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Chapter 10 - Coparing Backgrounds All of you Are Nothing!“Scatter!”

According to Haru’s request, the ten guards immediately disappeared from the spot.

Since LittleTsunade didn’t like so many people following them, then… let them hide better.

In any case, it was impossible to drive them away.

At most, they would do some petty tricks.

In any case, Tsunade was still young and didn’t understand.

After seeing that those annoying followers were gone, Tsunade immediately jumped up happily.

Then, she immediately climbed onto Haru’s back and hugged his neck.

She shouted excitedly, “Haruru, go!”

“Huh What did you call me”

“Uncle —Uncle —” Little Tsunade immediately said in a sweet voice.


Haru, who had greatly satisfied his vanity, immediately carried Tsunade and began to run!

Although half an hour had already passed, since Tsunade was willing to call him uncle, then accompanying her cute little niece, cough, cough, what did it matter if they played for a while longer


The fifteen Ninja Guards in the dark immediately followed silently.

Although they were helpless, if something really happened that caused their protection unfavorable, they would probably be torn apart by Lord Hokage when they returned!

No, to be exact, Hashirama-sama should be the first to tear them apart.

After Hashirama-sama finished tearing them apart, Mito-sama would take Kyuubi and continued to tear them apart.

After Mito-sama finished tearing them apart, it was time for Hokage-sama to turn them into ashes.

Just thinking about it made them shudder!

The few people who shivered couldn’t help but quicken their pace, only hoping that they wouldn’t encounter people who couldn’t open their eyes and provoke these two little ancestors.

“Uncle —Uncle —, is it delicious”


Haru took out his wallet and didn’t care.

He didn’t even bother to ask for the price.

Just one word, money!

‘As long as you are willing to acknowledge me as your uncle, even if it is the entire fish pond of Konoha, I will buy it for you!’

Haru thought firmly in his heart.

“Hey, that windmill looks so fun —”

“Don’t say anymore.

Call me uncle.”

“Uncle! Uncle!”

“I bought it!”


“Uncle! Uncle! Can you sing Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

“Uh…” Haru was in a dilemma.

Little Tsunade, who had called him “uncle” many times, suddenly revealed a sly smile.

“I don’t know how to sing Little Star, but I can teach you to sing another song.

Listen well…”

“Tail of July, you are a Leo~

The prelude of August.

You are a Leo~.

When we met, if it were an accident, when we parted, it was unexpected —I couldn’t take it!”

Little Tsunade felt goosebumps all over her body, “No… Stop singing!”

Haru, who was singing in an off-tune voice, smacked his lips.

‘She didn’t know how to appreciate it.


“Brat, you are very arrogant! Your singing is so unpleasant.

Who gave you the courage to speak on the street”

Suddenly, a few little beancurd blocked the way of Haru and Tsunade.

“It’s none of your business.

Do you think Kona is yours” Haru was annoyed.

“Boy, you are very arrogant!”

“Do you know who we are”

“If you don’t want to suffer, then hand over the money.”

A few little beans had a look of arrogance on their faces, and their nostrils were about to fly into the sky.

When the surrounding villagers saw this situation, they immediately hid far away.

It was obvious that they had already recognized the identity of these children.

“These children of big families are starting to bully people again…”

“Shh, be quiet! We can’t afford to offend them.

Let’s hurry up and leave.”

Looking at the fearful gazes of the people around them, these little beans were as proud as a peacock with its tail spread open.

Although they are arrogant and domineering, occasionally stealing some pocket money, but… they are all good children!

That’s right, that’s it!

The leader of the kids raised his proud head again and asked, “Are you afraid Although your singing is so unpleasant and seriously pollutes our ears, as long as you take the lead, we can forgive you.”

The other little beans also had the same expression.

In addition to the children of Hyuga’s family, there were also Inuzuka, Aburame, Nara, and the children of Akamichi’s family.

—Every one of them was a big family of Konoha, the kind that ordinary people could not afford to offend, let alone group up to attack.

Only when they met the group of kids from Uchiha’s family that their family background would be completely useless.

As for why the children of big families were short of money and even needed to rob the pocket money of children in the street, it could only be said that the money of big families was not from a strong background, so how much money could they give such a small child

This was also one of the reasons why Haru and Tsunade, who spent a lot of money, were targeted by them…

“Kid, have you thought about it”

Haru didn’t say anything.

He just looked at these silly children with pity.

Not knowing if it were because Haru’s pitiful gaze had angered them, the Hyuga kid immediately said with some anger, “Brat, what kind of gaze is that!”

“Get your sister to stay away from me.

Today, I must teach you a lesson!”

Haru was stunned.

He originally wanted to pit these kids ruthlessly, but the other party’s words made his impression change a little.

‘Perhaps these kids are a little lacking in discipline….’

‘Well, since that’s the case, then I would teach them a lesson on behalf of their family.’

Ignoring the eager look on Little Tsunade’s face, Haru, who had put her down, said in a particularly calm voice, “Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance.

It’s not too late to admit your mistakes now.”

“Who are you trying to scare Brothers, beat him up!”

A few little beans immediately rushed up with a cry.

Seeing this, Haru couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, ‘I had given you all a chance.

It was you who didn’t use it.’

Haru looked without a change in expression.

Then, he gently clapped his hands.

In an instant…

whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh.

The Hyuga kid and the others only felt their vision blur before being held in their hands.

The ten ninjas looked at them expressionlessly.

“Although you guys look like you guys are lacking in money, you guys look really handsome now!”

Haru praised from the bottom of his heart.

He did not feel that it was embarrassing to shake people.

Otherwise, why would he bring so many guards out!

“We admit defeat today.

Which family are you from If you have the guts, leave your name!” Hyuga kid, who was hanging in the air, said with a red face.

Haru was amused all of a sudden.

‘Are we comparing background’

It was not that he was crazy.

Everyone present, except for Tsunade, were all nothing.


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