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In fact, even Haru did not expect Danzo to be so tenacious and cunning.

Of course, this had to do with the fact that he did not use his full strength and only had a single combat experience.

Although he had been tempered by Tobirama and Madara and seemed to have no lack of combat experience, in reality, he did not have much experience fighting with different types of ninjas.

It was like a person fighting a tiger a hundred times.

He was extremely familiar with every move of the tiger, and he was extremely experienced.

But when the tiger was replaced by a goblin one day, how much experience could this person have when dealing with the tiger be of use

Most of the enemies that Haru had encountered before were just chickens that could be killed in a single move.

Occasionally, there would be experts, but before they could even unleash their full potential, the few great moves that were thrown down here had caused them to go to the Yellow Springs in frustration.

Therefore, Danzo could be considered to have resisted Haru’s’ Three Axes’ and successfully survived the first stage.

However, it seemed that it was about time to end here

Danzo summoned the Dream Tapir*, wanting to suck away all the swords with Flying Thunder God’s tactic and take back Jinchuriki.

[*TL Note: Danzo’s summon is a tapir named Baku that could devour dreams and nightmares.]

However, Haru took advantage of this opportunity to burn them half to death!

At this time, the secret art forces sent by Sarutobi Hiruzen had arrived.

Among them were the clansmen of Akamichi, Aburame, Nara, and Yamanaka!

After all, Sarutobi Hiruzen was still Hokage.

If someone was causing trouble for Konoha, who should he help, and who should he stand on Was there a need to think about it

Some of the secret arts forces left behind by Konoha began to attack as soon as they appeared.

The super-magnification technique forcibly cleaned up Flying Thunder God’s katana, and countless black shadow hooks weaved into a large net, trying to capture Haru.

Balls of parasites flew out and tried to rescue Kushina without caring about the damage.

Yamanaka’s clan was also prepared at all times.

Once the Nara clan captured them, they would immediately take over!

Under this clear division of labor, Haru suddenly laughed.

The three tomoe in his eyes had changed again at some point.

On the four symmetrical places on the outer circle, there was an extremely small jade hook pattern on each side.

Then, it extended inwards in a curved arc.

Inside, two tomoe perfectly attached to each other, forming a pattern like the Taiji Yinyang Fish.

This was Mangekyou Sharingan, who had been interrupted by Madara back then.

This time, because of the death of Mito, he had once again awakened!

Following the call from the bottom of his heart, he felt the violent and boiling chakra within his body and felt the voice of these eyes constantly whispering in his ears.

“There is a flaw!”


Knowing that they could not lose the opportunity, the numerous Konoha Ninjas immediately launched an all-out attack, instantly drowning Haru’s figure.


An incomparably shocking scene appeared!

A layer of black energy that emitted an ominous aura instantly enveloped Haru and the unconscious Kushina behind him.

The black shadow secret technique was unable to penetrate this layer of chakra and was directly bounced away.

The huge palm that fell from the sky was also firmly grasped by a seemingly ‘slender’ black energy bone claw, and it was not allowed to move forward!

As for the other ninjutsu, it was not able to cause even the slightest ripple, and it simply could not break through the defense of the most crude version of Haru’s Susanoo!

He also did not know how he used it, and just like that, he felt it, and then tried to guide it, and the result was that he succeeded!

He even vaguely felt that his eyes contained different powers, waiting for him to discover them!

“What the hell is this thing.”

“That pair of eyes…”

Standing at the side, Kagami, who was in a dilemma, neither helped Konoha nor Haru.

Because one side was someone he cared about the most, and the other side was the meaning of his 18 years of life and the instructions of his teacher.

If there was someone who did not want this situation to happen the most, then Kagami was undoubtedly the one who could rank first.

Especially when he saw someone die at the hands of Haru, he was in pain.

He wanted to go out and dissuade him, but he didn’t know what kind of standpoint he should take.

At the same time, he felt somewhat relieved in the depths of his heart, because it seemed that Haru should not be in any danger.

Under such an incomparably painful gaze, he saw Haru’s three tomoe Sharingan, Haru Mangekyou Sharingan, and that… Susanoo!

After the era of turmoil ended, Mangekyou Sharingan, who no one else had awakened, once again appeared in front of him, moreover through this method!

Kagami’s heart received an incomparably intense shock.

At the same time, an inconceivable crazy idea suddenly appeared in his mind.

He was shocked because this was not something he could do at all.




Haru controlled Susanoo and casually waved its hand, cleaning up the surroundings.

Before there was a super-powerful attack that could break through Susanoo’s defense(or restrain), Susanoo could be said to be a divine skill of killing vegetables!

No matter how many enemies there were, it was useless not to break the defense!

With a slap, Jonin was still enduring.

There was no difference.

Although Haru was still using the simplest version, it was more than enough to deal with the current situation.

The black bone hand instantly grabbed at Danzo, who was constantly retreating.

He wanted to see if Danzo had any way to survive from his hands today!

Wind Release — ·

He could not escape!

Danzo had a gloomy expression on his face as he chose to counterattack.

As long as he could shatter this strange thing

ALike a rocket launcher, a high-pressure wind ball suddenly shot out from Danzo’s mouth.

This move could be said to be astonishingly powerful, enough to crush the enemy instantly.

However, this time, Danzo was not facing an ordinary enemy.

Instead, he was facing Susanoo with extreme defensive power!

Danzo had indeed brought some damage to the lower version of Susanoo.

Still, the damage was immediately restored to its original state in just half a breath.

Seeing that Danzo was about to be at his wit’s end, the attack that Hiruzen had prepared arrived.

“Five Style·Great Chain Bullet!”

Sarutobi Hiruzen used the shadow clone technique to summon four clones to cooperate with each other and then used fire, thunder, water, earth, and wind, five different types of ninjutsu at the same time.

A nearly destructive explosion instantly engulfed Haru’s Susanoo.

“Did it succeed”

Many people stared fixedly at the gradually dissipating smoke without blinking and secretly prayed.

It was just that they simply did not understand the law of ‘there is smoke and no injury’!

The terrifying skeleton started to collapse under everyone’s gaze…

Win… won

Many people revealed pleasantly surprised expressions after surviving a calamity because the enemy this time was too powerful.

But slowly, they began to issue something wrong.

Because the skeleton was empty, the person… was gone!


The sound of the katana passing through the human body rang out in secret.


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