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Chapter 34 - The Greatest Passion



"My Coke has ice in it."

Jones who was obviously only interested in his food and drink.

asked Allen, "What about yours"

"I don't have any, so I'll give it to you."

Alan took a big gulp of his large Coke that he had swapped Jones for, then grabbed a handful of popcorn and threw it into his mouth.

"This cinema's popcorn is really good..."

He shut up halfway through his sentence, his eyes glued to the big screen…

Jones, sitting next to him, had a similar reaction as an experienced moviegoer with a long history of watching films.

He was immediately drawn in by the exciting and suspenseful opening.


The explosion in such a small area sounded extremely shocking.

The elevator quickly slid down.

The picture switched frequently between the elevator and the passengers' scared faces.

Jones's originally easy heart immediately became tense, and he subconsciously touched his seat, as if he were afraid that it would become an elevator.

From that moment on, his heart was completely torn up, all the way to his throat, and especially when the deafening explosion sounded and the male protagonist was blown away by the blast, he felt that his heart had been shattered.

"Oh, my God..."

"He's not going to die, right"

There were a lot of startled and worried voices nearby because the film entered a brief buffering period and Jones recovered slightly.


the kind of opening you'd expect from a top-notch action movie"

"This director seems to be very good at it..." Alan had long forgotten the popcorn and cola.

"Why do I feel that no matter in which scene, I am the most dangerous character in the film"

"The sense of substitution, that's what it is."

In comparison to his peers, Jones is clearly more researched in film techniques: "I also have the same feeling; the director used a lot of first-person shots, and with..."

"Hey, the villain didn't die!"

The words were not finished, and Jones turned to the movie screen again.

"There can't be any more conspiracies, can there"

"Shut up!"

"It's rude to disturb others while they're watching a movie," said Allen, who was bothered by the sound of his companion.

Turning his head with great reluctance, Jones was just about to give Alan a dirty look, but then he heard another earth-shattering explosion.

His eyes darted back to the screen just in time to see a bus erupt into flames.

The fire seemed to be coming straight for him, breaking through layer after layer of steel, as if it were rolling right off the screen and into the audience.

It was enough to make anyone's heart skip a beat.

The explosion's flames nearly filled the entire screen, with the bus roof being blown off and sent flying into the air before crashing down and flipping over another car and reducing it to scrap metal—shattered glass from the car windows flew everywhere like confetti...

The screen quickly switches back to the male protagonist's perspective.

Jones finally exhales slightly, but the heart throbbing in his chest shows no signs of slowing down, as if his blood is about to boil.

It is clear that Jones's body is secreting large amounts of adrenaline.

As a professional observer, it took all of Dunn's self-control to keep from getting too caught up in the film to really watch it.

He knew that if he could just keep the audience engaged from the beginning, they would be more receptive to the rest of the film.

He didn't know how long it had been since he'd seen a film that was so well-paced.

He also wants to be an ordinary spectator by his side, to just watch the film and not care about other things, but he can't; he still has to feed his family, and he has to finish his own work.

The pen in his hand slides rapidly across the notebook at intervals, recording the true reactions of the audience around him—from the apathy before the film starts to the rapt attention after it ends to the worry and amazement for the characters and plot throughout.

He witnessed the audience becoming flustered, tangled up, boiling, and moved, as well as delighted, as the film progressed.

"Jones, I can't help it."

Suddenly, a voice with a slight trembling came from right next to Dunn, and another voice that was trembling equally responded, "I can't help it either."

The people who are speaking are naturally Alan and Jones, who drank a lot of Coca-Cola at the beginning and have long felt the urge to urinate, but they don't want to miss the exciting plot of the film, so they have been holding it in until now.

"Are we going to the bathroom" They looked at each other and made a decision.

"At the fastest speed, hurry!"

"Please make way...

please make way..."

Because he heard the words just now, Dunn hurriedly retracted his foot, and the two young men walked quickly with their legs clamped, probably because of their awkward posture.

Dunn's eyes followed them involuntarily.

Two people who entered the aisle, it seems that they do not want to miss any of the plot of the movie, they actually walked backwards to the toilet against the screen!


Dunn was a little surprised.

After years of working in this profession, this was the first time he had seen such a situation!

Slowly withdrawing his gaze from the big screen, Darren no longer paid attention to the movie being shown.

Taking advantage of the dim light, he looked around solemnly at the audience one by one.

The audience forgot to drink their Coca-Colas, forgot to eat their popcorn, forgot to whisper to each other.

They just sat up straight and didn't even move their bodies.

They gave "Speed" the biggest enthusiasm!



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