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Chapter 125 - You Think I Don't Dare To Kill

Danzo reached out with difficulty to hold the blade that pierced through his chest from behind.

There was confusion and disbelief in his eyes.

He didn’t believe that his life would end just like that.

Ambition had helped him, but it had also destroyed him.

People who killed people would always be killed!

For Haru, the last thing Danzo should do was repeatedly challenge his bottom line.

Did he really think that he would care about something and not dare to kill

“What about your Reverse Four Symbols Seal* If you don’t activate it now, you won’t have a chance.”

[*TL Note: This technique is a finjutsu that the user places across their chest and sets to act upon their death.

The technique releases four symbols from the user’s body, forming a large, black sphere around them.

Anything caught inside the sphere’s area is then drawn in and sealed within the user’s corpse.]

Haru’s calm words instantly destroyed Danzo’s final determination.

Was there anything more shocking and panicked than the enemy calling out your trump card

“You won’t be able to escape.

I will wait for you down there…”

“You don’t have to worry about it.

I didn’t want to do anything to you for the sake of our relationship back then.

It’s just that you insist on courting death, so you can’t blame anyone else.”

After he finished speaking, Haru drew back his long sword.

With a bang, Danzo vomited blood and fell to the ground.

His consciousness was gradually engulfed by the darkness.

As for the Four Symbols Seal that was called out

The time it was activated was enough for Haru to fly back and forth dozens of times.

If they could not die together, it would only destroy Konoha, so in the end, Danzo, who had lost all his anger, chose to leave his corpse intact.

“Lord Danzo!”

Most of Root’s people had been killed by Haru, and the remaining ones felt that the sky had collapsed.

Although the curse seal that bound them had failed, the influence of more than ten years of brainwashing could not be eliminated so easily.

As for Konoha and the others, they were also in shock!

As the assistant of Hokage, Danzo was actually killed by someone in Konoha

For some reason, some people suddenly remembered the incident of the Four Kages attacking Konoha 18 years ago.

Although it was not as tragic as it was back then, the enemy was not the Four Kages, but a young man. 

However, they were also no longer Konoha at their prime.

Not only did they lose Lord Hashirama, but Lord Tobirama also lost Uzumaki Clan and the Senju Clan.

The war 18 years ago caused Konoha to suffer heavy casualties, and he still hadn’t recovered!

At this time, even Sarutobi and Hiruzen were in a trance.

They didn’t expect Danzo to really die like this.

However, before they could feel sad and lose the meaning of their lives, the remaining members of Root directly shouted to avenge Lord Danzo and launched a suicidal charge.

He told him that it was not the time to be sad, and the matter was not over yet.

Now that Haru had killed Danzo, his heart felt much better, and more than half of his anger had been vented out.

He had made a fuss, killed the people, and was also angry.

He was also ready to leave.

Then he saw more than a dozen people coming to see him off.

He threw away the katana and began to form seals with both hands.

“Water Escape·Water Dragon – Explosion!”

After seeing the order of the seals, Sarutobi Hiruzen’s expression instantly changed.

He shouted, “Everyone, leave that area!”

Someone reacted quickly and ran away.

Haru slammed his hands on the ground, and huge water immediately formed on the ground then rapidly spread forward.

At the same time the water spread, and countless rapidly rising water streams continuously shot out from the center, attacking the enemies along the way.

The dozen or so members of Root did not have any ability to resist and were sent flying into the sky.

After spreading out for a full four to fifty meters, all the water streams that sprayed into the sky condensed into an incomparably huge and ferocious water dragon!

Then, with a force that was as heavy as a thousand catties, it directly engulfed the people who were sent flying into the air, and then it continued to bite towards Sarutobi Hiruzen!

This move was extremely powerful.

Its lethality was extremely high, and it could be said that it completely overturned the impression ordinary people had of Water Escape’s lethality.

“Earth Release·Earth Dragon Bullet!”

“Earth Release·Earth Flow Wall!”

Sarutobi Hiruzen had a grave expression on his face.

He had long since started to form seals in advance, attempting to block this water dragon.

However, it was clear that this move was not something that could be easily intercepted.

The earth dragon that was not of the same level was directly smashed apart by the huge water dragon, followed by the layers of defense that Sarutobi Hiruzen had put in great effort to set up.

However, when the tsunami came, what effect could a small dam have

There was a boom!

The huge water dragon opened its mouth and slammed into the ground.

The surging waves scattered, forcing everyone to retreat again and again.

When the water finally disappeared, there was only a big pit left, where was Lord Hokage

“Lord Hokage”

Many people immediately cried out in alarm and began to worry.

Haru was also looking for the figure of the other party.

He did not think that the dignified Hokage would die so easily.

However, just as he was about to squat down and feel it, he suddenly felt a slight tremor from the ground beneath his feet.

In the next moment, he jumped up without thinking.

As if to cooperate with his performance, the moment Haru jumped up, two hands suddenly broke out of the ground and grabbed Haru!

If Haru had reacted a little slower, he would have immediately been caught and dragged underground.

And this was Sarutobi Hiruzen’s specialty, the technique of beheading in the heart of Earth Release!

But was Sarutobi Hiruzen’s true target, really him

Just as Haru, who had dodged the decapitation spell in his heart, was about to counterattack, he suddenly caught another scene from the corner of his eye!

Both of them broke out of the ground, and a pair of hairy hands grabbed at Kushina who was lying on the ground.

It turned out that Hiruzen had attacked Haru just to create an opportunity for the Ape Demon to take back Jinchuriki!

As long as they could take back Jinchuriki, they would no longer need to bind their hands and feet.

This time difference was very beautiful!

Normally, ordinary people would not be able to detect it.

Even if they could, they would not be able to rush over in time.

However, Haru was not an ordinary person.

Not only did he sense it, but he also instantly appeared next to Kushina and took him away, causing the Ape Demon to miss him!

For a cautious person like Haru, since he had decided to take Kyuubi and Jinchuriki away, how could he not leave behind a ‘QR code’ on Kushina in advance

It could be said that as long as no one here could beat him today, then no one could stop him from taking her away!


Once again, they disappeared.

Haru and Kushina easily broke out of the encirclement, and they could leave at any time.

However, the reason why he had not left yet was because of a few people.

In order to protect him, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others had even offended Hokage.

Now, he had made such a big fuss and killed people and Danzo.

If he just left like this, it was easy to imagine what kind of terrible situation it would become.


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