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“Where is he”

“It’s there!”

“It’s gone again…”

“Damn it!”

Only by personally experiencing it could one understand just how much of a bug Flying Thunder God was and how much despair he could make the enemy feel!

When everyone was played around by the other party and could not even touch the corner of his clothes, Sarutobi Hiruzen finally realized that there was no way for them to take Jinchuriki back.

Today, they would lose face!

Therefore, he immediately gave the order to stop the pursuit.

When Haru saw that they were no longer chasing, he also stopped.

Sarutobi Hiruzen walked out from the crowd and looked at the other person with a complicated expression.

“Danzo is already dead, and your goal has been achieved.

Let him go.”

“I can promise that this matter will end here.”

“Lord Hokage!”

When Sarutobi said this, many people showed expressions of indignation and dissatisfaction before Haru could reply.

They did not know the identity and importance of Kushina.

They only knew that they could not let the other party leave just like that.

Otherwise, Konoha’s reputation would suffer a huge blow.

However, Sarutobi Hiruzen immediately stopped them.

After all, no one had expected that things would end up like this.

The person was already dead, and what they needed now was to stop the damage.

If they could not save their face and also lose Jinchuriki, it would be a tremendous blow!

“Actually, there is one thing that I have always felt very strange about.

The one who clearly has the upper hand is me, and the one who is unwilling to end up here is also me.

So, why is your attitude so high and mighty, as if you are pitying me”

“I really want to know, is this attitude of begging for help”

“I am going to take her away today.

I want to see which one of you has the guts to stop me!”

Haru’s words seemed arrogant, but it was the fact.

They couldn’t do anything to him at all.

They couldn’t catch up with him, and you couldn’t beat him.

In the end, they still acted mighty and be, ‘I won’t lower myself to your level.

Kowtow to me and admit your mistake.

This matter will pass.’

Hiruzen’s face was also ugly.

He didn’t know what to say.

He could only look at Kagami.

“You brought the person back.

Kushina is the ‘inheritor’ of Uzumaki Mito.

You know what it means for her to be taken away.”

“Although you didn’t kidnap Jinchuriki, you brought this person back, right You love this village so much, and you can watch Jinchuriki be taken away”

It was really disgusting!

“During the 18 years of searching for you, I have been fantasizing about how prosperous and prosperous Konoha will be in the future, but I never thought that it would be like this today.”

“You also want me to let him go”

At this moment, Haru was very calm.

If Kagami opened his mouth, he would give Kagami a face.

Even if he paid for these 18 years, days and nights, it was not something that a mere Jinchuriki could compare to.

However, if that were to happen, the two of them would end here and go their separate ways.

Kagami did not answer this question.

Instead, he asked an unrelated question, “When we came back, you told me that you would definitely accomplish what Lord Tobirama failed to accomplish.

However, after leaving Konoha, do you want to rely on yourself to achieve that”

Haru smiled gently and said with great confidence, “Although it will be easier to stay in Konoha, it is not impossible to leave this place.”

“Since there were people who could build their own country and village from nothing, then why can’t we”

“Even the seniors can’t surpass us, so why talk about ideals”

“Maybe no one will believe what I say now, but the final time will prove everything!”

“In the future, I will unify Ninja World!”

Before Haru could finish his words, countless curses were already heard.

“Brat, you are ignorant and arrogant!”

“Even the five great countries have never been as arrogant as you!”

“You simply don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

“Unify Ninja World I’m going to make Rikudou Sennin become a god!”

“It’s just a show to gain popularity.

There won’t really be people who believe it, right”

Don’t believe it

If you don’t believe me, that’s right!

In any case, boasting wasn’t against the law.

Haru liked to see these people wanting to rush up and kill him, but he could only endure it.

To be honest, he had goosebumps all over his body after saying these words.

Sure enough, not everyone had the talent for talking.

However, the world was just so wonderful.

The confidence and high spirits of Haru were just like Lord Tobirama in the past.

It was just that Lord Tobirama was less arrogant and a bit colder.

It was true that Kagami loved the village, but he had seen the changes in the village over the years.

Every time he came back, he felt a familiar sense of unfamiliarity.

The village was changing, and the human heart was changing.

He was the only one who hadn’t changed, so he was also the one who started to be incompatible with this place.

If he hadn’t found Haru, then perhaps he wouldn’t have thought so much.

But now, a new path was placed in front of him.

‘Lord Tobirama, what should I choose’

“I’m leaving.

Kagami, are you coming with me”

Kagami raised his head and saw Haru’s sincere gaze.



He was only going to find a new path for the village to continue.

He wanted to build a new ‘Konoha’ from nothing and not continue this corrupt Konoha!

Thinking of this, Kagami smiled.

As he walked forward, he took off the forehead guard on his head and threw it at Sarutobi Hiruzen’s feet.

“If this is Lord Tobirama’s will, then I am willing to burn my remaining life to try.”


No one expected this to happen.

“Kagami! Do you want to betray the village” Hiruzen said in a low voice.

His heart was extremely restless.

“I, Uchiha Kagami, will leave the Uchiha Clan and Konoha.”

Whether he admitted it or not was no longer important.

After Kagami made his choice, he directly cut off his own path of retreat, and he was unwilling to implicate anyone.

In the face of this situation, there were a few people who could not help but choose to attack Kagami.

Since they had betrayed the village, they were rebels!

As for the rebels, either capture or kill them, there was no third option!

But when they rushed out, Kagami seemed to have done something, but also seemed to have done nothing

He saw these people strangely freeze beside him, and then their eyes were filled with fear as they let Kagami walk over.

Because their backs were facing each other, Hiruzen and the others could not see clearly.

But looking at Kagami who was walking towards him, Haru’s heart was greatly shaken!

This was actually… Mangekyou Sharingan.

18 years of depression, two difficult choices of pain, and finally, following his heart and betraying the village that he viewed as his life

All of the sorrow and pain erupted at this instant!


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