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Chapter 03 - chances of success is close to zero



 "CAA will soon sign a formal contract with me to help me develop a complete future plan." 

Taking a sip from the coffee cup in his hand, Rick Solomon showed off unabashedly, "Lovett also won a supporting roll for me in a CAA's package project "Alien 3".

Success is very simple for me." 

He looked duke up and down, "And you, Duke Rosenberg, you played small roles in movies since you were sixteen, no lines, no front shots, and no name in the media, you are a complete loser!"

Duke looked at Rick Solomon with his hands folded on the table.

He had an amused expression, as if he was watching a clown at a circus.

Probably stimulated by Duke's attitude, Rick Solomon raised his voice slightly, "What do you have to be proud of Want to be a director Wake up, stop dreaming! let me tell you, Lovett signed you only because your family is on good terms with George Lucas and has some connections in Hollywood.

This is just shameful nepotism!"

"Is Robert Solomon your father" Duke asked abruptly.

His voice wasn't loud, but it was harsh.

"If I remember correctly, he's the executive vice president of Warner Bros.

According to you, CAA signed you because..."

"That's because I have talent and potential, and you don't!"

Rick Solomon waved to interrupt Duke's words.

He is not a fool and quickly changed the subject.

"You used despicable means to squeeze me out to become the main quarterback, so what Can you enter the Major League or the Super Bowl Also, Anne Bennett has promised to be my girlfriend..."

Before he felt the joy, Duke asked in a very strange tone, "Sorry, who is Anne Bennett"

In Rick Solomon's wide eyes, Duke patted his forehead, and said: "Oh, I remember now.

It turned out to be the blond cheerleader.

I only got with her for two nights, and then I threw her away.

I didn't expect you to bring it up now."

Hearing this, Rick Solomon stood up and said, "Boy, I..." Pointing to his chest, "I will become a big star in the future, I will participate in the Oscars, and my name will be resounding all over the world."

"And you, you'll be anonymous and a shameful loser for the rest of your life!" 

"I believe the first half of your sentence."

Without waiting for the other party to say anything, Duke got up and walked towards the door.

He didn't want to waste his time with someone like him.

Rick Salomon from his past life was indeed famous, but not as a movie star, he was brifly famous because of his sex tape with Paris Hilton.

"Don't think you can be a director by making two inexplicable experimental films!"

Because of the extremely quiet the café, Duke barely heard what Rick said before leaving the café.

Perhaps this is the most reliable sentence the other party said today.

If he relay on just his experimental films, he won't be able to enter Hollywood as a director.

The meeting wasn't pleasant!

When he drove back to the apartment in the second-hand Chevrolet, Duke was still thinking about the content of the conversation.

CAA has abandoned him without hesitation.

What should he do next 

Look for a crew to accumulate qualifications, wait for opportunities, or...

Back at the apartment, Duke continued his packing.

Hundreds of nearly ripped books, hundreds of videotapes, dozens of rolls of film tape, and a 16mm camera and a small film setter were taken by him.

They were carefully placed in several boxes, to be shipped home tomorrow. 

These are the wealth he has accumulated as he practiced over the years. 

Early the next morning, Duke settled the lease transfer of the apartment with the landlord.

After the moving company arrived and loaded all his luggage into the van, he drove his Chevrolet, followed the van, out of Valencia.

They were headed straight to Santa Monica, a small seaside town on the west side of Los Angeles.

This small town is not only a tourist destination, but also a place where the wealthy like to buy residences.

The Rosenberg family's villa is in a good location, not far from the marina area of ​​Santa Monica.

Although the area is not too large, it has a vestibule and a small garden.

It is less than an acre.

When he arrived, it was almost noon.

Duke skilfully parked the Chevrolet in the garage and instructed the servants to settle the fee with the moving company workers and put the luggage in the storage room.

After taking a long look at the familiar off-white building, he stepped on the stone steps of the same colour, and walked in.


Duke grew up here, although he hasn't been back in a long time.

He doesn't feel any strangeness.

Walking over the smooth marble floor, Duke skillfully turned into the large living room of the main house.

His mother, who had always been busy with work, was waiting for him.


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