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Chapter 26 - California sun



The three of them—Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, and River Phoenix—are actually the best portrayals.

If it weren't for the latter's overdose and death, the former two wouldn't have realized it, and it would be hard to say whether they could achieve such success.

There was a moment when Duke felt like he was both a participant—he had already stepped into this circle—and an onlooker.

He could look at everything with a calm gaze and a clear head.

This is also the last night that the crew actually exists, and most of the people present will not participate in the post-production.

Whether it is their questioning or the vice director's jealousy because of the mental imbalance, everything will come to an end after tonight.

There are bound to be various obstacles on the road to success, and it is more important to move forward than to be entangled with those insignificant obstacles!

"Hi, there!"

Sophia Copolla came over with a glass of wine and sat down across from Duke, saying, "It looks like it's time to say goodbye."

"Indeed." Ryan took the glass and clinked it with her.



"What are your plans for the future"

She is the only person in the entire crew with the best relationship with him, so Duke cared to ask, "Are you still looking for a crew to assist"

"Are you trying to hire me" Sophie tilted her head and looked at him.

"You are a very good assistant."

As he said, being raised in Hollywood, Sophia is well-versed in movie-related matters, "maybe we can continue to work together."

"In the future" She shrugged.

"Duke, if you fail this time, you won't have a second chance."

"Do you think I'm going to fail" Duke looked at her.

"Reality and reason tell me that a director of your age is unlikely to be successful." Sofia took a bottle of Champaign from the tray of a waiter and poured some into her own glass and that of Duke's, and then said, "But what I've seen in the past two months tells me that this is likely to be a blockbuster."

"This isn't flattery" Duke downed another drink with her.

"Do I need to flatter you" Sophie raised her eyebrows and added a monotonous nasal sound to her voice.

"Do you know what position Chanel has reserved for me 'Karl Lagerfeld's assistant' Do you think I should choose him or you"

"Assistant" Duke shook his head at her.

"You're not a telephone operator, are you"

"Duke Rosenberg!"

It's as if she had been stabbed in the back; Sofia's eyes widened in an instant.

"Dear, keep pursuing your fashion dream."

After looking at his watch, Duke stood up and said, "It's getting late.

I'm going home."

Sophia saw Duke quickly walk past the party animals and out of the nightclub.

He was joking, of course, when he said that Sofia Coppola could get a job as an assistant to a fashion designer at Chanel.

The Coppola family definitely had a lot to do with it, and it's unlikely she would have gotten the job as a telephone operator.

Entering the parking lot, Duke started the Chevrolet and drove westward, leaving the noisy night behind.

Tomorrow will be a new day!

Once filming wrapped, most of the cast and crew could take a long break, but Duke had no such luxury.

After taking only a couple of days to rest, he returned to Speed's West Hollywood studio to begin work on the equally important post-production process with editor Robin Grentner.

As a general rule, the post-production of a movie includes three aspects.

The assembly of shots, which is also known as editing; the production of special effects, such as the special transition effects of shots, fade-in and fade-out, and circle-in and circle-out; and the production of sound effects, which is also known as vertical montage.

Modern film post-production takes a long time, the idea that a feature film can be completed in a few days or even a week is absurd.

It's purely a joke for laymen.

The production of "Speed" is definitely going to use film throughout, and all of the movie's effects are either shot on location or completed through shooting models; computer graphic technology is not used at all.

The production of "Speed" is definitely going to use editing, and all of the movie's effects are either shot on location or completed through shooting models; computer graphic technology is not used at all.

"Robin, I hope the initial cut can be implemented according to my ideas."

In the editing room, Duke is fighting for more power with the producer: "We have plenty of time to look at the rough cut and then decide on the final plan."

Although many Hollywood productions will exclude the director from the editing process as the person who shot the footage, if the director can be involved, the editing process will be relatively smooth, of course, provided that the director cannot be at odds with the producer's ideas.


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