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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 30

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30 Lanlan, How Dare You Hide Your Condition From Me

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Shi Qingjue gazed deeply at Shi Qinglans back view.

The more he looked at her, the more he found her familiar, as though her back view was overlapping with a certain silhouette in his memory. “We really havent met before”

“What” Ji Lin looked at Shi Qingjue with confusion.

He could faintly hear the young master mumble something. Furthermore, seeing how his gaze remained on Miss Miracle Doctor...

“Ahem.” Ji Lin let out a cough.

Shi Qingjue said, “Ill take a look at Grandpa.”

He then turned to walk towards the ward, but Ji Lins voice suddenly sounded behind him. “Young Master, there are some things that everyone, including you, might not like to hear. But...”

Shi Qingjue paused in his tracks and froze slightly.

Ji Lin swallowed and braced himself to go on, “Masters health has been deteriorating. He might not have much time left.”

“Ive been serving him by his side ever since I was young. I know very clearly what Master is thinking of. The only regret he has in his life is that until now, Young Mistress hasnt come back home...”

Shi Qingjue closed his eyes and clenched his fists.

After a while, he opened his eyes slowly, but they were bloodshot. “Its my fault for not protecting her well.”

The Shi Family in Beijing used to have a little princess. She was pampered by the wealthiest families in China and was the apple of everyones eyes.

However, at the age of three, she was abducted when she went out with her older brother, Shi Qingjue. Shi Qingjue was still young at that time, so he did not have the ability to protect his sister against a group of kidnappers.

The Shi Familys young mistress had gone missing henceforth, and there was no news of her.

“Young Master, youre not to blame for that...” Ji Lin sighed. “But, is there no other way to find her”

The Shi Family had never given up the search all these years.

They werent even sure whether she was still alive or not. However, no one was willing to give up as they continued their frantic search for her.

“Laner will come home.” Shi Qingjues adams apple bobbled. “She wouldnt bear to stay away from home for all her life.”

His fingernails were almost digging into his palm. His fists were so tightly clenched that the veins at the back of his hand were popping. He took a giant step and strode toward the ward.


Shi Qinglan was still dialing Bo Yuchengs number when she left.

Bo Yucheng had never been unreachable, but now, he did not even pick up his phone. This made her worried if something had happened to him. After all, his back injury was quite serious.

Shi Qinglans brows were tightly knitted with anxiousness.

Just as she quickened her pace, a dark shadow suddenly flashed past her eyes. Following that, a strong force brought her into an embrace. “Lanlan... Lanlan!”

Bo Yucheng bolted into the emergency room.

He failed to get any information at the counter, so he decided to rush in to look for her on his own. Thankfully, she was alright.

“Cheng” Shi Qinglan blinked, putting her arms around his waist. “Why are you here”

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Jiang Zhi, who was standing at the side, wished to slide into a hole.

He wanted to explain, but Bo Yucheng had hung up on him. Shi Qinglan was also intercepted by that man, so he didnt manage to explain to any of them. And hence the misunderstanding.

“How dare you hide your condition from me”

Bo Yuchengs voice was cold. He cupped the girls face in his hands, his brows tightly knitted together. “Whats wrong Where are you feeling unwell Have you done your checkup What did the doctor say”

Shi Qinglan: “...” What

She glanced at Jiang Zhi, who was staring at the floor, and remembered him saying that Bo Yucheng had called. She could already guess what was going on.

“Shi Qinglan!” Bo Yucheng raised his voice slightly to bring the girl back from her thoughts. “Dont hide anything from me! I will get you the best doctor. Medical technology is very advanced now, I...!”



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