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Chapter 37 - A Very Smart Man



ICM is an international innovation management brokerage firm.

Although it cannot be compared with CAA, it is also one of the five largest brokerage firms in North America.

If Duke does remember incorrectly, now and in the future, Julia Roberts will be their contracted client for quite a long time.

No wonder Naomi Watts is so lucky; it turns out that she didn't get thrown away by a big thigh like him but hugged a thick thigh that was just as strong...

"Let's go together My car is also in the underground parking lot."

Naomi hurriedly said as she saw Duke open the door to the lounge.

She hastily packed her bags and followed Duke without waiting for him to speak, walking into the elevator lobby together.

As soon as they entered, Duke saw a man pacing in the lobby who glanced over in their direction before coming over.

Duke knows this person, the most famous one of the film critics invited by 20th century Fox, Bart Henry of the New York Daily News.

This professional film critic didn't mean to talk to Duke, but just nodded at him and went around to the other side of Naomi Watts, saying politely, "Hello, Miss Watts, have you considered my suggestion for this afternoon"

"I'm sorry..." Naomi Watts suddenly moved a step closer to Duke and said, "I...

I haven't decided yet."

"Miss Watts..." The other person took a step closer and said, "This is a mutually beneficial circle, and my suggestion is also the best shortcut."

He took another step forward and looked down at Naomi Watts, with a hint of threat in his eyes.


"You've only been in Hollywood for a short time, so you may not understand the importance of opportunities," Naomi Watts was interrupted before she could finish. 

After hearing this, Duke roughly understood what was happening.

Seeing Naomi Watts, who kept retreating because she was worried about the other party's writing pen, he stepped forward slightly and blocked her behind him.

Using the advantage of being taller than the other party, he said from a high position, "You are too rude, Mr.

Henry! This is a public place."

"What did I do" Bart Henry said with an indifferent face.

"I just wanted to invite Miss Watts for a cup of coffee."

Glancing over at Naomi Watts, Duke knew he wasn't going to be so foolish as to make decisions for her—this was.

After all, it was her private matter.

Actresses who want to be famous are naturally at a disadvantage when facing these film critics, who can trash them with a single sentence.

Naomi Watts, said with a slight hint of weakness, "Mr.

Rosenthal invited me to dinner."

Then she gave Duke an apologetic look.

With a crisp bell, the elevator door just opened, Naomi Wartz hurried in, and As soon as Duke followed into the elevator, she immediately pressed the button to close the door, leaving the self-satisfied film critic outside.

The elevator quickly arrived at the parking garage on the lower floor, and after getting out of the elevator, Duke walked straight to where his Chevrolet was parked, followed by Naomi Watts.

"My car is over there." She pointed to a red Ford in the distance and said hesitantly, "Thank you, Duke."

"It's no big deal." Duke didn't care much.

This sort of thing is commonplace in Hollywood; in an era where the media were not as open as they are in the future, actors needed to curry favor with people who had the power of the media, such as film critics.

It was not uncommon for people to be willing to pay a price for a favourable review.

At the end of the day, it was still Naomi Watts's choice, and if she hadn't refused, Duke would not have stopped her.

Everyone has the right to choose the path they want to take.

As long as they can get to the top of Hollywood, who would care about their black history.

"Really, I am very grateful that you can help me out."

Naomi Watts' words now carry more sincerity than before.

"He was pestering me all afternoon."

“Does your agent know about this”

Duke slowed down his pace slightly and turned his head to suggest, "You'd better notify her..."

"I told her in the afternoon." Naomi Watts sighed, "She let me choose for myself."

That's a standard agent-style answer.

Duke can only sigh, he felt that the atmosphere seemed a bit heavy, so he simply changed to a half-serious and half-joking tone: "Naomi, you made a difficult but correct choice."

Many dream of becoming famous actresses, but few are able to turn down such deals.

After all, the New York Daily News ranks among the top ten newspapers in the United States.

In Hollywood, actresses are usually seen as having a shelf life, and this expiration date is usually much shorter than for male actors.

The saying "the sooner, the better" definitely applies to actresses, and Nancy's thinking makes perfect sense.

She signed Naomi Watts because she sees potential in her future, not because of her current fame.

If Naomi can become famous sooner and bring in profits for her, then why not

"This might be a decision that will disappoint Nancy.

" Naomi Watts doesn't look like a fool either.



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