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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 16.2

“Drinking cow’s milk is good for the body, and drinking it before bed can help you to sleep.”


“Mm-hmm, I read about it in a medical book,” Tao Ti said, and as if to prove her words, she tilted her head back and drained the cup of milk in her hand.

When she was done, she opened a pair of gleaming black eyes and looked at him, as if saying, ‘Look, I’ve finished drinking it all, you can drink it with confidence’.

Seeing her like this, Pei Yan’s deep black pupils were tinted with a light soft colour.

Suddenly, he stepped forward and extended his hand towards her.

When the cold finger touched the corner of her lips, Tao Ti instantly froze.


what is he doing

This distance, this posture, this gentle gaze…

She only felt that the little deer in her heart seemed to have gone crazy, running all over the place and rampaging madly…

Pei Yan’s immaculate finger wiped at the corners of her lips, and when he saw the shock and shyness in her pretty glittering eyes, he explained, “You have milk stains at the corners of your mouth.

It’s white, like you’ve grown a little moustache.”

Tao Ti, “Is, is that so…”

Crack, the little deer sprained its back awkwardly, and the beautiful fantasy suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“I beg your pardon,” Pei Yan withdrew his hand and took a step back.

“No, it’s fine, thank you.” Tao Ti could only feel that her cheeks were burning.

The corners of Pei Yan’s lips curved, “But you’re still very cute.”

Tao Ti, “!!!”

The little deer in her heart came to life again, and even happily danced a folk dance, singing, Today is a good day...

Boohoohoo Mummy, I’ve made it, the great beauty said I’m cute!

If Qiong Qi were here at this moment, she would definitely grab Qiong Qi’s shoulders and shake him back and forth wildly, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh he praised me for being cute! I am cute!”

Pei Yan saw Tao Ti just blushing and not saying anything.

Her round eyes were like a pair of sparkling gems, bright and clear, which gave rise to an inexplicable emotion within him.

He suppressed that strange emotion, shifted his gaze away, picked up the milk on the table, and took a sip.

“Is it nice I added some sugar, it should taste pretty good,” Tao Ti asked eagerly with anticipation written all over her little face.

Pei Yan’s eyes met hers again, and that strange feeling bubbled up once more.

He didn’t say anything and just drank the milk in one go, then nodded at her.

Tao Ti’s eyes curved into a smile, “Then, when you get used to drinking it, you can have the kitchen prepare it for you every day.”

Let the kitchen prepare it

Pei Yan’s long eyelashes drooped slightly, concealing that hint of inexplicable disappointment in his eyes.

He said in a low voice, “Alright.”

After dark, the two went to bed together.

Tao Ti’s was a good sleeper; the moment her head touched the pillow, she fell asleep soon after.

Listening to the soft breathing by his ears, Pei Yan slowly turned his head, and his vision was filled with the image of her sleeping sweetly.

Her long black hair was neatly piled on the soft turquoise pillow.

Her thin moon-white bedclothes were also tidy and proper, covering her up completely without revealing the tiniest hint of skin.

Recalling her casual and natural sleeping manner previously, a faint smile emerged in Pei Yan’s serene eyes.

After a while, he lifted the quilt lightly, got out of bed slowly, and walked steadily to the window outside the inner chamber.

As soon as the window was opened, cold wind came in with the wetness of the rain, which made his brain clear up by a lot.

After three quick and shrill whistles, a black shadow flashed in from the window and knelt down on one knee.


Pei Yan’s handsome face did not have much expression, and his voice was low and indifferent, “Keep an eye on Pei Changzhou these days.”

Based on his understanding of Pei Changzhou, that person would never give up so easily.

“Understood.” The shadow guard replied.

“Also, the maid that the Crown Princess sent out of the palace knows too much, get her to shut up.”

“Yes, Master.” Only the dead would have their lips sealed forever.

After the shadow guard retreated, Pei Yan returned to the bed.

Tao Ti’s sleeping posture had changed from lying on her back to lying on her side.

One arm rested on the quilt, and the white jade bangle on her fair and slender wrist was lustrous and smooth.

And he was just thinking that she was sleeping properly—she’s now all over the place in just such a short while.

With some resignation, Pei Yan bent over, gently lifted the quilt, picked up her soft arm, and tucked it back under the covers.

She seemed to feel that someone was moving her; Tao Ti’s eyelashes trembled, and her little mouth let out a lazy murmur.

It was soft, a little whiney, and a little like a spoiled child.

Pei Yan stared at her sleeping face, thinking to himself, This lovely and quiet appearance really makes one want to dote on her.

Then, he thought about how not only did she not meet up with Pei Changzhou this time, but she also kicked out the maid who was making trouble.

He pinched her soft little face with satisfaction and praised in a soft whisper, “Good girl.”


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