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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 14.1

As soon as she walked out of Zixiao Hall, Tao Ti raised her hand and patted her chest, then breathed a sigh of relief.

If it weren’t for the special circumstances, she wouldn’t have lied, let alone lie to a gentle and frail beauty like Pei Yan.

Sigh, this sense of guilt...

“Crown Princess, are we still going to pick those pagoda tree blossoms” Linglong glanced at the darkening sky and prompted gently.

Tao Ti suddenly came back to her senses and said without hesitation, “Yes, definitely.

Let’s go, we’ll hurry and pick them while it’s still light, and steam them for dinner tonight.

Let me tell you, steamed pagoda tree blossoms are really delicious, in the entire year, such a fresh taste can only be had in spring.

In addition to steamed pagoda tree blossoms, we can also deep-fry them, make pan-fried egg crepes…”

Listening to the crown princess rambling about the various ways to cook with pagoda tree blossoms, Linglong’s defences unwittingly came down by quite a lot, and her usually expressionless face also became warmer.

Before she was sold into the palace, her grandmother at home would also pick fresh pagoda tree blossoms in spring and make congee and flatbread for the family to eat; those were such good times.


Under the forest of snow-white pagoda trees, Tao Ti’s head was raised, directing a eunuch as he picked the flowers.

“Yes, yes, the ones there are fresh.

It’s okay to cut off the entire branch, they will grow out again in the coming year.”

“Be careful, pick them slowly, there’s no rush.”

Looking at the bamboo baskets that were gradually filling up with pagoda tree blossoms, Tao Ti squatted down, scooped a handful of flowers with both hands and sniffed lightly; she couldn’t help breaking into a smile

Suddenly, she felt as if someone was looking their way.

Tao Ti lifted her eyes and looked around.

When she saw the two figures standing in a corridor not far away, the smile on her face froze.

In the covered corridor, stood a man wearing a royal blue robe with a jade belt with a handsome face and a posture.

Behind him was a lanky eunuch with drooping eyebrows and eyes.

Both master and servant were looking their way.

Although Tao Ti could not clearly see the expression on his face due to the distance between them, she recognised who the man was at once——

The third prince, Pei Changzhou.

That scumbag who pushed the original body into committing suicide step by manipulating her emotionally!

The good mood from picking flowers instantly disappeared, replaced by an anger that raged in her heart.

She pursed her lips wrathfully, and cursed inwardly, Keep looking, why don’t you! How dare a scumbag like you still have the cheek to look!

Pei Changzhou also noticed that Tao Ti had seen him.

Recalling what Pei Lingbi said to him a few days ago, his heart was slightly moved.

He was about to raise his hand to wave to Tao Ti, but before his hand was lifted, he saw Tao Ti turn her head away resolutely and didn’t look at him again.

Pei Changzhou’s brow wrinkled.

Was she really angry

But, it didn’t matter if she was angry.

This stupid woman was easy to coax anyway, as long as he said a few nice words, she would obediently dance to his tune.

Thinking of this, Pei Changzhou straightened his collar slightly, and walked towards the pagoda tree forest with confidence.

The eunuch behind him was startled and reminded him in a low voice, “Master, this is the Eastern Palace.”

Pei Changzhou curled his lips and said disdainfully, “So what if it’s the Eastern Palace I just want to say hello to my sister-in-law.

Even if Crown Prince knows about it, it doesn’t matter.

He has always been gentle and tolerant, and won’t take it to heart.”

Just as Pei Changzhou was about to reach the pagoda tree forest, he saw Tao Ti take Linglong and the eunuch who was picking the flowers with her and walked off in another direction.

They were clearly only about ten metres apart, but she behaved as if she hadn’t seen him, and didn’t even spare him a glance.

 just about ten meters away, she froze as if she did not see him, not even a superfluous glance to him, walking off without the slightest hesitation.

Looking at the petite figure fade into the distance, Pei Changzhou’s handsome face darkened.

What did that woman mean Was she spurning him now

It has only been a few days since she married into the Eastern Palace, and she already dared to treat him with such cold indifference…

Pei Changzhou’s heart surged with anger; could it be that this woman had indeed defected to Pei Yan’s side as Lingbi said

No, this was absolutely not permissible.

Even if he had always only regarded her as a pawn, she could only be his pawn, and belong to him alone!

With this thought, a sinister look appeared in Pei Changzhou’s eyes.

He had to find a way to reclaim this chess piece.


Bad luck, what bad luck!

Tao Ti returned to Yaoguang Hall gloomily.

She had initially been picking flowers happily, but her good spirits were entirely ruined by that scumbag.

Zishuang greeted her warmly, and when she saw Tao Ti’s unhappy face, first asked, “Mistress, what’s wrong”, then glared at Linglong with her eyebrows raised, “Did you not serve Mistress well and made her angry!”

Linglong looked at Zishuang calmly and did not reply.

Seeing that Linglong was keeping silent, Zishuang simply assumed that she was snubbing her, and her tone became even more aggressive, “What, are you feeling unhappy about what I said To glare at me like that, you have a big temper huh, you lowly servant!”

Linglong said indifferently, “Aren’t you also a servant”

Zishuang choked and retorted, “Are you fit to be compared to me I’ve been with Mistress since I was eight years old, you’ve only been with her for a few days!”

Tao Ti was already a little annoyed, and now, hearing the two of them arguing, she became even more irritated.

She cast Zishuang a cross look, “All right, stop arguing.

It has nothing to do with Linglong.

Zishuang, you may be dismissed for now, I don’t need you to wait on me.”

Zishuang was still a little reluctant, but seeing Tao Ti’s stern expression, she could only take her leave.

Tao Ti looked at Linglong and said in a warm voice, “Zishuang has been with me all along, it’s my fault for not keeping her in check.

Don’t take what just happened to heart…”

Linglong lowered her eyes and said, “Mistress, don’t worry, this servant will not take it to heart.”

Tao Ti nodded, “Take two palace maids with you to wash a pot of pagoda tree blossoms.

We’ll steam some for dinner tonight.”


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