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 Chapter 1 - Senju TobiramaKonoha had been there for ten years.

This was the second year since the second Hokage, Senju Tobirama, had been appointed as the Hokage.

Two years ago, Uchiha Madara, who had disappeared for a long time, had returned, and then he had a fierce battle with Hashirama in Valley of The End.

In the end, it was Hashirama who had won, defeated Uchiha Madara, and even sealed Kyuubi.

However, Hashirama was also seriously injured and had a terminal illness.

Not long after he returned, he reluctantly handed over the position of the Hokage to Tobirama, and he accompanied his wife and family into the countdown period of their lives.

No matter how powerful the healing ability was, it could not fight against the disease, just like Super Saiyan would die of heart disease, which was funny and helpless.

In this regard, even though he had developed countless ninjutsu, he was helpless and could only think of another way.

Although his stupid big brother was not the material of the Hokage, with his assistance, Konoha still entered a high-speed development period.

Even many groundbreaking moves were imitated by other countries.

Moreover, although his big brother’s brain was not very good, and he always made some ‘low level’ mistakes, he had a unique personality charm that he had never seen in others, as well as a strong strength that even he admired!

Konoha should have grown strong under the cooperation of the two brothers and then achieved true peace…

It should be like this!


A sigh came from one of Konoha’s secret bases.

“The result of the 117 experiments… failed.”

With silver hair, red eyes, and three red marks on his cheeks, Senju Tobirama was recording with an expressionless face.

He was the only one in this secret base.

Other than him, no one else knew about the existence of this place.

This was because this was the place he used to conduct forbidden research.

It included but was not limited to some research that was not tolerated by secular morality, such as human research, and also… Edo Tensei!

Although Edo Tensei was a forbidden technique that he had developed a long time ago, he had not given up on improving and deeper research on it over the years.

Originally, when his stupid big brother, who was somewhat ‘pedantic’, was still alive and kicking, the two of them often quarreled over this trivial matter.

But now it was much quieter, and no one would nag him anymore, saying, “This is not a good Ninjutsu –” Such ‘boring’ words.

Even if Hashirama knew what he was doing now, he was powerless to stop it.

After becoming the Hokage, he had to pay attention to some influences.

After all, if these things were exposed, it would still cause a certain blow to his reputation.

That was why he had left the base deep in the mountains, far away from Konoha.

In any case, with Flying Thunder God, it would only take a moment for him to come and go.

He didn’t even need to open the door, so he naturally didn’t need to worry about people discovering the secrets of this place.

The research he was currently doing was different from the past.

It was a forbidden technique that could really resurrect the dead!

To be honest, it was actually a beautiful misunderstanding that Edo Tensei could be developed.

His real goal was actually to revive his family, clansmen, and companions that had died.

In the end, by accident, he had only managed to succeed halfway.

This was why he had accidentally developed the Art of Edo Tensei.

It had truly been used to disgust many enemies.

Now, because of his stupid big brother, he had restarted his research in this area.

It could be considered an obsession in his heart that he could not let go of.

And who would have known that Senju Tobirama, who seemed cold and ruthless and rarely even smiled, actually had a passion in his heart that could not be ignored

However, he would only worry about his relatives and companions and would not easily reveal it.

“The rest of the Ninja villages have become more and more restless recently.

They heard some rumors, so one by one finally couldn’t help but jump out Haha.”

After recording, he sat on the chair tiredly and rested.

Then, he thought about the recent situation and sneered.

He had done so many experiments about ‘revival’, not because he was worried that he would not be able to protect Konoha without his stupid big brother.

In fact, when he took over as the Hokage, he had already anticipated many possibilities and made sufficient preparations.

He believed that when the time came, he would definitely give those restless fellows a big surprise!

Even if Konoha lost Senju Hashirama, they still had Senju Tobirama!

Any enemy who dared to look down on him had paid a painful price in the end.

It had been like this during the chaos of war, and it had been like this during the founding of the country, and it would be the same in the future.

Then he couldn’t help but think of his old enemy, the opponent known as “without flaws” —Uchiha Izuna.

Although that guy had always given him a headache, in the end, he still lost to him.

“No flaws” had finally revealed a flaw that was enough to decide the outcome because of being “deceived”.

Unconsciously, the corners of his mouth curled up a little, and then he quickly regained his poker face, which was expressionless and unapproachable.

Thinking about it, that battle should be a battle that he was quite proud of in many battles.

Because of this, he wanted to go back to Hokage’s office to deal with official business and decided to do the last experiment.

He took out all kinds of materials without hesitation, but just as he was about to make a seal, he suddenly remembered the ‘nonsense’ recorded in a broken notebook that he had once seen and scoffed at.

After hesitating, he took out a few drops of sealed blood from the scroll and poured them on it.

It was the ‘spoils’ that he had retrieved from the battlefield after defeating Uchiha Izuna.

It could have been used as a material for reincarnation in Edo Tensei, but he had never done so.

Although they disliked each other, if they did not carry the responsibility and reputation of Senju and Uchiha’s clan, perhaps they could become friends in a different sense.

However, no matter how many times he repeated it, it was impossible.

There was a moment of silence.

Then, he inexplicably cut his palm and dripped his blood.

It was as if he was offering a memorial, but also as if he was bidding farewell in this way.

To be honest, he didn’t know why he was doing this at this moment.

Even after doing all of this, he shook his head speechlessly.

He was sure that this experiment would fail.

However, in accordance with the idea of collecting experimental data, he adjusted his mood and began to form seals.

The result caused him to open his eyes wide in an instant!


[*Author Note:

Although it was a bit late, the new book was still fresh and hot.

This time, Faceless was prepared to use the first battle as the timeline.

He wanted to write something that very few people wrote.

Among them, the title would be a very important supporting role.

Because of the problem of the timeline cutting in, the information given in the original work would be very little.

There were even many bugs, but Faceless would try his best to come back and provide an explanation.

The question of Note 1 was this.

How did Hashirama die When did he die Because it was relatively long, it was still in the author’s words.

He hoped that everyone would patiently take a look.

It was OK to just raise the stakes.)]


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