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Theon’s expression on the way to the east palace was not good.

As he narrowed the distance to the King’s residence, his steps increased in speed.

‘His Majesty… Seems to be seeing hallucinations.’


‘He is looking for the late Grand Duke Ermedi.’



It seems like His Majesty’s vitality is declining quickly.’

Theon pursed his lips quietly as Mason’s words flashed through his mind.


The middle gate, which was firmly closed, opened with a heavy sound.

Soon, Theon took a heavy step forward, keeping his stiff expression.

The King’s appearance, who looked haggard like dry firewood after a few days, filled his gray eyes.


A deep sigh erupted from Theon’s mouth.

It was pitiful to see the King barely holding his breath while blinking his big eyes.

To the point he wondered if the one in front of him was really the merciless Lord of Blood.


The King’s voice, who was scratching his neck and struggling to speak as if he would stop breathing at any moment, hit his ears.

The wrinkled hand that was stretching out towards Theon was shaking like an aspen tree.


Theon clenched both his fists and held his breath.

Was he seeing a hallucination or something

It was funny and ridiculous to pretend to be pitiful now.

Was he suddenly missing his son, whom he killed with his own hands a few years ago

Theon pursed his lips without a word, taking firm steps.

Suddenly, he stood in front of the King, and an unfamiliar warmth reached Theon’s cold fingertips.

“Todd… my son, Todd…”


“Why did you… only come now.

How much… did I search for you…”

“I am not the one Your Majesty seeks.

Do you perhaps need anything”

The King’s face twisted like that of a child at Theon’s formal voice.

With both his eyes filled with tears.

“I want to drink… the tea… that Holt brought me.”

The old man struggled to move his dry lips and slowly said what he had to say.

Holt Duke Holt Daniel

Theon raised an eyebrow and looked at the secretary of the east palace, who was standing next to him.

Feeling his cold gaze, the secretary’s shoulders trembled, and he looked at Theon.

“Was Duke Daniel involved in His Majesty’s refreshments”

“A-about that…”

“Tell me truthfully.

If you add the slightest lie, your life will be gone.”

“He said that His Majesty seemed to be lonely lately…… and visited the east palace every fifteen days.”

After he finished speaking, the secretary fiddled with the two hands he was holding together, showing signs of anxiety.

Theon frowned narrowly as he saw that.

“And did he brew the tea for His Majesty himself Duke Daniel is someone who takes pride in his nobility.”


“Take him out.”

At Theon’s words, Mason, who was standing behind him, tightly tied up the secretary’s body.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince!! I’m being wrongly accused! I just did it because I thought it would help His Majesty’s condition!”

“I’m sick of it.

Unlikely excuses.”

Theon frowned and stared at the secretary.

The east palace secretary struggled to escape from Mason’s arms, but his strength was overwhelming.

It was only natural, seeing that Mason was the General of the Royal Guard until he became Theon’s personal secretary.

“Neglection of duty.”


“That’s your crime.”

“I, I…”

“You didn’t know Don’t give me more excuses.

Even if you didn’t know, that was also a sin.”


“The sin of complacently addressing issues directly related to His Majesty’s safety.

The milk has already been spilled, and it will never be something minor.”

After he finished speaking, Theon glanced at Mason and pointed his chin at the door.

“Your… Your Highness! Please listen to me.

Listen to me! I’m being wrongly accused! Your Highness, Your Highness!”

After turning around, he heard the voice of the secretary wailing behind him.

Then, with a ‘bang’, silence came to the previously noisy east palace.



Theon, who seemed strong-willed, stumbled forward for a moment.

As he grabbed his forehead, Theon’s face, which had been maintaining a smile, distorted slightly.

Soon after, his wide shoulders shook with a shallow sob.

‘What’s written down here’

‘Ah… It’s called Rania leaves.

It’s one of the precious tea leaves.’

‘It must be a very precious thing.

The price is more than I imagined.’

‘Not only is it hard to get, but the aroma and taste are also amazing! However, I heard that if you ingest it hastily, you may develop addiction symptoms.’

‘He must have bought it because he likes to show off.’

The day he looked into the deal between Marquis Charne and Libro flashed through his mind.

‘I heard that in the worst-case scenario, you could die.

Though it is extremely rare… Still, I feel uneasy.’

‘It’s a sensitive situation, so that can happen.

Should we get some fresh air’

Just as the scattered pieces of the puzzle found their place, everything fit perfectly.

In the end, the things he denied that it wasn’t so and tried to turn a blind eye to were real and true.

He thought it was a luxury item.

Because even if it wasn’t that, Marquis Charne had bought a lot of luxury items.

He shouldn’t have taken it lightly.

Even though it was too late, he should have doubted it once more.

Even though he knew very well that the time that passed was irreversible.

The memories of that day, which he kept recalling, haunted Theon as if he were torturing himself.


At the King’s weak voice, Theon’s eyes, which were sinking darkly, headed to the bedroom.

As they looked at each other, there was a heavy silence between the two of them for a while.

“Your father…”

Soon, the King’s trembling voice echoed each word one after the other, and continued with difficulty.

“You stupid father… did everything wrong.

So… stop crying…”

Tears flowed down Theon’s cheeks.


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