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Whether it was relief or regret, a shallow sigh flowed out of Theon\'s mouth.

Although he wasn\'t aware of it.

Theon raised one corner of his mouth and spoke slowly.

It looks like Duke Daniel doesn\'t think like that.

Why Are you afraid that I\'ll stick to him and take your position

I have no greed for the throne.

I told His Majesty several times.

You\'re despicable.

He clenched his teeth looking at Theon, who, unlike him, was calm.


He always hated that proud, arrogant attitude.

Everyone who praised that kind of younger brother, who seemed to have an advantage over him, was horrible and disgusting.

He hated the being that took away everything that would come to him.

He tried to be recognized, he tried to be loved, but it was pointless.

Theon easily got what he couldn\'t get, even though he tried hard, and advanced.

Why couldn\'t it be him

Why did it have to be Theon

Why are things that are hard for him so easy for Theon

Why does all that he has, and all that he wanted, go back to him

And why was that fact still not changing…

Kyle kept silent and bit his lower lip hard.

He could feel the fishy taste of blood between his white teeth.


Yes, you always said that.

Before he knew it, Kyle\'s dark eyes were swaying with a murderous look.

A dangerous atmosphere could be felt coming from his wobbling figure.

Eden carefully brought his hand to the hilt of the sword on his waist.

You always said it was too much.

That you didn\'t want anything, with that shameless face.

You always lied as if you were a saint.

Both His Majesty and our Father have always been proud of you, and I was nothing but a nuisance.

Because I wasn\'t intelligent, nor did I have a weird ability to handle magic… I understand.

Kyle, who was reciting in a low voice as if he were talking to someone else, turned his gaze downwards.

Even though you took everything… There was nothing I could do.

But you know, you shouldn\'t have touched her at least.

Delia, that child, wasn\'t it unfair for you to have even her

Kyle\'s frenzied eyes flashed as he stared forward.

Theon\'s mouth trembled as he saw that.

Please… please just stop! I\'ve had enough of listening to your nonsense.


Until when are you planning on using me as an excuse

Kyle\'s eyes shook quickly at Theon\'s resentful voice.

It wasn\'t like him.

Theon\'s aggressive voice continued.

Having Delia Who did Me Don\'t be ridiculous.

You let go of your relationship.

It\'s the result of that terrible inferiority complex and self-pity! She looked for you until the end.

There was no place for me anywhere!!

Don\'t ridicule me with this nonsense!

You think you were the only one in pain Damn it.

I can\'t even count the lives I\'ve taken with my own hands because of that damned magic ability.

Every day was like hell.

King Crown Prince I\'m not interested in that disguise or whatever.

If you can take it with your hands, feel free to take it!! I\'m willing to give it back right away.


Give it back as much as you want…

Kyle blurred his words and gave a fishy smile.

Maybe it was a chance to get everything back.

If he recovered his original position, he would be able to picture not only the future of the Stellen Kingdom, but also a happy future with Ayla.

If only he wasn\'t here.

Kyle\'s eyes twinkled with madness.

And he moved at a fast pace without even stopping.


As the sharp sword pierced his abdomen, a single shriek burst out.



Red blood came down on the blade, as if it were being enveloped by a rose.

Then, it scattered over the cold marble with a clear sound.

Ugh… ack!

Theon\'s fingers trembled weakly as he faced Eden.

Eden took a rough breath, holding the hilt of the sword stuck in his abdomen.

Cough! Cough… cough!

With a rough cough, red blood dripped down Eden\'s chin.

Seeing that, Kyle burst into laughter mixed with a cry.

His sturdy shoulders moved up and down incessantly, as if he had lost his mind.

As Kyle asked,Why…\', to himself, Eden replied with a stuttering voice, smiling.

My job… is to protect… my master.

Medic… Call the combat medic!! Quickly!!!

With Theon\'s urgent voice, Eden, who had finished speaking, collapsed powerlessly.


There was an urgent movement of medics beyond Ayla\'s field of vision, who was bringing the tea.

Bring the stretcher! Quickly!

She heard Mason\'s urgent voice coming from afar.


She could tell his state just from one word.

‘No way…\'

A cold atmosphere wrapped her whole body.

Ayla\'s heart rate quickly rose.

Damn it!!

Mason\'s shouting in the hallway seemed to add credibility to the ominous thoughts that were hovering in her head.

Her bad feelings were never wrong.


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