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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Hit Me If You Can

Song Ran almost wanted to spit out her disgust. How could Aunty Shen be so shameless and introduce her to this playboy

Yao Xifengs hand struck the air in embarrassment. Shen Mengfang took his hand and said, “Wash your hands and get ready for lunch.”

Yao Dalong put down the gifts that he was holding. He tugged on his sons hands and followed Mother Wu to the kitchen in a cheerful mood.

Shen Mengfang poked Song Guoqing with her elbow as she whispered, “Did you see it They brought Maotai and Zhonghua*. I wonder why some people come over with Zhuyeqing wine instead when they visit.”

Song Ran popped her head over. “Aunty Shen, Im still here, and Im not deaf.”

Shen Mengfang gave her a confident smile as she said, “I didnt say anything wrong.”

Song Ran smacked her lips and nodded. “Oh, then I suppose you married my dad for Maotai, right Aunty Shen”

Shen Mengfang was once again dumbstruck as she looked pissed off. At this time, both Yao Dalong and his son were done with washing their hands, so Shen Mengfang turned around and walked them over to the dining room for lunch.

Song Ran was dragged to the dining room by her dad.

“Here, Ran. Sit beside Xifeng. The younger ones should sit together since they speak a common language,” said Shen Mengfang, giving Song Rans arm a tug.

Song Ran struggled out of Shen Mengfangs grip. “This seat belongs to my Jinghang. Can you switch over to the other seat”

I want to show them that I have no manners. And to be as rude as possible. If Shen Mengfang is capable of hitting me, just bring it on.

Shen Mengfang was unsettled as she felt she could not control Song Ran. It was Song Guoqing who said, “Team Leader Gu is not here. Let Xifeng have that seat.”

Shen Mengfang had already let the Yaos know ahead of time about the existence of Team Leader Gu so that they wouldnt be surprised upon mention of his name. Yao Xifeng was also known for his notorious history, therefore he did not dare to ask too much of others. He came to the Song household with low expectations.

Song Ran peered at Yao Xifeng with a disgruntled expression. She feigned ignorance and asked, “Why must you sit beside me when there are so many other seats around Oh, I know. Youre a playboy. So you like to sit beside babes, am I right”

The entire table darkened their expressions. Song Ran felt proud for having let the cat out of the bag. Shen Mengfang wished she could splash hot water on her face.

This lass is asking for a beating!

Yao Xifeng looked embarrassed, but he bit the bullet and sat on the seat. He even tried to ease the situation himself. “Hehe. Ran is so humorous.”

Song Ran snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Oh my, oh my. You heartless one...” Suddenly, a woman was crying her heart out in the courtyard.

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Song Ran suddenly came alive upon hearing that. Oh man, the show is about to start.

Song Ran acted surprised as she looked at her dad. “Someone seems to be crying outside.”

The people on the table looked at each other, looking confused.

Just as everyone was about to recover from their bafflement, the door was shoved open. Mother Wu hurriedly tried to stop the incoming person, and they could hear arguments. “Hey, Miss. Who are you Why did you barge into someones house How did you get into the yard”

Song Ran chuckled secretly to herself. How did she get in I let her in, of course.

That womans sharp and loud voice had already overshadowed Mother Wus voice. “Im here to look for that heartless man. Why are you stopping me Do you want to help that evil man too Why must we, womenfolk, make things difficult for other women If you dont get out of my way, Ill kill myself here.”

One must act rogue to deal with civilized people. Song Ran chose the right candidate.

As the sound of high-heeled shoes gradually approached, a charming woman in a red and black one-piece dress showed up at the dining room.

Endnotes: Both Maotai and Zhonghua are well-known liquors in China.




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