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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 12.1

In the dim candlelight of the room, Pei Yan’s shadow was reflected on the latticed window, looking upright and tall.

He walked slowly to the bed; the bedcurtains were half pulled up with a silver hook, while the other half hung down from it.

On the wide, soft bed, his little crown princess was sleeping groggily.

Her sleeping posture was rather well-behaved; she was sleeping on her side, her two small hands lay by her small milk-white face, breathing evenly and calmly, like a lazy little snowball-like kitten.

Without him at her side, she was obviously much more at ease.

Her long black hair was scattered about casually, and her nightclothes was also not as prim and proper as usual.

Perhaps it was because the weather was gradually getting warmer, her collar was open, revealing the lotus flower-coloured inner garment inside.

Her side-lying posture made that area bulge out…

Warm candlelight sprinkled across her fair, jade-like skin through the smoky purple bedcurtains, adding a few shades of suggestive charm that was unasked for.

Pei Yan sat leisurely by the side of the bed, his head slightly lowered.

In his delicate eyes, was a distant and indifferent expression; there was no trace of the usual warmth and gentleness.

Clean, slender fingers stroked her cheek lightly.

Perhaps his fingers were too cold; Tao Ti’s slender eyelashes trembled slightly, and a wrinkle formed between her two thin, curved brows.

A sleep-inducing drug has been added into the incense, so Pei Yan wasn’t worried that she would wake up.

A hand with well-defined knuckles touched Tao Ti’s cheek little by little, from the hair roots at her forehead, to behind her ear, then her chin; her skin was very tender, like a peeled egg.

He did not dare to use too much force, for fear of hurting her delicate little face if he was not careful.

Such a delicate and gentle action was as if the most affectionate man in the world was tenderly caressing his beloved——if those deep eyes of his were not full of indifference.

There was no human skin mask.

Pei Yan retracted his hand.

He lowered his dark eyes, gazing fixedly at the exquisite and beautiful face in front of him, then recalling those vivid and lively little expressions of hers these past days.

Well, he ought not to be surprised.

If someone really had a human skin mask on, how would he not have the slightest clue after sharing a bed with her for so many days

Then, what was with her behaviour ever since entering the Eastern Palace

Or, were there people who looked exactly the same in this world

The person who was previously desperately in love with Pei Changzhou, had become affectionate and caring to him in a twinkling of an eye… no matter how he thought about it, something felt wrong.

Pei Yan pondered in silence, his deep gaze containing bits of mockery.

He suddenly pinched her little chin, his black eyes taking on a layer of dangerous darkness, and his voice low and slow, “Is this a ploy between the two of you”

The person on the bed was in deep sleep, looking utterly defenceless and innocent.

“If you continue to always be so well-behaved, I can let you live,” murmured Pei Yan, inadvertently catching a glimpse of her arm that was hanging outside; it was fair and tender, like a fresh snow lotus root.

His eyes darkened abruptly.

After sitting quietly for a while, he reached out, covered her properly with the quilt, and stood up.

The bedcurtains were put down again.

There was the sound of footsteps, then the sound of closing doors, and then everything returned to silence, as if no one had ever come.


Tao Ti was in great spirits after sleeping until she woke up naturally.

Linglong, who had woken up much earlier, helped her with her hair and makeup in the morning.

When she placed a sunflower patterned silver hairpin next to her hairdo, Tao Ti asked casually, “What did you think of the taste of yesterday’s bread after trying it”

The hand that Linglong was holding onto the hairpin froze; the wheels in her mind spun, then she said calmly, “......Naturally, what Crown Princess makes is excellent.”

“I didn’t put too much sugar yesterday, and thought you would find the taste bland.” Tao Ti prattled on, “I can bake something else today.

Hmm, dried pork jerky is not bad.

Also, candied preserves too— the ones made by the Sweet Preserves Bureau are way too sweet, just one bite can stick in one’s throat for a really long time, no wonder His Highness doesn’t like to eat them… I’ll make them all today.

The sooner I get them done, the sooner he can eat them with his medicine.”

Linglong said softly, “Crown Princess, are you very fond of cooking”

Tao Ti surveyed herself in the mirror and replied carelessly, “I don’t have any other hobbies, I just enjoy figuring out ways to make food.”


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