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After a long time of separation, the excited Kagami immediately looked for a hidden and safe place after wiping off the ‘rainwater’ on his face behind his back.

He asked Haru how he had lived these years and how he had appeared here.

Haru could not tell Kagami the truth about this.

Therefore, he made up a story about the ‘Uchiha Undead’ and fooled him.

Anyway, Madara always used this kind of magical stuff to scare people, so it was nothing for him to borrow it.

Seeing that Haru did not want to talk about this matter in detail, Kagami did not ask further.

No matter what, the person was still there, and it seemed that he had not suffered much, which was enough.

After all, there were too many strange things that happened back then, and there was also that pair of Mangekyou Sharingan, which Kagami could not forget until now.

“Since you have regained your freedom now, then come back with me to Konoha.

Tsunade and Lady Mito have been waiting for you all the time, and Sakumo… We all believe that you are still alive and will definitely come back.”

“I originally wanted to go back to Konoha to take a look, but I was a little nervous.

But now, with Kagami and Sensei here, I am not afraid of misunderstanding.”

Kagami seemed to have thought of something, and the haze on his face flashed.

However, now was a happy day.

If there were any problems, he would have to wait until he returned to the village to solve them.

Kagami did not believe that after seeing His Highness Haru, those people would still dare to ‘forget’ Tobirama’s entrustment back then.

Therefore, Kagami and the two clansmen took Haru on the road back to Konoha.

Along the way, Haru said very little, and Kagami said a lot.

Although Kagami rarely went back to Konoha and usually stayed outside, every time he took different people out to ‘experience’, he would know a lot of things that happened in the Village.

Even some inside stories that outsiders couldn’t know, Kagami also learned a little about Akatsuki through the power of his family and the contact of Tsunade.

For example, the destroyed Kingdom of Maelstrom was not only fought by Kirigakure alone, but also the kages of the other three villages.

In the first battle of Ninja World, if the last five kages didn’t die together, Uzumaki Clan would be the most famous.

After offending the four great countries and having such a terrifying power in their hands, Uzumaki Clan had long become a thorn in everyone’s eyes, a thorn in their flesh.

If Konoha was still in power with Senju’s clan, then if the four great countries wanted to touch Uzumaki Clan, it would be equivalent to directly starting a war.

But unfortunately, Konoha had already changed his appearance.

Thus, the earth, wind, and thunder armies directly pressed down, forcing Konoha to have no choice but to respond.

Then Kirigakure of the Water Nation immediately went to attack the Country of Maelstrom.

Should he protect himself with all his might, or should he take a huge risk to support his allies

This was undoubtedly a dilemma!

The last straw that crushed the camel was a statement secretly issued by the four countries.

If Konoha did not send people to rescue the Country of Maelstrom, the countries would retreat after the destruction of the Country of Maelstrom.

This kind of private agreement was not worth believing at all.

These four countries could even tear up the peace agreement that they personally signed back then, let alone sacrificing the allied countries to exchange for their own peace

How could they agree

However, after several meetings, the higher-ups who controlled power finally chose to agree.

However, what they did not expect was that the Senju clan, who had withered, would be so unyielding.

Even though they knew that they were going to die, they were unwilling to bear the infamy of an ally and even more unwilling to discredit their ancestors.

Therefore, they rushed out of Konoha’s door and ran to live and die with Uzumaki Clan.

The fact that they had given up on their allies was already despicable, so they could only watch as Senju’s people left.

Konoha’s higher-ups had no way to do anything, much less stop them.

Then things went out of control.

The Kingdom of Maelstrom was destroyed, Senju Ayako and his wife died in battle.

Perhaps there were still survivors from the two races, but no one returned to Konoha afterwards.

Obviously, Konoha had been completely disappointed after the great change, and he did not want to return to the heart that was hurt.

What was even more interesting was that after Uzumaki Clan was destroyed,

The four countries didn’t retreat.

Instead, they seized Senju’s clan to support the World of Maelstrom.

With the excuse that Konoha was the first to break the agreement, they officially launched a siege on Konoha!

Only then did some people realize that the four countries had been targeting them from the beginning.

Everything he had done before was just to cut off one of Konoha’s arms!

If he took the lead in eliminating the threatening Uzumaki Clan, what else could Konoha have left

Only then did the higher-ups of Konoha begin to regret, but what was the use of regretting now

The matter was already set in stone, and they could only swallow the bitter fruit and fight with all their strength!

By the time Kagami learned of this, a long time had passed.

Haru listened to Kagami talk about many things that had happened during the years he was away from Konoha.

Tsunade, who had suffered successive blows, had a huge change in her temperament.

She sat quietly in her room every day, waiting for the sailor to reunite with Hashirama.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others who were pushed aside, Uchiha who gradually became marginalized, Jiraiya who had the title of Konoha Sannin, Orochimaru…

“Tsunade’s younger brother… Nawaki, has this war reached the point where we need children to go to the battlefield”

Haru’s eyes were a little cold.

Kagami did not know what to say.

This was Nawaki’s own request.

Hokage also agreed.

After that, the person died.

Whose responsibility was that

Haru also didn’t want to be too cunning, but the male of Senju’s family, “The Last Man”, died on the battlefield without any reason, and it was under the premise that Tsunade didn’t know.

At this point, Senju’s family had become a thing of the past.

If this was all a coincidence, it was too much to treat others as fools.

Fortunately, this time, Kato Dan changed his fate.

He had nothing to do with Tsunade and did not die on the battlefield.

“It seems that not many people will welcome me when I go back this time…” Haru muttered to himself.

He found that 18 years was enough to change too many things.

He thought too simply about everything.

However, he just wanted to go back and take a look.

He did not think about competing for power and profit.

The world was vast, and there was a place for him to stay in.

He just hoped that some people would not do things too cruelly.

At the same time, Danzo, who had established ‘Root’, also received the information from the mysterious man.

If the other party had not mentioned the scroll from 18 years ago, Danzo would have captured the person first and then tortured him.

When he finished reading the information sent by the other party, he immediately frowned.

Senju Haru…

This name had disappeared for too long.

Everyone, including him, thought that this person was dead, just like Lord Tobirama.

But now, someone told him that not only was Senju Haru not dead, but he was also found by Uchiha Kagami.

Now, he was rushing to Konoha, wanting to seek justice for many people.

This ‘many people’ was very interesting.

What he had done all these years, Danzo himself was very clear.

At the beginning, he was still a little worried that Lord Tobirama would suddenly appear one day, but after 18 years, he had long forgotten that fear!


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