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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 14.2

After Linglong retreated, Tao Ti slumped on the couch and stared at the roof, thinking——

Going by Linglong and Zishuang’s performances so far, she preferred Linglong, who doesn’t talk much but was a dependable worker.

As for Zishuang, she was a little noisy, and liked picking fights...

Perhaps Zishuang was truly acting for the good of her mistress, but based on her current behaviour, the chances of her screwing her mistress over seemed to be greater.

Forget it, she would observe for a while longer.

If Zishuang continued to act like this, she would consider whether to let her stay or leave then.

She flipped over and thought about Pei Changzhou again.

She had to admit, that scumbag was indeed handsome.

It made sense; both Emperor Zhaokang and Empress Zhou were good-looking people, so the odds of their children being ugly would not be high.

But what did he mean by walking towards her Why, could it be that seeing she was not dead, he wants to fool around again

Tao Ti criticised him fiercely inwardly and made up her mind to take a detour whenever she sees Pei Changzhou from now on.

She never wanted to have the littlest bit of involvement with this scumbag ever again.

However, it turned out that flags could not be set up indiscriminately——

The next afternoon, Tao Ti was humming as she adjusted the flavour of the filling to make pagoda tree blossom baos, Zishuang came over secretively, “Mistress, this servant has something important to report.”

Tao Ti didn’t even raise her head, “What is it”

Zishuang’s eyes twinkled, then swept a glance at the other palace attendants around them and said in a low voice, “This...

Mistress, it’s better that you come with this servant inside first.”

Tao Ti’s brows knitted slightly, “......”

After a moment’s thought, she stopped what she was doing, washed her hands clean, and went inside with Zishuang.

The hall was quiet, and Mistress and servant faced each other.

Tao Ti poured herself a cup of tea and took a couple of sips, then looked at Zishuang and said, “Now that no one is around, just say what you want to.

The baos are still waiting to be steamed.”

Zishuang reached out and felt around in her sleeve, then immediately pulled out a letter.

She bowed and held it out to Tao Ti with both hands respectfully, “Mistress, the letter.”


what letter

Tao Ti’s eyelids suddenly twitched, and her imagination ran wild.

Could it be that she had some other role besides the identity of a chongxi bride For example, a beautiful undercover agent or something like that

She accepted the letter with a serious face.

There was no signature on the envelope.

“Who sent this”

“Mistress, it’s…” Zishuang did not say the name, and only raised three fingers.

Tao Ti was stunned, “......Pei Changzhou”

Zishuang smiled ambiguously and nodded.

After quickly reading the contents of the letter, Tao Ti’s brow was so tightly furrowed they could squeeze a fly to death.

Did this Pei Changzhou swallow a compendium of pick-up lines Disgusting! Cheesy!

After settling her emotions a little, Tao Ti put the letter on the table next to her and turned to look straight at Zishuang, “How did you get this letter”

Zishuang had initially wanted to claim credit for the task, but when she raised her eyes and saw her Mistress’s severe expression, her heart suddenly gave a huge thump.

After a pause, she said cautiously, “Mistress, this letter was given to this servant by Third Prince’s personal eunuch, Hu Jin.

He asked this servant to ensure that it is delivered to you, Mistress.”

Tao Ti narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “How much benefits did the third prince give you for you to harm me like this”

At these words, Zishuang’s face turned pale and she said in a panic, “Mistress, what are you talking about What do you mean by benefits This servant is utterly loyal to you, how would I harm you”

Seeing her flickering eyes that clearly showed that she had a guilty conscience, Tao Ti’s tone became even colder, “Aren’t you bringing me harm right now If others caught wind of this, what will they think of me What will the crown prince think of me”

Meeting those cold frosty eyes, Zishuang felt her legs go weak.

She fell immediately to her knees, trembling, “Mistress, calm down, this servant, this servant......”

She couldn’t understand what was going on.

In the past, when her mistress received a letter from the third prince, she would treat it as preciously as anything, but why was she now......

so unfeeling

Looking at the kneeling Zishuang, Tao Ti pursed her red lips.

She was still thinking of giving her another chance yesterday, but unexpectedly, this person imploded by stepping on a landmine herself today.

It seems like the original body had raised a mole by her side.

No wonder from the first time she met this Zishuang, there was a strange feeling she couldn’t quite describe.

Now that this has happened, there was absolutely no way she could keep Zishuang around.

After a moment of silence, Tao Ti said in a low voice, “You have to keep your mouth shut about what happened today, and not tell anyone else about it, understand”

Zishuang was stunned, then immediately promised.

“Stop kneeling, get up.” Tao Ti said calmly, “With your nature, you’re not suited to work in the palace, go back to the Marquis Yongwei manor tomorrow.”

Zishuang was just about to get up, but upon hearing this, her knees fell back to the ground and she said in a terrified panic, “Mistress, do you not want this servant anymore I know my mistake, I really do, I will never help deliver any letters ever again… Please, don’t drive this servant away, keep this servant by your side!”

Tao Ti did not say anything and only listened as she cried.

When her crying abated slightly, she said quietly, “Tell me, if I give this letter to the crown prince, what will the crown prince do with you”

Zishuang’s pleas stopped abruptly, and she stared at her in disbelief, “Mistress……”

Tao Ti said, “Dry your tears.

Go back to your room and pack your things, returning to work in the Marquis Yongwei is better than losing your life in the Eastern Palace.”

Now that she has said this much, Zishuang also knew that it was useless to say more.

She gave Tao Ti a sad and resentful look, then bade farewell.

The hall became even quieter.

Bright sunlight spilled in through the latticed windows, falling upon the letter filled with honeyed words.

In the last line, Pei Changzhou asked to meet her at three in the afternoon tomorrow at the Moon Shadow Lake in the small garden to catch up.

Catch up In his dreams!

Tao Ti rolled her eyes, picked up the letter, and threw it into the incense burner without hesitation.


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