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Chapter 21 - Keanu Reeves



The explosion this time around ended up costing more than 300,000 dollars.

On top of that, it also caused another impact.

Sofia Coppola was probably frightened.

The next day, she called Duke and told him that she was sick and needed a few days off.

However, that was most likely a lie.

Frankly speaking, Duke is not very satisfied with the effect of the shoot.

Compared with the explosions he saw in his previous life, the explosion they created and shot was really nothing.

The pyrotechnician and photography team signed by Lucasfilm are not the top players in this area. 

However, Duke couldn't ask for more, after all, there are not many such top professionals in Hollywood.

The crew returned to the studio and began shooting with models instead of live action, as was originally planned.

This saved money and time by avoiding having to shoot expensive and unnecessary scenes, like the bus leap.

The models were realistic and created by Industrial Light and Magic, so there was no loss in quality.

At the end of the day, most of the models ended up exploding.

On the outdoor studio of Universal Studios, a 20-foot-long Boeing freighter model and a miniature bus model of the same scale were both destroyed in the explosion.

The crew also ushered in the best period since the start of the film.

In the first week of November, Duke even completed the shooting task that had been planned for two weeks.

This is not only related to the gradual maturation of the crew, but also has something to do with him always making plans from the most difficult shots.

Robin Grande, the de facto controller of the crew since the start, has been almost completely invisible, and like all good production managers, he basically handed over control of the set to Duke. 

In fact, Duke is very clear that Robin Grande has been keeping an eye on the crew, but he has not made any comments so far, which shows that he is generally satisfied with the scenes he shot, and The assistant director Krone has kept a low profile, this may be due to Robin's secret warning. 

Although it's not too obvious, if a discerning person took a closer look, he can see that Robin Grande is taking care of him.

What is the reason the other party did this Duke wondered if it has something to do with the relationship with George Lucas.

He never thought there was a deeper hidden agenda, he was just focused on making the movie the best it could be.

However, In Hollywood, it's not always smooth sailing for everyone. 

"This is the shooting schedule for this afternoon."

On the set, Sofia Coppola put a schedule on the table in front of Duke and said, "The male lead hasn't arrived yet, should we take another shot first" 

"He's twenty minutes late."

All the scenes being filmed in the afternoon were with Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman and Dennis Hooper were already waiting in the rest area of the studio.

Just as Duke was about to change the shooting plan, a loud noise came from the entrance of the studio.

Keanu Reeves, who was whistling, walked in staggeringly.

A staff member stepped forward to remind him to put on makeup, But he was pushed back, which made him fall to the ground.

"Hey, kid!" Keanu Reeves said in a high and hoarse voice.

"Don't make trouble!"

Throwing down the schedule, Duke strode over.

Before he could get close to Keanu Reeves, he faintly smelled a faint smell of smoke.

This smell was very familiar.

Although he had not tried it himself, he smelled a lot it in high school and college, and thinking about Keanu Reeves' absurd life in the early '90s, the answer was pretty obvious.

"You're late, Reeves!"

Duke reached out his hand and helped the staff member who was on the ground.

"Just a few minutes!" Keanu Reeves said, waving his hand vigorously.

"Find a place to wake him up."

Duke reminded the assistant behind Keanu Reeves, who was about to pull him, but Reeves pushed him away.

"I want to film!"

Keanu Reeves, who is in a state of excitement, is obviously a little confused, and his voice is getting higher and higher, "I want to film, understand I want to film!"

Keanu Reeves, who is in a state of excitement, is a little confused, and his voice was getting higher and higher, "I want to film, understand I want to film!" 

He stumbled towards Duke, but before he could get close, he swayed and swerved and slammed into the 'wall'.

Probably because he was in a hurry to get up, he grabbed a rope that fixed the set wall and tried to use it to get up, but he ended up directly pulling the entire twenty-foot-long set crooked.

It's not unusual for celebrities in Hollywood to smoke marijuana, just like Keanu Reeves.

Looking coldly at Keanu Reeves who was so excited and shouting like a drunk, Duke said to Sophia behind him, "Call his agent, and also, call some security guards and get him out.

Throw him in the trash!"

"Please do not!"

Keanu Reeves is on drugs, but his assistant is not.

If this kind of thing breaks out, how much will it affect the employer 

Turning around, Duke walked towards his resting place, the set was ruined, and this afternoon's shooting was sure to fail.


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