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“Let’s not talk about absolute things for now.

I can feel that my end is coming.” Madara coughed twice, his face full of wrinkles.

It had been more than twenty years since the battle at the Valley of The End, but Rinnegan still had not awakened.

Madara gradually went from hope to despair to numbness

He almost no longer held any hope.

Therefore, he decided to make arrangements for the funeral first, so that there would not be a single person to worship during the holidays.

“Are you still reluctant to leave Konoha”

Haru knew that Madara would not die so easily, so he was not sad.

He just said hesitantly, “I want to go back and take a look.”

This time, Madara did not stop him.

Instead, he said in a deep voice, “After I die, you can go if you want.

But don’t forget what I told you and what you promised me.”


“That, that’s too much! How long will it take for you to die It will take at least ten years.

If you don’t want me to go back, can you just say it directly”

Haru complained.

Madara was a little angry at first, but when he heard Haru angrily say that he could live for at least a dozen years, Madara understood this child’s intentions.

It was really rare…

“I didn’t expect that I, Uchiha Madara, would actually have someone by my side to care and comfort me when my end is approaching…”

Madara was a little lost in thought.

Probably because he was old, he began to be sentimental.

But… I am Uchiha Madara!

This kind of useless consolation was not needed at all!

Life or death, he should face it calmly!

Madara raised his hand firmly, “Don’t say such weak words again in the future! What is there to be afraid of when I die After I die, you will be Uchiha Madara! Blah blah blah blah…”

Haru was speechless, but it was not good to interrupt Madara.

If Madara did not successfully open Rinnegan this time, it would be a big joke!

However, the world was just so strange!

In the evening, Haru and Madara had a good meal.

Madara’s appetite was really big.

Two bowls of porridge was not enough to eat at all.

He only had three mouthfuls of meat and it was gone.

How could Haru let go of such a good opportunity He ruthlessly took another one of Black Zetsu’s portion!

This made Black Zetsu extremely depressed.

How did his appetite suddenly become so big

And even more bizarre things were still to come.

After Madara gave him all of the funeral arrangements, he sat outside on a whim.

After waiting for a night, he finally saw the sunrise.

Madara finally had a smile on his lips.

He slowly closed his eyes and slept peacefully.

“So, tell me now, you only slept for a while and then woke up with Rinnegan, right”

Haru crossed his arms and stood with Black Zetsu, examining Madara, who also had some doubts about his life.

Good fellow, the last second he still had some last words, saying that he was dying.

As a result, when he slept and opened his eyes, there were a lot of circles on his eyes.

You just said that it was annoying!

How could he not be angry

Madara was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

He was about to die, but in the end, he finally opened Rinnegan.

What was the use!

What could he do to drag this body that was about to enter the underworld

Madara was extremely speechless, happy, depressed.

All sorts of emotions surged into his heart at the same time.

That feeling was indescribably complicated!

Fortunately, the secret he obtained from Rinnegan was enough to give him a new lease on life!

His gaze lingered on Haru for a moment.

Madara hesitated for a moment and did not speak.

In the next few days, Madara successfully channeled the Gedo Statue into the base.

Then, he listened to Black Zetsu’s suggestion and used Gedo Statue as a trigger to cultivate Hashirama’s cells.

In fact, it was Black Zetsu who extracted the people who had been read by Infinite Tsukuyomi from Gedo Statue.

Following that, this magical creature that he had accidentally obtained had a new name – White Zetsu.

Black Zetsu was instantly overjoyed.

Not only did he hand over all the work of gathering intelligence to White Zetsu, he also threw all the work of daily ‘delivery’, ‘serving tea’, ‘washing clothes and cooking’, and so on and so forth to White Zetsu, who was a person who would make anyone who heard it cry in grief.

In this regard, Haru only watched coldly from the sidelines and chuckled!

“I’ll let you be arrogant for a period of time first.

Let’s see if this young master will deal with you in the future!”

At this time, Madara, who was old and weak, had reached the point where he had no choice but to rely on Gedo Statue to channel chakra to maintain his life.

There were a lot of

However, when he thought about the fact that he did not have a system, nor did he have any mission to court death, nor did he have any benefits, Haru decided to forget about it.

However, what he never expected was that Madara, who had inserted the ‘oxygen tube’ for half a month, suddenly sincerely invited him to experience the illness.

“I can understand the feeling that you need a sick friend.

But, you see, I am only 20 years old this year.

It is the time when I am strong.

It is not the time to rely on inserting a pipe to maintain my life.”

“If you really feel bored, I will recommend Black Zetsu to you! Anyway, he didn’t say that he was formed by your will.

Then you two can definitely talk.

Maybe you will recover soon.”

Madara glared at Haru.

When he was young, it was fine.

After all, Senju’s family didn’t know how to bring children.

What kind of people were they He was too lazy to mention the capital.

But it had been more than ten years, and he had grown up, so how could he still be so mischievous!

Could it be that his brain had been fried when he awakened Sharingan

Or could it be that he knew his face but did not know his heart

Yes, he first rejected the steady Izuna.

Then there was only one truth, and it was all Tobirama’s fault!

“Stop talking nonsense.

I suddenly thought of a way.

Maybe this time, I can completely solve the problem of your body.”

“What method”

“Put the pipe in first.

I will tell you slowly…”


My name is Uchiha Senju Haru.

I never expected that in the end, I still became Madara’s sick friend.

In front of the Gedo Statue, Haru sat there with a dull face, and there were two tubes inserted behind him.

It seemed that he was doubting life, but in fact, he was thinking about what to eat tonight…

“Is this over”

“Activate Sharingan now.”

Haru did not hesitate, and three tomoe appeared in an instant.

Then a scene that made him feel surprised happened.

The originally boiling and violent chakra directly flowed into the body of the Gedo Statue along the pipe, and the remaining chakra, although still in the state of ‘berserk’, was unable to recreate any effect because of the problem of quantity.

Moreover, in this process, because of the buffer time, the chakra meridians in Haru’s body also began to expand and become more tenacious.

It was not to the extent that it triggered the self-protection of the body and directly passed out.

In fact, the problem of the imperfect bloodline fusion was not particularly serious.

It was just that the chakra in Haru’s body was too much, and once it went berserk, it would exceed the limit of the body.

And Madara took another path, and thought of other solutions through Gedo Statue.


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