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“It has been so long.

Will someone really come”

Although Kagami had already guessed what Haru wanted to do, he was not optimistic about it.


“Someone is coming.”

Noisy footsteps mixed with gasps.

At a rough glance, there were at least a hundred people with stones in their hands and wood coming this way.

Moreover, there were all men, women, young and old.

The only thing they had in common was that they were all skinny and ragged.

Their eyes flashed with madness from time to time.

Yes, they were all crazy!

Otherwise, they would not have believed the words of a little kid and gathered so many people to die.

But in the end, they still came, not because they believed in Akira or those strangers, but because they had no other choice.

Was there a difference between whether they starved to death or were beaten to death

Then, they saw an unforgettable scene.

The insufferably arrogant ‘Cobra’ was staring at them with its eyes wide open, and the others were all dead.

Then, they were nailed to the ground with wooden sticks, just like the scarecrows.

And through these scarecrows, all the food looted by the ‘Cobra’ group was piled up.

Maybe not much for the hundred people in front of them, but the accumulation of so much food in front of them still caused a great shock to them.

Everyone was swallowing their saliva, but no one dared to take the first step.

At this moment, Haru, who was almost ignored by others, finally spoke, “Take it.

These are all yours.

Take it as your reward for coming here with your weapons.”

But for a moment, no one dared to be the first to eat.

They were waiting for others to move first.

Akira suddenly walked out.

Although he was afraid and his face was pale, he still gritted his teeth and walked past the guards of these ‘scarecrows’.

Then, he came in front of Haru.

No, it should be said that it was in front of food.

“The reward is here.

Go and get it yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Akira directly pounced over.

No matter what it was, he grabbed it and desperately stuffed it into his mouth.


The last string in everyone’s head finally snapped, and they scrambled to run over there.

What corpse, what ‘Cobra’ They are all dead.

About half an hour later, a large fire burned these corpses and the sins these people had committed when they were alive.

It also burned away the fear in the hearts of these more than a hundred people.

Haru did not need them to charge into the enemy lines but needed this little bit of fire that could start a prairie fire.


Half a month later.

“Did you hear Akatsuki suddenly appeared in the north.

Not only did he provide shelter for the villagers, but he could also eat his fill!”

“Your news is outdated.

It is said that all the ninjas in the Wind Country were beaten away by that Akatsuki guy.

There are people everywhere who want to know about this matter.

They want to join!”

“Ah There is such a thing.

Why do I feel that this Akatsuki is more powerful than Lord Hanzo”

At this time, the third person sneered and said, “The rumors are getting more and more ridiculous.

Even Lord Hanzo can only protect Amegakure and can do nothing about other places.

Now, a small unknown force suddenly appeared and dared to say that they were protected How many people do they have in total Where did you get so much food If the ninjas of the Wind Country were so easy to deal with, they would have been chased out of our country by Lord Hanzo long ago! Just thinking about it, it was impossible!”

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, I am going to go there to seek shelter with my relatives.

The day before yesterday, Konoha’s ninjas fought just a hundred miles away.

God knows how long we can stay here.”

“I’m leaving too.

Anyway, Lord Hanzo doesn’t care about the lives of ordinary people like us at all.”

It’s better to take a gamble.

“If your words reach Lord Hanzo’s ears, no one can save you!”

The young man who worshipped the Salamander Hanzo shouted, but no one paid him any attention.

The Rain Country was about to be destroyed, and they might die one day.

They were just ordinary people, not ninjas.

Was it wrong to find a way out for themselves in advance

Even if they knew, so what With the time and manpower, they would not think of a way to  chase away two ordinary people instead of the ninjas of Hidden Sand and Konoha, right

Moreover, there were quite a few people who had this idea.

Regardless of whether it was true or not, they would know when they went to take a look.

In any case, there was no other way out.

“Nagato, Konan, let’s go too,” Yahiko said with a firm gaze.

Although they could still rely on theft to barely survive, this definitely wasn’t a long-term plan.

Even if they were to steal, they had to have something for them to steal.

Moreover, if they were caught, they might even lose their lives.

Therefore, Yahiko didn’t need to expend much effort to convince Nagato and Konan, and then they set off together.


At the same time, with Amegakure in the middle, the sudden appearance of Akatsuki also entered Hanzo’s eyes.

“I haven’t found out who the founder is yet, but most of the people who joined are Gennin and Chuunin, so it is not a big threat.

Most importantly, the appearance of this organization has indeed protected a portion of the villagers and provided a considerable amount of food, which has greatly stabilized the people’s hearts.”

“Therefore, I suggest that we shouldn’t make a move to this organization for the time being.

He can even provide some resources to help you so that they can share some of the pressure for you…”

Listening to the analysis of the Advisor, Hanzo did not say a word, and even his eyes were cold.

He admitted that the appearance of this Akatsuki was beneficial to him.

After all, everyone was from the Rain Country.

However, the information he had sent people to gather these past few days made him uncomfortable.

He was clearly the one who had been fighting desperately with the enemies, but now most of the people outside were discussing whether or not Akatsuki really had the strength to provide shelter and food.

If not for the fact that the Wind Nation and the Fire Nation were giving him a lot of pressure, he would have wanted to kill this Akatsuki who had bad intentions.

And give away supplies for free

Dream on!

Hanzo was not very broad-minded, and on the contrary, he was very narrow-minded.

Anyone who could endanger his status and rule would become a thorn in his side, and sooner or later, he would think of a way to get rid of them.

On the contrary, those ‘outsiders’ from other countries would be favored by him because of their strength, talent, character, or willpower, and even let him go.

The old double-standard dog does not talk about martial arts!


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