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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 12.2

In the modern era, she could still look for friends to play with, indulge in feasting and revelry, visit the latest hotspots, live as happy as a god.

Now, in the conservative and restriction-ladened ancient times, with the addition of the status of Crown Princess, parents who didn’t love her, and a dark history that was going to be hard to be rid of… other than busying herself over food, what else could she do

After that, Linglong did not speak any more, and just quietly helped Tao Ti with her hair and makeup.

After lunch, Tao Ti headed straight into the kitchen.

The ingredients in the small kitchen were of the highest quality.

The best way to make dried pork jerky was to use fresh pork hind legs, carefully remove the tendons and bones, and use only the pure lean meat.

After selecting the ingredients, Tao Ti had initially wanted Zishuang to mince the pork, but Zishuang disliked the smell and stickiness of pork, so she evaded by saying that she has never minced pork before, clearly demonstrating that she wasn’t willing to do it.

Tao Ti didn’t force her, and asked Linglong to do the chopping.

Linglong got started without saying a word.

Zishuang was a little regretful then and hurried to follow Tao Ti.

“Mistress, how about letting this servant do something else”

Thinking about how Zishuang was the original body’s personal maidservant who grew up together with her since childhood, Tao Ti thought that perhaps she had developed such a temperament from being indulged by the original body in the past.

She pondered for a moment, then pointed to the basket of fresh, plump fruits on the table.

“Then, go and wash those fruits.

Peel the ginger, remove the cores of the hawthorns and apricots, and deseed the kumquats.”


This servant will do so right away.

“ Zishuang agreed hastily, then carried the fruits and went to wash them.

Dried pork jerky and candied preserves were not difficult to make, and with Linglong and Zishuang’s help, the work was accomplished with half the effort.

Before long, Yaoguang Hall was once again filled with fragrant aromas.

One moment, it was the aroma of meat roasting, the next, it was the sweet fragrance of fresh fruit.

The two aromas mingled in the air, stimulating the appetites of the people both inside and outside of the hall so much that they all secretly gulped back their saliva.

“I wonder what Crown Princess is cooking today It seems even more fragrant than yesterday”

“I think it’s dried pork jerky and candied preserves Ah, Xiao Liuzi was on duty inside yesterday and gave me a small piece of the pastry Crown Princess baked.

Tch, that taste, that mouthful, it was simply amazing! I wonder if we will get to try any today”

“Keep dreaming.

You should thank your lucky stars that you’ve had the chance to try Crown Princess’s handmade food once.”

“Hey, so it seems like our Crown Princess is not entirely useless.

At least her cooking skills are good.

I heard that Grand Mentor Song and the others all said that the pastry she sent to Zixiao Hall yesterday was good.”

In the splendour of spring, swallows flew diagonally across the skies, and the quiet afternoon is made more gentle by the aroma of food.

By the time the sun was waning, the dried pork jerky and candied preserves were ready.

Tao Ti intended to deliver them to Zixia Hall in person this time.

After all, she was the crown princess, but she knew nothing about the other places apart from Yaoguang Hall and the imperial kitchen after having been in the Eastern Palace for several days.

Anyway, since she had nothing better to do, it was not a bad idea to take advantage of this good spring weather to explore the place and familiarise herself with her living environment.

Zishuang also wanted to go with her, but Tao Ti asked, “Are you familiar with the Eastern Palace”

Zishuang, “......”

Seeing her speechless look, Tao Ti secretly wondered if she was being too cold and not as dependant on her as the original body was, resulting in Zishuang being so jumpy lately

Sigh, she had never been a leader before, things like how to balance the mentality of both new and old employees… mhm, she still had to think more about it.

After a moment of silence, she said to Zishuang, “Linglong will help me to get familiarised with the way this time, I’ll take you out next time.”

Hearing this, Zishuang hastened to say, “This servant understands.”

Her heart was somewhat mollified; seems like her Mistress still cared for her.

Linglong, who had finished packing the food container and walked over, just happened to see this scene and frowned slightly.

She didn’t say anything and just walked to Tao Ti’s side, then said respectfully with her eyes downcast, “Crown Princess, the food is all packed.”

Tao Ti gave a soft “Mhm”, and master and servant headed out the door together.


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