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Chapter 12 - You are the director



 A Duke solo production is a completely different concept than a Lucasfilm production or a Warner's kind of production, and the benefits you receive from the publishers will be vastly different.

Why do directors who have just debuted always seek out producers or film companies In fact, this is an unreasonable choice

Because he had previously worked as a temporary worker on the crew of "Captain Hook", Duke got the job after just two phone calls.

He is a temporary worker and doesn't have a fixed position, so he will have to do whatever the crew needs him to do.

It's often dirty and tiring work.

Like the vast majority of Hollywood production crews, the atmosphere of this crew is definitely not harmonious, there are endless battles in the open and in secret.

This is an extremely competitive circle.

If you want to get ahead, you must use all means to climb up, especially for aspiring young men like him.

Of course, the king here is called Spielberg, but even a successful director like Spielberg will sometimes have funding problems and have to shut down the crew for a while to search for investment.

Likewise, there will be challengers to his authority, such as the heroine Julia Roberts.

Before the production was suspended, Duke once witnessed that after taking drugs, Julia quarrelled with Spielberg over a trivial matter, and even pushed Spielberg once.

If it wasn't for her being pulled away by the crew, it's very likely that they would have had a fought.

Probably due to funding issues and the fact that Big Mouth has already filmed a lot of scenes, Spielberg didn't replace her, but it's hard to say that string of bad luck Julia Roberts faced from the early 90s to the mid 90s has nothing to do with this incident. 

At the end of the day's work, Duke found a random corner, changed out of his overalls, put on his jacket, walked out of the studio, and walked slowly towards the parking lot along the narrow road among the many buildings. 

Although he is just a temporary worker with no status, Duke enjoys the special treatment of driving his own battery car.

Despite the tiring work, his back is straight and his tall frame is as strong as a palm tree.

The sound of brakes screeching suddenly came from behind, and a white six-seat electric car stopped steadily beside him.

"Duke Rosenberg"

A somewhat familiar voice came called to him, and Duke turned to see that Rick Solomon was sitting in the driver's seat of the battery car. 

With a slight nod to the other side, Duke turned to leave.

"Hi Duke!"

Rick Solomon honked the horn of the battery car to get Duke's attention, then said loudly, "I heard that you wrote a script and are still looking for an investment from Hollywood studios, how about it Great director, When will your movie start" 

His tone was full of sarcasm, "Could it be that your film has already started filming at Universal Studios This is big news..."

Without waiting for Duke to react, he pointed to the badge hanging around his neck and said, "Did you see it A pass for the "Alien 3" crew to Universal Studios! I'm the supporting actor in it!" 

"David Fincher's work" Duke said lightly with a smile, "Congratulations.".

Seeing that Duke was still not showing any envy or jealousy, Rick Solomon said condescendingly, "By the way, Duke, I heard from my father the other day that Warner Bros once held a meeting to discuss your script……" 

Duke raised his eyebrows, as Rick Solomon said with a smile, "It's a pity that your movie was rejected by Warner!"

He tapped the steering wheel lightly, "Duke Rosenberg, you are just wasting you time chasing your director dream! You should continue your promising career as a temporary worker on the crew!"

Suddenly, a battery car came from behind.

They were obviously blocking the road, so Duke took the initiative to give way to by driving his battery car to the side of the road.

But the battery car behind them did not leave, but stopped.


A young woman in her twenties leapt out of the battery powered car.

She was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a striped pattern and blue jeans, she was thin with an angular face.

She had a hooked nose, dark eyes and full lips.

"Hi, Sophia."

Duke waved to the girl who came over.

Although he was not very familiar with her, he had met her many times at George Lucas's house.

Her father was the famous Francis Coppola.

"Why are you here"

"I'm working at "Alien 3" crew", she said with a faint nasal voice.

"As a temporary assistant for David Fincher."

"Hello, Sophia."

Rick Solomon also jumped out of the battery car and came over to say hello at some point.


Sofia Coppola lightly tapped her chin, ignored the warm smile sent by the other party, and patted Duke's arm hard, "Congratulations!" 

"Congratulations" Duke didn't understand.

"I went to see Uncle Lucas in San Francisco yesterday.

He mentioned you and said that your script was about to be approved by Lucasfilm, and you..." 

She said with a hint of envy in her tone, "You are the finalized director candidate."

"Is this true" Duke's first reaction was in disbelief.

"When have I lied to you" Sophia said while crossing her arms.

"They will probably inform you soon."

"Okay, let's not talk about that." She pointed to her battery car, "Get in, I'll take you to the parking lot." 

After getting on the battery car, Rick Solomon who was still just standing there said to Sophia, "Hey, Sophia, are you kidding"

However, the only response he got was the wind from the battery car.

After standing there for a while, Rick Solomon said with a frown on his face, "This...

how is this possible" 


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