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“The gathering place of those people is up ahead.

It’s not too late to leave before we’re discovered.”

This might be the longest sentence that the little boy, Akira, had said.

Haru took out the remaining rice balls he had eaten in the morning and threw them to the little boy, who was in a hurry to catch them.

Then, he watched Akira wolf down the rice balls and swallowed them in one gulp.

He was choked to death, but he was reluctant to spit them out.

“Do you still want to eat”

Akira swallowed hard and nodded hard.

After four years of war, nothing was more important and happy than eating a full meal and living well.

Here, the least valuable thing was life.

The Ninja adults might be a little better.

They would not starve to death.

However, for ordinary villagers like them, even if they wanted to work for a full meal, no one would look at them directly.

This was a country that had completely lost its people!

“This is a deposit.

Go back and tell everyone that if they want to eat, come over.” Haru threw another rice ball over and said something unrealistic.

Akira, who had already eaten a rice ball, hesitated for a moment and did not eat it directly.

Instead, he carefully hid the rice ball before turning around and running away.

“Do you think that someone will come That child obviously does not believe what you said.”

“It doesn’t matter.

I am only giving these people a chance to change their fate.

As for whether they believe it or not, it will depend on their own choice.”

“Is there a need to go through so much trouble Although, in your opinion, the Salamander Hanzo is somewhat unworthy of his name, it is undeniable that as long as you kill this guy, the entire country will be at your fingertips.”

“It might be like this in normal times, but don’t forget that this is still a war.

In the gap between the Wind Nation and the Fire Nation, this country has already endured a lot of hardship.

If Hanzo dies at this time, under the turmoil inside and outside, it will not be far from destruction.”

Haru continued, “What I want is a complete Rain Country, so before I chase all the intruders out, I will not choose to attack Hanzo.”

In other words, after protecting the Rain Country, the tool person Hanzo is useless and can die.

However, before that, he had to share some of the pressure with this guy and also take this opportunity to deal with the cancer of this country.

“Hey, what are you guys doing Do you know that this is…”

After standing for so long, they were finally discovered.

However, Haru did not care about them at all.

He just looked at Kagami, “Do you want to do it, or should  I do it”

“To what extent”

“Up to you.”


Kagami activated the three tomoe Sharingan and drew his katana.

With a leap, he killed the people outside and then stepped inside.

Soon, there was the sound of fighting and killing, and then it turned into screams and begging for mercy.

With Kagami’s strength, even if he went easy on them, they wouldn’t be able to deal with him.

This was a one-sided massacre.

Not long after, Kagami walked out from inside.

His appearance did not change at all, as if there was no blood on him.

“Kill them all”

“Yes, a bunch of animals.

There is no need to keep them.”

Haru nodded.

He did not ask what Kagami saw.

To make Kagami so angry, it could be seen that they deserved to die.


Time went back a little.

Akira ran away with a rice ball in his arms.

He had long seen that these strange people were looking for trouble, but he did not think that these strange people could beat the group of ‘Cobra’.

One had to know that there were more than thirty people in the ‘Cobra’ group, and there were ninjas among them, so those guys were dead for sure!

If not for because he was too hungry, he would not take the initiative to lead the way.

Now that the food was in his hands and he had earned another rice ball, he was already satisfied.

As for calling people to come,

Do you really think that all children are so easy to fool

Anyway, he had already reminded them.

It was none of his business if those people wanted to die.

Akira had been telling himself this all the way back.

Then, pa!

His ears buzzed, and the left side of his face instantly swelled up.

Akira was slapped to the ground.

It seemed that he did not know what had happened, and the rice ball hidden in his arms also fell out…

“Little brat, where did those guys go just now”

Tatsuya’s eyes were also red, and he glared at Akira like an evil ghost.

There was still a heart-wrenching pain coming from his left shoulder.

He was not stupid.

He knew that he could not afford to offend the other party, but this did not mean that he could not take revenge.

When he woke up and asked the people around him, he immediately suspected the people who took Akira away.

What made him even angrier was that this little brat actually dared to come back.


Akira, who was trying his best to reach the rice ball, was also stepped on by Tatsuya.

“Why, why are you disgusting cockroaches not dead Just die already!”

Tatsuya was also like crazy.

He stepped on the rice ball on the ground and smashed it into pieces.

He kicked Akira’s small body that was curled up on the ground.

The cold ground brought Akira only despair.

Perhaps dying like this was the fate that he should have…

Just as he was thinking this, a man, who was panting a little as he walked, walked behind Tatsuya.

He used all his strength to lift the stone in his hand and smashed it down on Tatsuya’s head with a bang!

Tatsuya also felt a pain in his head, but perhaps because the man was too weak, he did not faint but instead revealed a furious expression.

These damn cockroaches, how dare they…


Another person rushed out and threw him to the ground.

Then he picked up the stones on the ground and smashed them on Tatsuya’s head.

Tatsuya also suddenly showed a look of disbelief.

These cockroaches that should have been rotten in the soil actually dared to attack him.

The two people who had just thrown stones at Tatsuya were fighting madly for the rice ball that was stepped into the soil.

In the end, they even began to beat each other up.

People… began to collapse!

When his consciousness fell into darkness, Tatsuya could not understand that these disgusting cockroaches actually had such a crazy side.

Akira, who staggered and stood up in a daze, did not expect that the reason for his unexpected rescue was actually because of a rice ball…

No, this was not just a rice ball but a chance for many people to live.

Akira suddenly looked in a direction.

Since he was going to die sooner or later, why didn’t he die after eating his fill

He touched his stomach.

Although he directly swallowed the rice ball, the taste was delicious!


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