yaoguang Hall by Chief Steward Sun himself.

Seeing his polite and prudent attitude, Tao Ti was a little embarrassed and patiently explained to him that she was not questioning his cooking skills, but simply wanted to eat some stronger flavours.

Chief Steward Sun was surprised and frightened to see the crown princess explaining to him in such an approachable manner and said, “ Crown Princess, don’t worry.

This servant delivered the meal as I wanted to see if Crown Princess will be satisfied with the spicy dishes today.


He paused for a while, abashed.

Seeing that Tao Ti was waiting for him to continue, he summoned his courage and said, “This servant tried making the shuijian baos and hulatang Crown Princess made a few days ago.

The shuijian baos were okay, I managed to make them in one go.

However, I can’t seem to recreate the taste of the hulatang, but I don’t know what’s missing… If Crown Princess can help me out, I will be deeply grateful.”

After saying this, he even gave Tao Ti a ceremonious bow.

“Chief Steward Sun, don’t be so polite.” Tao Ti hurriedly asked him to get up.

What she made was not some kind of secret and exclusive dish that couldn’t be passed on anyway, so she hid nothing and explained the steps and tricks of making hulatang one by one.

When she was done, she smiled modestly, “Cooking is very flexible, with the same recipe, even if the ingredients and steps are clearly written, when different people make it, the taste will also be different.

You don’t have to do make it taste exactly the same as mine, as long as it’s tasty, it’s can be considered well done.”

“Thank you, Crown Princess, for your guidance.” When Chief Steward Sun saw that the crown princess didn’t have any airs, was not selfish with her knowledge, and loved cooking and delicious food from the bottom of her heart, he developed sincere feelings of respect and admiration for her.

Outsiders all say that the crown princess had a bad temperament, but based on the two encounters he had with her, she was not at all like what the rumours claimed! That goes to show that rumours could not be entirely believed.

Before he left, Chief Steward Sun even said warmly, “Crown Princess, actually, the imperial kitchen is not far from Yaoguang Hall, and has everything one might need.

If you feel like making something to eat, you are welcome to use the imperial kitchen.

We can also give you a hand, make accompanying dishes, or carve flower garnishes.

Your palace maids are not as skilled as us in such things.”

Tao Ti understood his good intentions and smiled, “All right, when I want to cook something grand, I’ll go to the imperial kitchen for your help.”

After dinner, Tao Ti took a walk in the courtyard, then went back in for a bath.

The nightlife of the ancients was extremely boring; she could only read storytellers’ scripts to pass the time.

But tonight, she had already almost finished reading an entire volume, yet still didn’t see any sign of Pei Yan.

Tao Ti yawned lazily, but her eyes went unthinkingly towards the door.

Was he still busy with official affairs at this late hour Hmm, could his frail body bear it...

Linglong saw that she was sleepy, and while adding incense coils to the green-glazed incense burner, she urged, “Crown Princess, it’s late.

It doesn’t seem like His Highness will be coming, why don’t you rest first”

Tao Ti thought about it; that was understandable—she has already been married into the Eastern Palace for several days, and the crown prince had been staying with her for just as many days.

They’ve probably acted enough, and he didn’t need to come every night anymore.

“Mhm, then I’ll rest first.” She stretched lazily, smelling the delicate fragrance emanating from the incense burner and said carelessly, “The smell of this incense seems to be different from the previous one.”

Linglong paused momentarily in the act of adding incense, lowered her eyes and said, “Crown Princess, the previous incense was Suhe incense, and today’s incense is the Goose Pear Boudoir incense.

If Crown Princess likes the previous one, this servant will change it back to that.”

Tao Ti didn’t know much about incense, and only said, “No need, this one smells pretty good too.”

“Understood.” Linglong finished adding the incense and helped Tao Ti to bed.

Tao Ti was a little unused to there suddenly being no one lying beside her.

But not long after, a strong wave of sleepiness surged up like a tide, and she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Outside the bedcurtains, Linglong lifted a corner and gently called out, “Crown Princess”.

When no one answered, she walked quickly to the door.

“Your Highness, the crown princess has fallen asleep.”

“Mhm, you may leave now,” came a gentle voice.

The door was gently pushed open; Pei Yan walked in slowly, casting a deep and tranquil gaze towards the smoky purple bedcurtains that hung quietly.


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