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50 vs.

100 !

This is a battle between mixed breed and Sunagakure Elite!

No matter how you look at it, you will definitely lose.

After Haru suddenly made a move and caused Hidden Sand to counterattack, the original hundred people were immediately left with only these people.

Haru was not surprised at all.

People were like this.

They could enjoy life together, but they might not be able to share hardships together.

At this moment, he even had the mood to think of a way to destroy these enemies in front of him.

Thinking about it, at this stage, to develop his power, he needed to give confidence to the people behind him.

Then, he needed a shocking scene to kill these more than a hundred Hidden Sand Ninjas.

“Activate Susanoo”

“No, Susanoo is too conspicuous.

It is very easy for people to associate it with me.”

“Flying Thunder God is also the same, can’t use it too openly.”

“Then only Water Escape and Fire Escape left…”

“However, it seems that it is still a bit lacking to be able to kill them all in one go.”

“Then let’s add this.

It just so happens that after awakening this ability, I haven’t officially used it yet.

Let’s use these guys to test its power.”

Haru, who had designed the script in an instant, immediately let Kagami and the others retreat as if he wanted to stay behind to cover the rear.

A few people’s eyes immediately turned red.

They were unwilling to leave and wanted to stay and kill the enemy together!

“Kill him!”

The 1.4-meter dwarf issued the order in a sharp voice.

At this moment, Haru finally made his move.

He slowly raised his head and looked up at the sky at 45 degrees.

Mangekyou Sharingan, open!

World of Darkness!

In the next moment, a hole suddenly appeared in the sky.

It was so dark that no one knew what was inside.

Then, a large amount of turbid water gushed out of the hole.

This change caused Sunagakure Ninjas who were preparing to attack Haru to become dazed for a moment.

After all, there was a hole in the sky, and the fact that there was water flowing out was too ridiculous.

It was quite like the concept of the World of Darkness* in the sky.

[*TL Note: World of Darkness (Yomi or Yomi-no-kuni) is the Japanese word for the land of the dead.

According to the related Shinto mythology in the Kojiki, this is where the dead go after life.]

But what really made them panic was the result of someone being affected.


“What the hell is this thing My body is rotting!”

“Don’t touch the water.

There is poison in the water!”

“Retreat, quickly retreat!”

Terrifying screams rang out one after another.

Anyone splashed by the World of Darkness water would rot in less than three seconds, turning into bones and dying.

Then, the bones in their bodies seemed to have passed for tens of millions of years, completely rotting away!

Such a terrifying scene, even the Sand Ninjas who boasted of being elite could not bear it.

They all retreated with pale faces and fear.

Fortunately, the black hole in the sky was not big, and the amount of water that flowed out was not much.

As long as they stay away from it, they will not endanger their lives.

Right at this moment, Haru made another move.

The World of Darkness water had already accumulated to the size of an ordinary swimming pool.

It was almost enough.

Haru quickly formed seals with both hands and then sent a big surprise to the other party!

Water Escape·Heaven Cry!

He slammed the ground, and the water seemed to be pulled by something.

It immediately turned into countless tiny needles that shot towards the Sand Ninja.

“Defense! Defense! Defense!”

The 1.4-meter short man shouted in a heart-wrenching manner.

Everyone had just witnessed the power of the World of Darkness Water.

Now, all kinds of puppets were thrown out, and all the methods were used.

But… it was useless!

Nothing could stop the corrosive power of the World of Darkness Water, and it seemed that only the earth could delay this process to a certain extent.

No one would have thought that the strange water that fell from the sky could not only corrupt all things but also attack with Water Escape.

In a split second, everyone of Sunagakure suffered heavy casualties!

Following that, Haru made a series of hand seals and activated Water Escape: Water Bullet, Water Escape·Water Dragon, and other ninjutsu.

The water escape launched with World of Darkness does not need to deliberately pursue any lethality, because you will die if it’s directly touch you!

So on the contrary, a large-scale ninjutsu like this can better exert the power of yellow spring water.

Amaterasu and World of Darkness!

One was an inextinguishable fire that wanted to burn everything in the world to ashes.

One is the water that washes away the filth of the world with the intent to wash away the sins.

Don’t look at the original Amaterasu who never burned anyone.

Amaterasu’s attack power is so strong that there is no need to doubt it.

The ability of Mangekyou in Haru’s left eye was precisely the ability of World of Darknessthat can summon the World of Darkness water

However, he only needed to stare with Amaterasu for it to be done.

Meanwhile, he still had to think of a way to use the World of Darkness to attack.

Compared to Amaterasu, the disadvantage of World of Darkness was that the activation was slow and not hidden at all.

However, the advantage was that the way he used it was more flexible.

It could be said that there were always advantages and disadvantages.

However, the same point was that it consumed a lot of power and chakra!

Although Haru was mentally prepared in advance, he still couldn’t bear it and couldn’t use it in the future.

However, the effect was also surprisingly good!


When all the World of Darkness water was used up, the ground in front of Haru was already riddled with holes.

And the Sand Ninja’s figure had already disappeared

With one move, all of them were instantly killed!

Moreover, the scene was extremely terrifying!

Those Gennin who did not choose to escape were all scared silly, not daring to believe what had just happened.

There was a hole in the sky…

Then, turbid water flowed out.

Lord Yone and some Water Escape ninjutsu instantly killed over a hundred people in front of them.

Could it be that they were under an illusion

This was too inconceivable, too unbelievable!

After the shock, there was excitement and excitement.

Because such an awesome person was their leader!

With Lord Yone here, they no longer had to be afraid, and the villagers would no longer starve.

This time, they really followed the right person!

For a time, Akatsuki’s cohesiveness immediately increased, and many people even had the idea of following Haru faithfully.

As for those who fled before the battle, they could only regret it! These people had missed the only chance in their lives to change their lives and fate.

“What kind of ninjutsu is this Its power is actually so terrifying”

Seeing that the battle had ended, Kagami walked over and couldn’t help but ask.

Haru replied with a surprised expression, “Isn’t this the’ ordinary ‘Water Escape Do you want to learn I’ll teach you!”

The corners of Kagami’s mouth twitched, and he chuckled.

‘There is a bloody hole in the sky, and you tell me this is the ordinary Water Escape’

‘Do you have any misunderstanding about the word ‘ordinary’’


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