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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 20.3

The sixth princess’s tears were even more like beads on a broken thread, falling down rapidly.

Tao Ti, “......” The only thing she felt now was panic.

Did I say something wrong

She didn’t know how to coax children, so she just instinctively reached out to hold the sixth princess in her arms, gently patting her back, “Don’t cry, don’t cry…”

When Pei Yan stepped into Yaoguang Hall, he happened to see the scene of the sixth princess buried in Tao Ti’s arms, weeping.

Fu Xirui, who followed behind, sucked in a breath, This is… the crown princess bullied the sixth princess and made her cry

Pei Yan’s black eyes gleamed with a dark and chilling light; his hands slowly clenched into fists, and he strode forward.

“Your Highness...” Tao Ti looked at the visitor in surprise.

Pei Yan’s pale lips pursed slightly; he took in everything in front of him with a poker face and said in a low voice, “What’s going on here”

Tao Ti’s expression bore a few degrees of helplessness, “Feifei misses her mother concubine.”

Hearing that the crown prince was here, the sixth princess quickly collected her tears and suppressed her pain.

With large, red eyes, she called softly, “Brother Crown Prince”.

The chill in Pei Yan’s eyes gradually subsided and returned to the usual tolerance and gentleness.

He asked gently, “Xiao Liu is not a crybaby, so why are you crying like a little kitten now” As he spoke, he wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

The light had grown dim, and the sound of rain came from outside the window.

Tao Ti looked at the heart-warming picture of the brother and sister in front of her and thought to herself, He is really so gentle.

The sixth princess’s mood gradually stabilised, and she explained with embarrassment, “In the past, Mother Concubine also made this dessert for me before.

I thought I would never taste it again in my life… Suddenly tasting this familiar taste just now, I couldn’t help thinking of Mother Concubine…”

She lowered her eyes and was full of apology, “Sister-in-law, I’m sorry for making you worry just now.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” Tao Ti waved her hand, vaguely understanding that there was something not quite right with what the sixth princess said—What did she mean by she would never taste it again in her life Could it be that that fellow transmigrator is not making food for the little princess anymore

Even though Tao Ti had questions, she did not say anything, lest she accidentally touched the little girl’s sensitive spot again and caused her to cry.

As it was raining, both Pei Yan and the sixth princess stayed in Yaoguang Hall.

The lunch was from the imperial kitchen: cherry pork, shrimp with gingko nuts, scalloped fish fillet, braised vegetarian ‘meat’ balls, roast quail, two types of vegetables, one soup, one sweet soup, and a few pastries—the entire table was covered with dishes, and it was indeed a hearty spread.

Tao Ti also heated up three salted eggs, one for each person.

As soon as her chopsticks pierced the egg, a red oil oozed out from inside.

She first drizzled the red oil over the rice, then peeled the shell and ate the egg white, leaving only the gleaming red yolk in the bowl, then poked it with her chopsticks and mixed it with the rice.

The sixth princess looked at her way of eating and found it novel, “Sister-in-law, does it taste better this way”

Tao Ti said, “Try it and you’ll know.”

Having cried in her arms, the distance between the sixth princess and Tao Ti had invisibly grown smaller.

Hearing Tao Ti say that, the sixth princess also followed her example.

After eating a bite of rice that was mixed with salted egg yolk, her little face was full of the joy of one who had opened the door to a new world, “Wow, it really tastes so delicious eating this way! I don’t even need to eat the other dishes.”

Tao Ti thought, Right In the modern world, all sorts of sauces meant for mixing in rice sold so well, such as salted egg yolk sauce and crab roe sauce, and they’re not cheap either.

Pei Yan unwittingly recalled the bowl of salted egg yolk fried rice from last night and also began to eat according to how they ate.

The taste was indeed good, but… last night’s fried rice was still tastier.

As soon as this thought formed, even Pei Yan found himself laughable.

To think, he was the crown prince of the country, what delicacies has he not eaten before He never thought that there would come a day in which he would actually be missing a simple bowl of fried rice.


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