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In Junji’s memories, Danzo was nothing more than using intimidation and bribery.

First, he captured his child, forced him to submit, and promised to give him a large sum of money afterward, and then arranged a good job for him.

For the sake of his family and future, he only had this one choice.

And Danzo’s goal was not to use him to kill Haru.

So many experts had failed, which was enough to prove that the other party’s strength and vigilance were very high.

Therefore, from the beginning, Junji was an abandoned chess piece, only to create a situation that was more advantageous to him.

Danzo also believed that even if it were for the sake of the child, Junji would not bite him in the back.

But who would have thought that this guy would actually confess like this

Without interrogation, without any means to use against him, he just smoked a cigarette and said everything!



Danzo, who was in a trance, always felt that the very outrageous scene in front of him seemed to be familiar, but no matter how he thought about it, he could not remember it.

When the whole thing was finished, half of the Cigarette in Junji’s mouth fell to the ground powerlessly.

At least during the last half of the cigarette, he did not feel any pain.

The battle outside had also stopped because of Anbu’s intervention and Hokage’s words.

“Danzo, what else do you have to say now”

Danzo immediately smiled disdainfully, “What can the nonsense of a hurt person prove It’s obvious that this is just a false accusation.

Although I don’t know what you have done, it is nothing more than an illusion, induced, and so on.”

“I suggest that we don’t waste any more time.

Let’s directly capture them with force!”

As expected, Danzo was extremely thick-skinned.

With just a few words, he was able to shirk all responsibility.

However, no one was a fool.

When everyone calmed down, they would discover many details that they had previously overlooked and make a second judgment.

Then, the way they looked at Danzo started to become a little strange….

Even Hiruzen had a straight face.

When he looked at Danzo, he was very dissatisfied.

Now, the situation was in a stalemate.

Just as Hiruzen was about to settle this matter with the mud and then think about it, the situation changed again….

A large number of footsteps came from behind, and a group of people passed through Konoha’s door with excited expressions.

“Who dares to catch my boss Have you asked my Hyuga family”

“I, Inuzuka Clan, hate people who are not loyal!”

“I heard that the boss is back, and I have specially brought over roasted meat.”

Haru was suddenly stunned.

His gaze stopped on the faces, and the vague memories became clear again.

The figure of the youth from before gradually overlapped with the youth in front of him.

“Tokugawa, Shikakichi, Oyako, Shima, Takeshi…”

As the names were called out by Haru one by one, these former companions were all filled with tears of excitement!

‘It was the boss!’

‘It really was the boss!’

Then a person next to him immediately jumped out and said, “Boss, there’s still me!”

Haru looked at him seriously.

Although there were many changes, he still recognized him.


Seeing that Boss Haru recognized him, Uchiha Fuu immediately smiled.

“That’s right.

It’s me.

Did I become more handsome I can’t recognize you anymore”

“Yes, he is so handsome that it is unbearable to look at.” Haru nodded solemnly.

When he suddenly saw his old friends, Haru was very excited and even joked.

When the others heard this, they immediately reacted and immediately laughed.

Uchiha Fuu, who had been teased, was not angry.

He just smiled bitterly.

“You bastards, I should not have informed you.”

Previously, Uchiha Tengu had brought people to help him out.

The reason why Fuu was not there was that he had specially gone to the big families to find people.

Although 18 years had passed, it seemed like just yesterday.

“Once the boss, and he will be the boss for the rest of his life!”

“Whoever dares to refuse, beat him up!”

They had always remembered and firmly believed that one day, Boss Haru would return as a king.

And for this day, they had waited for 18 years!

Today, they had finally arrived!

Hokage was also here

Oh, so what

All the brothers here knew that the current Hokage was just one of the guards of Boss Haru back then!

Even if Lord Tobirama is no longer around, there must be at least some respect!

One must not forget who gave you all of this!

All these years, although Hyuga Tokugawa and the others had been affected by the disappearance of Boss Haru and the new Hokage, their status in the family was not as high as before.

Even when they were always spreading some ‘rumors’ regardless of the situation, such as “The Will of Fire was first raised by Boss Haru”, “Boss Haru is the next Hokage appointed by Lord Tobirama!” “Konoha can only become the strongest and create eternal peace under Boss Haru’s leadership…”

As Haru’s followers, they had tied their fates together long ago.

And now, hearing that someone was going to cause trouble, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others pulled all these people over!

Thus, it became the scene that Danzo and the others were currently seeing.

The Hyuga Clan, Inuzuka Clan, the Nara Clan, the Aburame Clan, and the Akamichi Clan all stood on Senju Haru’s side, confronting them!

Although there weren’t many people from each clan, and there were only around ten of them, when added together, it was still a force that could not be underestimated.

Moreover, there was an even more important problem.

These clans were the foundation of Konoha.

‘What is he trying to do’

‘Is he openly going against Hokage and rebelling’

‘Are there any instructions from the clan leaders’

These problems were things that had to be considered.

If they were not handled properly, it was very likely that they would cause a huge uproar in Konoha.

Don’t forget.

This is still the time of war!

As for the others, they were completely stunned at this moment.

Their minds were filled with thoughts about the background of this black-and-white-haired handsome man.

‘Why did he attract Lord Hokage and the other adults to personally come and deal with him’

‘Why would Uchiha, Hyuga, Akamichi, and the other families come to protect him’

‘Boss What boss’

‘Could it be that Konoha was really going to change the sky’

Since things had developed to this point, too many questions had not been resolved.

At this time, Hiruzen’s expression was probably the ugliest because the thing he was most worried about had happened.

It was slightly different from the reason why Danzo stopped Haru from returning to Konoha.

Hiruzen clearly knew that among the big families like Konoha, the person who was more recognized as the former Kirin of the Senju Clan – Senju Haru!


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