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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 15.1

Under the hazy moonlight in the Eastern Palace, at Zixia Hall.

Linglong stood respectfully with her head lowered as she reported to Pei Yan about Zishuang delivering the letter in detail.

“The Crown Princess seemed to have berated Zishuang, Zishuang’s face was ashen, and it seemed as if it was tear-stained.

After coming out from the hall, she went straight back to her room.”

Pei Yan’s expression was indifferent, “Keep a close watch on the Crown Princess, see if she goes out tomorrow.”

Linglong nodded, thought for a moment, then added, “In my humble opinion, the Crown Princess… is not foolish.

About this letter, Zishuang was mainly the one behind it.”

Pei Yan’s black eyes narrowed slightly.

Slowly, he looked towards Linglong; his face was still smiling, but his tone was extremely flat, “Seems like the Crown Princess treats you quite well It’s only been a few days, and you’re already speaking up for her.”

Linglong was startled; she hastily knelt on one knee, hung her head, and said, “This subordinate has spoken out of line, I beg your pardon, Master.”

Pei Yan stared at the elaborate words spread out on the table and was quiet for a long time before saying, “Get up, I’m not upset.”

A breeze blew in from the window, and the fragrance of ink spread out.

After issuing a few more instructions, Pei Yan told Linglong to leave.

“Pei Changzhou...”

Pei Yan picked up a brush and put these three words down on the pristine rice paper, then took a vermilion brush and circled the name; a cold killing intent rose in his ink-like eyes.

A few moments later, he tossed the wolf-hair brush in his hand casually onto the side of the table, leaned back languidly against the chair, and gently pinched the centre of his brows with his slender fingers.

Will that little fox show up for the appointment tomorrow It really made one curious.


The next day, Tao Ti slept until she woke up naturally.

It had begun raining outside at some point, creating a hazy mist.

In front of the dressing mirror, Linglong stood behind her with a comb in her hand and asked, “Crown Princess, what kind of hairdo would you like today”

“The same as yesterday is fine.

I’m not going out anyway, so do whatever’s most convenient.” Tao Ti replied lazily with her chin resting on one hand as she stared straight at the continuous patter of rain outside the window.

The light spring rain inexplicably made one feel calm.

At times like these, one should brew a cup of jasmine tea, have a delicious snack with it, then lie on a bamboo chair to watch the rain—just thinking about it was felt so nice.

When Linglong heard her say that she was not going out, her heart was a little calmer, feeling that she hadn’t misjudged this person.

After getting dressed, Tao Ti instructed for a bowl of fresh shrimp wontons to be made for lunch.

Thin translucent wrapper, ample filling, an entire shrimp wrapped in juicy minced meat—when one bit down, it was bouncy and fresh, light and refreshing.

When paired with fragrant chicken soup, it was so fresh that one’s brows could almost fall off.

After eating and drinking her fill, Tao Ti spaced out in front of the window to enjoy the rain.

Only to see Zishuang carrying a small bag, following behind a senior eunuch.

She constantly turned back with every step, and those aggrieved and despondent eyes made it seem as if Tao Ti was an unfaithful scumbag who had forsaken her after making use of her.

Tao Ti’s emotions were unstirred—in fact, she was even secretly relieved.

It was fortunate that she had discovered this landmine early, otherwise, if she had continued to keep her by her side, who knows what sort of trouble she might cause in the future.

Seeing the crown princess leaning against the window, gazing far off into the distance, Linglong looked thoughtful.

She couldn’t help speculating inwardly—could the crown princess be thinking about keeping the appointment That wouldn’t do; if the crown princess really went, then what position would that put His Highness in

Tao Ti was indeed thinking about Pei Changzhou, but she was praying for the rain to fall even more heavily—it would be best if that Pei Changzhou became as drenched as a dog that fell into the water; the more wretched the better!

When she turned and saw Linglong, she said softly, “Has Zishuang been sent away”

Linglong’s expression became slightly restrained, and she walked forward slowly, “Yes, she has already gotten on the carriage that’s leaving the palace.” After a pause, she asked, “Crown Princess, why did you suddenly send Zishuang back Did she make some mistake”

“Her nature is not suited for the palace,” Tao Ti replied vaguely and said no more.

She walked back to the chaise lounge, picked up a script, and began to read.

When Linglong saw that she had no intention of going out, her heart settled and calmed, completely unaware that unbeknownst to her, she had begun to have some degree of genuine concern for the crown princess.


Light rain pitter-pattered on tender green banana leaves, and even the air was filled with a wave of damp and cool haziness.

Next to the Moon Shadow Lake in the small garden was Pei Changzhou, who was dressed in white.

From a distance, he looked handsome and graceful, but up close, his face was as black as coal.

“Hu Jin, what time is it now” He asked the eunuch on one side with a frow.

“M-master, it’s three quarters past three…”

“Are you sure the letter has been delivered to her”

Hu Jin’s heart shuddered, and his back bent even lower, “This servant personally handed the letter to the Crown Princess’s personal maidservant, Zishuang, as usual, nothing could’ve gone wrong.”

“Then, where is she” I’ve been waiting here for almost an hour, why haven’t I even caught a glimpse of her shadow” Pei Changzhou looked at the empty little garden and became increasingly agitated.

In the past, whenever they met up, it was always Tao Ti who waited for him, when has it become his turn to wait for someone else

He had written such a passionate letter yesterday, and was confident that no woman could read that letter and not have her heart flutter, let alone Tao Ti, a stupid woman who was so devoted to him.

If she had read that letter, she would definitely have wished she could grow wings and fly over to meet him...


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