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Chapter 07 - don't look back



 Duke was not at all phased by his mother's evaluation, he knows that scripts and films are two completely different carriers.

After a short rest to adjust his mental state, he, like all other newcomers who are eager to get ahead in Hollywood, plunged headlong into this unfathomable circle.

He has his own advantages.

Being a native of Los Angeles, his family is also somewhat connected to Hollywood.

He is very familiar with Hollywood studios, he will not be like a fledgling, Crashing around like headless fly.

Before he set off, Duke made preparations and set his eyes on a target.

In Hollywood, if a screenwriter writes a script that he thinks is good, there are generally two paths.

One way to get your project off the ground is to approach influential producers or brokerage companies, such as CAA, and sell them your idea.

If you can get the other party to appreciate your idea, these relationships can be very beneficial to you.

The company will recommend your project to the production company, and after a rigorous review, they will pull in the necessary investment.

The best way to get your script into the hands of a production company is to go directly to the relevant department and deliver it in person.

This way, you bypass the usual screening process and have a better chance of getting your script read and evaluated.

Duke knew a few producers, but none of them knew him except George Lucas, who had a relationship with his mother.

So Duke wanted to try the second option first, and even if he failed, he would have nothing to lose.

Duke drove to Century City in Los Angeles with a few script drafts.

Century City is a large-scale commercial district where many film, television and music companies are located.

Duke's target is the largest of them "Twentieth Century Fox", which occupies the entire Fox Building!

Duke walked into the main entrance of the Fox Building, carrying a handbag.

His eyes quickly swept across the wide hall, then he walked towards the front desk unhurriedly.

"Is there anything I can help you with, sir"

The receptionist at Twentieth Century Fox was professional and showed Duke a warm smile.

"I'm looking for Mr.

Tim Fisher from the editorial department."

"is he there"

"Do you have an appointment" The lady at the front desk still smiled brightly.

"No..." Duke shook his head slowly, "I really want to make an appointment, but I don't know his secretary's desk number."

I'm afraid that even if he knew, the other party would not make an appointment with him.

"May I ask the purpose of your coming here"

Hearing the skilled questioning from the front desk lady, Duke gestured to her with his handbag, "I am a screenwriter and director, and there is a script that I want Mr.

Tim Fisher to read."

"What, don't I look like a writer" Duke said, seeing the slightly surprised expression on the receptionist's face.

"That's not what I meant." The lady at the front desk slightly apologized, "It's just that you look too young."

With a sigh, Duke can only secretly say that it is true, His age and qualifications are indeed a flaw.

"Can you make the phone call for me" he asked again.


Seeing that the other party was a little embarrassed, Duke immediately showed a sincere expression, just like all young people who yearn for opportunities. 

"I can get in touch with Mr.

Fisher's secretary desk."

I have to say that Duke's sincere and handsome face played a big role.

The lady at the front desk quickly dialed a phone number, said a few words, and then hung up.

"Sorry, mr.


"Duke, you can call me Duke."

"Okay, Duke, Mr.

Fisher doesn't have time right now.

You can send the script directly to the editorial department on the seventh floor, and someone will handle it."


Duke said sincerely.

After all, they were strangers, and the other party could not do more.

Taking the elevator to the seventh floor, Duke did some inquiries and found an office.

This is the department that Twentieth Century Fox specializes in handling scripts.

To put it simply, the number of scripts received every month is in the Hundreds. 


A man in his thirties received Duke.

He took the script draft and handed over a form.

"Please fill out your name, phone number, address, and email address.

We will notify you as soon as possible."


Picking up the carbon pen, Duke quickly filled out the form and handed it back to the other person.

The man took it and glanced at it, clipped it into the script, then he placed it on the cabinet next to him.

Duke has been watching all of this, especially the thick stacks of scripts waiting to be reviewed, which are obviously scripts waiting to be reviewed, some of which even have a lot of dust on them.

He didn't raise question about him being the director's, and it was pointless to say it to the staff at this level.

From the situation on the scene, the chance of 20th Century Fox's calling him...

Well, he didn't hold too much hope.

Although he is unwilling, even though he wants to see a big man with more say in Fox, Duke knows that, with how things are, this is almost impossible.


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