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“Grand Duke Ermedi, you can’t do this.”


I don’t have time to chatter.

“His Highness is in the middle of his duties.

It is best to ask for his consent in advance.”

“I told you to get out of my way.

You don’t seem to cherish your life, do you”

Kyle’s eyes, which had risen sharply, stared at Mason, full of malice.

At the same time, Mason’s face, looking at Kyle, was also worried.

How could he get out of this situation

Even though he was the secretary of the Crown Prince, it was impossible to suppress Kyle, a royal descendant, by force.

Mason’s gaze turned to the hilt of the sword on Kyle’s waist.

From the look of it, it didn’t seem like he came here to pleasantly drink tea.

Judging from his years of experience, it was definitely a sign that something bad would happen.

He had to stop him by any means necessary.

Without fail, even if he was beaten to death, even if his life was taken.

“You can’t.”

Mason stood in front of the office door with a stiff expression.

Kyle’s cold eyes glared at Mason.

With a vigor that seemed like he was going to kill him right away.

Then, when the tension between the two of them was rising,


The office door, which had been firmly closed, opened slightly with a loud screech.

Immediately after, Eden, wearing a uniform, appeared with an indisposed expression.

“Why is it so noisy”

Mason gave Eden a glance, telling him to hurry inside, but it was hopeless.

Kyle pushed himself past the gap in the open door, and Eden followed behind.

Trudge, trudge.

Ayla, who was pouring the tea, naturally turned her gaze towards the noise.

“It’s been a long time, my love.”


It was a distinctly different Kyle than the one from a while ago.

The corners of Kyle’s mouth went up softly as he found Ayla.

While maintaining a gentle gaze.

In contrast, Ayla’s blue eyes showed signs of anxiety and shook aimlessly.

As if he sensed something strange, Theon raised his eyes as he was reviewing the documents.

“You can go now.”

Theon’s low voice rang in Ayla’s ears.

Although she smiled softly as if it was alright, she was somewhat anxious.


“It’s no big deal, so don’t worry.

Bring your favorite desserts for the next tea time, Ayla.

There’s something important I need to discuss.”

After he finished talking, Theon waved his hand with the words, “Go out.”

Seeing his resolute gaze, Ayla showed a reluctant expression and bowed her head to the two of them.

Then, she took heavy steps towards the door.

Tap, tap.

As she was about to walk past Eden, who was close to the entrance, and leave the office, Kyle’s voice, cold as ice, echoed behind Ayla.

“Bring me some tea.”


“I’m only asking you to bring me a cup of tea.

Why are you so surprised”

“Ah… I apologize.

Grand Duke.”

Ayla closed her mouth tightly at Kyle’s sharp voice and remained silent.

‘Milk tea is Grand Duke Ermedi’s favorite.

I don’t like it because it smells and tastes weird.’

Suddenly, the memory of the day when she first served Theon flashed through her mind.

Ayla, who had been standing in place with a stiff expression, hesitated.

“I heard that you enjoy milk tea.

I will… prepare it.”


Ayla said politely to Kyle.

Soon, the office door closed with a ‘click’.

‘You have to do what you have to do.’

Eden, who was watching the situation, turned his steps and headed behind Theon.

In a state of alert, prepared for one of the worst-case scenarios to happen.

There was a heavy silence between the three men who were left behind.

The long silence that enveloped the interior was broken by Kyle’s voice.

“You look good, huh Dressed in a uniform, you look like a real knight.”

Was it because Eden looked so good behind Theon

His already displeased mood was plummeting.

Eden rolled up the corners of his mouth at Kyle’s taunt and retorted.

“It seems like I’ve met a new master well.

At least he doesn’t threaten me with my life.”

“Well, I suppose you did.

There is no way His Highness the Crown Prince, who is rumored to be fair, would do that.”

Kyle’s sharp gaze slowly turned to Theon.

Soon after, Kyle’s sharp-tempered voice hit their ears.

“I heard you’re the one who imprisoned the east palace secretary”

“That’s right.

Since the reason was clear.”

“Is that so He has been assisting His Majesty for about twenty years.”

“I am aware of that.

Did you come here for just that”

“Just that… I can’t believe you did that in such an urgent situation.

I’m saying this because I’m worried whether His Highness, the great Crown Prince, is in his right mind.”

“Then you worried for nothing.

It was a very accurate and quick judgment.”

“You have great confidence.”

“Because I have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Are you perhaps siding with your father-in-law, Duke Daniel, who’s keeping his eyes on you”

“My relationship with him was cut off a long time ago.

I told you several times not to be arrogant.”

The eyes of the two brothers standing opposite each other flashed sharply as if they could kill each other at any moment.

Judging from Kyle’s anger at the mention of his father-in-law, the two did not seem to be accomplices.


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