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‘Senju… Haru’

The sudden appearance of this name caused Hiruzen to be in a trance.

“What do you mean Isn’t that child already…”

Danzo rudely interrupted Hiruzen and said, “I received information that Uchiha Kagami has successfully found the other party and is now on his way back to Konoha.”

“Are you sure” Hiruzen’s heart began to become restless.

“It should be true.

After all, you know Kagami’s character.

He would rather waste another 18 years than casually bring back a fake.”

Hiruzen nodded slightly, agreeing with Danzo’s evaluation of Kagami.

After experiencing the initial shock, Hiruzen slowly regained his calm and began to think.

“You didn’t want that child to come back alive, so you sent someone to kill him”

“Is it only me who doesn’t want that child to come back alive” Danzo sneered.

Hiruzen was silent again and casually said, “What was the result”

“It failed.

Fifteen of Root’s elite members were completely wiped out.

In the end, they were thrown outside the village.

This is a provocation! Kagami no longer has the village in his heart!”

After hearing this, Hiruzen shook his head slightly, “This is not Kagami’s style of doing things.

Especially the corpses of two Uchiha clansmen were also thrown there, and their eyes were dug out.

This is definitely not Kagami’s doing!”

“This is more like someone secretly trying to use this matter to stir up the conflict between the Uchiha clan and Konoha.”

“Think about it, Root’s people died together with Uchiha’s people, and the relationship between the two sides has always been very tense.

What would Uchiha’s people think at that time”

“More importantly, this matter could not be explained clearly.”

“Because the people might have been killed by Root’s members!”

Even if Danzo explained that the target was not them, what could they do

Looking at it this way, Danzo made the decision on his own and sent people to pretend to be Anbu’s members.

The act of retrieving the corpse in time actually stopped the mess.

But presumably, the people of Uchiha’s clan would not let it go.

At this time, Hiruzen had a headache.

Meanwhile, Danzo’s eyes flickered slightly.

He had probably guessed who did this.

It didn’t matter if he was being used.

After all, they were already using each other.

But that didn’t mean that he didn’t have to pay the price for scheming against him like this!


A few days later, Haru and Kagami, who had been attacked several times, finally arrived in front of Konoha’s door.

Haru, who had not returned for many years, and Kagami, who had been out all year round, felt like they were in a different world.

“Welcome back.”

Haru nodded, feeling that everything in front of him was so familiar and unfamiliar.

“Who is it”

“It’s me.”

The guard at Konoha’s door smelled the thick smell of blood from far away and immediately became nervous.

However, after seeing Kagami’s appearance, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s Lord Kagami.

Put down your martial arts…”


A strange light flashed in the eyes of the person beside him.

Then, he pointed at Haru, who was beside Kagami, and said, “Who is this person”

At this time, Kagami did not think too much about it.

He figured that the guards were loyal to their duty, so he explained, “This is the person I brought back.

There is an important matter that needs to be met with Lord Hokage immediately.”

“Sorry, the order I received is that all outsiders are forbidden from entering.

If there is no pass personally issued by Lord Hokage, this person can not enter.”

When these words came out, the guard who wanted to let them pass also hesitated.

Indeed, it was currently in a grim war.

If there really were any trouble, he would not be able to shoulder this responsibility.

“Lord Kagami, why don’t you explain the situation to Lord Hokage first before coming to pick up this little brother”

In fact, to be honest, calling him Lord Kagami was only because of his seniority.

He was one of the shadow guards by Lord Tobirama’s side back then, and he was also an important figure in the Uchiha clan.

But in reality, after Sarutobi took over the position, Kagami had no authority in Konoha at all.

Moreover, he was outside all year round, and his reputation wasn’t prominent, so most people only knew that there was such a person, but they wouldn’t take it to heart.

If it were for Danzo, who brought a stranger in today, if the guards here dared to speak any more nonsense, Root’s people would immediately take over this place and take them down on the spot!

Fortunately, Kagami wasn’t someone who liked to care about these things.

He only did what he thought was right and beneficial to the village.

Therefore, he understood the actions of these guards very well.

He said, “I really did not consider this matter well enough.

I will report to Lord Hokage first and then come back to pick you up.”

“This is the gate of Konoha.

No one dares to mess around here.

You stay here first and wait for me to come back.”

Although Haru felt that this matter was a bit strange and inappropriate, he did not say much.

He just whispered a few words in Kagami’s ear.

Kagami hesitated after hearing this, but he still nodded his head in the end.

Then, Kagami walked into Konoha’s door and directly used the Body Blink technique to rush to Hokage’s building.

The child of Lord Tobirama, the hope of Uchiha’s clan, he finally found it!

He was already impatient to share this good news with everyone.

However, Kagami, who had been away from the political center for many years, did not know that compared to some people who had changed greatly, he was as innocent as a little girl who went out to pick mushrooms.


At the door of Konoha.

After Kagami left, the loyal guard suddenly walked to Haru outside the door.

“Where are you going” The companion asked.

“It’s nothing.

I was just curious and wanted to talk to this little brother.

I wouldn’t be afraid of anything happening to me with you here.”

After a simple explanation, he really came to Haru’s side and said with a flattering expression, “Brother, you are a little unfamiliar.

I wonder which village you are from”

Haru glanced at him without leaving a trace.

He also smiled and made-up nonsense.

“A small village was destroyed by the people of Earth Country.

Lord Kagami passed by and saw that I was pitiful, so he brought me here.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is.

My condolences, brother.

This world is just like this! However, with your looks, it’s quite easy for you to make a living after entering the village.

The village is filled with young women who don’t have a husband or children.

Maybe you can still… right”

This guy had a familiar appearance.

In the end, he even winked and revealed a smile that everyone understood.

It was very wretched.

At the same time, his right hand casually patted Haru’s shoulder.


However, Haru grabbed his wrist first.

“Ah! What are you trying to do”

Haru was still smiling.

However, after taking out a few poison needles from his fingers, his smile looked terrifying!

“Those who want to harm me are all dead.

Are you ready”


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