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Tao Ti, “” 

For a moment, she wondered if there was something wrong with her ears.

But the next moment, she knew that her ears were fine, but there was something wrong with this second princess’s head.

Seeing that she was silent, Pei Lingbi snorted coldly, “I didn’t expect you to be a fickle-minded woman with such loose morals.

Before, you kept saying that you adored my brother and would marry none other than him.

But now, you’ve only been married to the crown prince for one day, and have already forgotten what you said.”

The corner of Tao Ti’s mouth twitched.

She was just about to ask “Who’s your brother”, when in the next instant, a mess of memories poured into her mind——

The brother Pei Lingbi spoke of was the third prince, Pei Changzhou, who was born from the same mother as her.

As for the relationship between the original owner and Pei Changzhou, summarised simply, it was a story about a little maiden who lacked affection being deceived by a scumbag.

At first, the original owner had already resigned to her fate and intended to go along with the engagement and be married to the Eastern Palace, but this Pei Changzhou brainwashed her with the tricks of a pickup artist, manipulating her state of mind.

Pei Changzhou had said to the original owner, “Actually, I like you too, it’s just that Imperial Father dotes on the crown prince.

How can I steal a woman from the crown prince It’s all the crown prince’s fault, he’s the one who separated us.”

“Ah Ti, if you marry him, you will no longer be the pure and untainted girl in my heart.

If you love me, you must remain chaste for me!”

“Didn’t you say you were willing to give up everything for me Then are you willing to die for me If you can do that for me, I will believe in your feelings.

Ah Ti, you should go and die.”

The phrase “you should go and die” kept echoing in her mind; Tao Ti couldn’t help but clench her fist.

What kind of bastard was this Pei Changzhou!

The original owner and the crown prince had been engaged since they were young.

Pei Changzhou should have known that she was his future sister-in-law, and had to keep some distance from her.

But not only did he not keep his distance, he even deliberately approached her, cheated this future sister-in-law’s feelings, vilified the crown prince’s image, and instigated the original owner to commit suicide before the wedding… It was harrowing to think about the intentions he harboured behind his actions!

“Hey, I’m talking to you, did you hear me” Pei Lingbi shouted angrily.

Tao Ti came back to her senses and looked fixedly at this second princess in front of her, who, like her brother, was not anything good.

This Pei Lingbi had always been jealous of the original owner’s appearance, so she had been bullying the original owner verbally for a long time.

Every time she saw the original owner feeling inferior and frustrated, she would gain a mysterious sense of superiority.

This pair of siblings were truly poisonous.

Tao Ti said with a face of indifference, “I am now the crown princess and your sister-in-law in name.

Have the manners and etiquette you’ve learned all went to some dog’s belly for you to be talking to me like this If Second Sister has a bad memory, I don’t mind taking you to Her Majesty to find some resolution.”

Pei Lingbi’s expression stiffened, and she said incredulously, “You—how dare you threaten me!”

In the past, no matter how she scolded or how fierce she was, Tao Ti would only bear it quietly, but now, she actually dared to talk back

Tao Ti snickered and said leisurely, “I threatened you If I tell the empress what you siblings have done to me, ah, no, Her Majesty is your mother, and might inevitably be biased and shield you.

Then, I’ll tell His Majesty.

What do you think His Majesty will do when he finds out”

Sure enough, at the mention of the emperor, Pei Lingbi was clearly panicked, but she still said stubbornly, “You dare! If you say it, you’ll be too ashamed to face anyone yourself! Besides, it’s obviously you who was the one being cheap, rushing to pester my Imperial Brother…”

Tao Ti cast her a cold glance.

The glance was full of power, making Pei Lingbi feel a chill down her spine.

Thinking about how the emperor and crown prince was still waiting for her, Tao Ti didn’t want to be entangled with her any further.

She spat out a “Conduct yourself well”, flicked her sleeves, and left. 

Looking at the misty pink back that was going off in the distance, Pei Lingbi’s face paled with anger.

What the hell, why was Tao Ti like a completely different person Could it be that the poison didn’t kill her, but made her smarter instead

No, she must hurry and discuss this with Imperial Brother; they couldn’t allow this woman to talk nonsense outside.


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