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 Chapter 11 - The FatalSeveral guards directly took away the several stinky brats who were still struggling.

According to Haru, they were directly sent back to their respective families.

Although there was no need to add oil to the fire, they would definitely not hide what had happened today for them.

It was inevitable for a man and a woman to have a mixed fight.

After all, they had bullied the head of Senju’s family, the ‘son’ of the second generation Hokage and the granddaughter of the god of Ninja World.

As long as the heads of these family clans did not have a wishing death, they would definitely make satisfactory results.

After all, Senju Hashirama and Senju Tobirama were still alive!

It was not that Haru wanted to lower himself to the level of the children, but he felt that it would be a pity if he did not correct them.

Haru, who already regarded the entire Konoha as his own possession, naturally did not want Konoha to become more and more rotten.

‘I believe that with this lesson, these guys will definitely be able to understand the good intentions of Haru-sama.

When I become famous in the future, they will think back to today.

Who knows how they will be grateful to me, hehe.’

As for reporting his name and singing his own background… it is a bit too low.

Let’s talk about it next time.

Little Tsunade, who still has a certain degree of violence in her bones, is very disappointed…

In order to make Little Tsunade happy, Haru had to push back the time to go home again.

He played with Little Tsunade until it was time for dinner before going back.


The next day, as expected.

The leaders of the various clans all came to apologize with their badly battered faces.

There was no other way.

The children were not sensible and did not understand the seriousness of the matter.

How could they, as elders, still foolishly hold on to a fluke mentality

Because Tobirama was not at home and was dealing with official business in Hokage’s building, Hashirama, who had already listened to the guards explain the cause and effect of the matter yesterday, had no choice but to step forward and comfort these people in order to save themselves from being scared to death.

Of course, Haru and Tsunade, the two parties involved, were also called over.

Looking at these little fellows who obviously had been beaten up a lot but were very unconvinced in their hearts, Haru, who had forgotten that he was also a little bean, laughed in his heart.


‘Hold it in!’

At this time, the Leader of Hyuga said, “This beautiful little Princess should be your granddaughter.

I just don’t know who this handsome young master is…”

The news that Hashirama’s daughter, Senju Ayako, was pregnant and had a child had been heard by all the big families.

They also had some guesses about Haru’s identity, but they had never had the opportunity to inquire about it.

This time, they could use this opportunity to find out the situation.

To put it bluntly, although these families were Konoha’s ‘Big Family’ on the surface, in fact, they were all the lackeys of the Senju Family.

Because they were sensible, they had the opportunity to sit here and enjoy all kinds of privileges.

To put it bluntly, standing on the side was the right choice!

Those families who did not know what was good for them had long been crushed by Senju and Uchiha.

Hashirama was also worried that Haru and Tsunade would be arrogant under the influence of the family and develop a bad character, so he did not publicize anything and protected both of them very well.

However, he did not have much time left, so the honor of the Senju family still had to continue to be passed on.

Moreover, such a thing had happened, so there was nothing to hide anymore.

Moreover, when he thought of his cold-faced and warm-hearted younger brother, who refused to admit that he already had a child outside, then he, as the big brother, had to help.

When this matter was known to everyone, he couldn’t wait to see how depressed Tobirama would be.

Therefore, the corners of Hashirama’s mouth suddenly pulled up, and there was a kind of mischievous joy.

He said, “I forgot to introduce them to everyone.

This is my granddaughter, Tsunade, and this is actually Tobirama’s child, several months older than Tsunade.”

“Haru, quickly greet your uncles.”

Haru slightly pursed his lips, but he still gave them a face and politely greeted the various family heads, “My name is Senju Haru.

Please take care of me in the future.”

At this time, a trace of surprise flashed through the eyes of the several family heads.

‘He’s actually the child of the second generation Hokage.’

‘Haru… Senju Haru…’

‘His face is somewhat similar to the second generation Hokage.

It should not be wrong.’

‘Moreover, it seems to have inherited a part of the second generation head’s silver hair.’

Only the other half of the black hair and the black pupils could not help but make them think of their mother’s identity.

All these years have passed.

They had never heard that the second generation head is very close to any woman

If not for the sudden addition of a baby boy to Senju’s family and the incident that happened yesterday, they would still be kept in the dark.

‘But why did the second-generation Hokage have to be so careful’

Everyone was smart, and they subconsciously began to guess the meaning of Hokage’s actions.

Finally, they came to a preliminary conclusion…

‘Could it be that the second generation Hokage had already secretly thought of nurturing the next Hokage’

They couldn’t help but be shocked by the conclusion they had come to.

Because Tobirama had no children under his knees, there were even rumors that the second generation Hokage was preparing to nurture an ‘outsider’ to take over Hokage’s position instead of continuing to be controlled by Senju’s clan.

Many people had thoughts about this, including them.

Authority and status were always topics that couldn’t be avoided in a country.

Especially when the other great contributor of Konoha’s establishment, Uchiha’s clan, had already been eliminated in advance!

But now, they had already begun to break out in cold sweat.

They had already experienced Tobirama’s methods, and this was also a man they could not see-through at all.

Perhaps those rumors were deliberately spread by Tobirama-sama to test their loyalty.

What made them even more unable to sit still was that they actually foolishly believed it and even made some arrangements!

‘No wonder Tobirama-sama let so many outstanding students go and chose the disciples of Sarutobi’s small clans as his disciples.

This is simply a warning!’

Suddenly, these guys, who thought they had seen through Tobirama’s intention, looked at Haru with a strange gaze.

Affability and lingering fear, but also a little… flattery


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