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Unexpectedly, he found Tobirama and confirmed that he was still alive.

Even Haru, who had always believed in this point, was extremely surprised and excited.

As for Kagami, who no longer held any hope, there was no need to mention him.

He began to talk about something like ‘it is a miracle of Lord Tobirama’s will ‘, something that no one could understand.

Kagami really wished that Lord Tobirama could immediately open his eyes and walk out from inside.

Then, he would bring them back to Konoha and get everything back on the right track.

Unfortunately, he could only think about this for the time being.

If not for the fact that his injuries were too severe, Lord Tobirama wouldn’t have been unconscious until now.

However, after seeing Lord Tobirama, the jumbled thoughts that had been tormenting Kagami’s heart completely disappeared without a trace.

He now firmly believed that he was walking on the right path!

Leaving the QR code here, he did not dare to touch anything else.

Haru first went to seal the entrance here and then directly used Flying Thunder God to take Kagami and Kushina away.

According to what Kagami said, his left eye’s ability, Recognise All, whether it was a secret technique or an illusion, all of them were useless.

At the same time, it would also expel the ‘strange object’, like the spiritual body that had invaded Haru’s brain before, as well as the ability to possess someone like White Zetsu.

All of them were within the range of’

In the end, there was also a state similar to the ‘Tyrannical Body’.

It did not absorb any damage, but any impact force was useless.

To be honest, this was the first time Haru had heard of Mangekyou’s ability which was classified as a defensive or auxiliary type.

However, the effect was indeed very good, and it was very consistent with Kagami’s character characteristics.

In certain situations and times, it would undoubtedly play a huge role.

When Haru asked Kagami why others could use this ability, Kagami did not seem very clear.

He only said that it could be used by himself, but it seemed that others could also use it… However, it could only be used by one person at the same time.

The duration of the power was based on how much of his eye power was used, and the amount of eye power and chakra consumed in the unit time was not particularly large, but it was not small at all.

As for the specific limit value, Kagami did not have time to try it.

In fact, there was not much need to try.

After all, the more times Mangekyou used it, the faster his vision would decrease.

It was better not to waste it.


At the same time, in an extremely secret base in the Land of Grass.

“The way I see it, that guy must have run away.”

White Zetsu and Black Zetsu were reporting to Madara about the outside world information during this period of time.

Although it had been going according to Madara’s script from the beginning, there were also a few accidents.

As a result, White Zetsu’s clone, who was monitoring Haru, was discovered and destroyed by some unknown method.

Without the clone of White Zetsu to monitor, it was impossible to find the other party since he had Flying Thunder God.

Therefore, Black Zetsu immediately began to encourage Madara to kill that guy with the Confinement Spell!

However, it seemed that Madara did not think so

He smiled confidently, “He will definitely come back.

Right now, only I can help him realize that ‘ambition’.”

“When he comes back, bring him to me immediately.

I am already starting to find it hard to endure this kind of struggling at death’s door.”

Black Zetsu was depressed and wanted to ask Madara where his confidence came from, but he didn’t say anything.

Because he found that Madara’s trust in him had been maintained to a very ambiguous level.

It was difficult to go further, and it wouldn’t suddenly return to zero.

What exactly was the reason for this

Of course, it was because someone had been saying bad things about Black Zetsu in front of Madara for the past 18 years!

Even after gossiping behind his back for 18 years, Madara still couldn’t kill Black Zetsu directly.

It could be seen that Black Zetsu still had some skills and was shameless enough.

No one knew how many methods he had thought of to kill that bastard.

In the end, 18 years had passed, and this bastard was still alive and kicking.

It was truly infuriating to the extreme!

When Black Zetsu and White Zetsu were all left, only Madara was left in the darkness once again.

Madara started laughing from time to time, “Unify Ninja World… go, go and turn the world upside down.”


“What is this place”

“Rain Country.”

Flying Thunder God was useful!

They appeared in Rain Country thousands of miles away in just a short while.

If he really thinks about doing it, he would probably be able to monopolize the business of the entire Ninja World easily.

He had even thought of a slogan.

“Hey, are you still worried about where you can’t find your enemy”

“Are you still mad about being unable to infiltrate an enemy country”

“Worry not! Call me whatever you want.

Your fastest partner.”

“If you want to join, please scan the QR code next to you and download Flying Thunder God’s app…”

Alright, I still need a mobile phone to be able to do it…

Haru was immediately amused by his own strange thoughts.

“What are we doing in the Rain Country” Kagami could not help but ask.

“Do you remember what I said before We will ascend to the top of Ninja World.

We will start from here.”

“… Why is it here”

The geographical location here is very awkward, but it can be said to be very important.

Not only is it located in the center of this continent, but it is connected to six countries.

It is constantly in chaos.

Everyone wants to occupy this place, but they do not want to be occupied by others.

This is why the Rain Country can be independent.

Kagami nodded seriously.

He felt it was very reasonable, but it should not be so simple.

“Hanzo of The Salamander is known as Ninja World Demigod.

The Rain Country can not be annexed.

This person played a great role.”

Haru laughed disdainfully, “Don’t tell me that there really are people who think that the five big countries can’t do anything to that fish that can spray poison Ninja World Demigod Pfft.”

He admitted that Hanzo was quite strong.

Even if he did not use poison, his strength was not weak.

However, it was too much to say that he was a Demigod.

The title of Demigod was simply pulling down Hashirama’s status!

In any case, Haru did not think that Hanzo’s credit for keeping Rain Country was due to Hanzo.

On the contrary, he felt that the destruction of the Rain Country to its current ‘ghost’ appearance was Hanzo’s’ contribution ‘!


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