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Chapter 14 - Tobirama's revenge“Let’s get back to the main topic.

What do you think of this child, Haru”

After being pressed to the ground by his brother, Hashirama, whose eye had turned into a panda eye and his clothes were torn, changed his teasing nature and asked seriously.

Tobirama, whose face was also green, gritted his teeth and rubbed his face.

He glanced at him and said after pondering for a while, “His talent is superior as if he has extraordinary intelligence when he is born.”

Tobirama rarely praised others, but the talent that Haru showed was just a corner of his glory, which made him look at him differently.

Hashirama nodded slightly and then asked, “What about his personality”

Tobirama frowned, put down his hand that was rubbing his face, and said seriously, “Unease, restlessness… sometimes, it is a little skipping.”

‘Not like me at all!’

Tobirama did not say the last sentence, but to be honest, he once thought that he used the blood of his stupid big brother, not his own.

What made him even more dissatisfied was that as Haru slowly grew up, he could always remember Izuna’s face.

It was to the extent that Hashirama would secretly shake his head and tease him with words like “as expected of you and Izuna’s child” that made his veins pop out.

“I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that the dream that we haven’t realized may be completed by this child for us.” Hashirama suddenly smiled as if he was joking.

Tobirama laughed and did not take it seriously.

“Tell me, what do you want to do”

“Send Haru… and Tsunade to the Ninja School.

It is more beneficial to their growth if they come into contact with the outside world.”

“Aren’t you worried that they will encounter danger”

Hashirama suddenly emitted a strong aura and said with strong confidence, “Although I don’t know how long I can last, this is Konoha.

And I, Senju Hashirama, haven’t died yet!”

Tobirama was in a trance for a moment, as if he had seen that high-spirited and invincible big brother of his.

However, he was only handsome for three seconds.

Hashirama immediately showed a painful expression on his face, and the way he bared his teeth made people feel extremely unreliable.

Tobirama sighed silently, “I have already arranged the matters of the Ninja School.

They will be admitted in about a month.

As for those reckless rats, leave them to me.”

“You also said that this is Konoha.

We can’t allow those guys to behave atrociously here!”

As he finished speaking, the killing intent in Tobirama’s eyes flashed.

This time, he was prepared to chop off all the claws that dared to reach out to Konoha!


It was night.

Hashirama had already fallen asleep, but he suddenly opened his eyes.


No, it was a familiar figure standing next to him, looking at him darkly.

If not for Tobirama, then who could it be

Seeing that it wasn’t an enemy, Hashirama heaved a sigh of relief, and then his heart tightened.

Before he could say anything, Tobirama grabbed his arm with one hand.


Flying Thunder God instantly moved!

Tobirama and Hashirama disappeared from the room.

Mito, who was sleeping on the side didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

She only muttered in a low voice, “You’re already so old, why are you still messing around like a child It really is…”

With the powerful perception of Mito, she had already sensed it when Tobirama entered the room.

Se just pretended not to know.

‘Oh right, and the Flying Thunder Tactic that Tobirama secretly left here today….’

“This is really troublesome!” Mito sat up in frustration.

A woman in menopause was extremely terrifying!


On the other side, Hashirama, who had been directly transferred away by Tobirama and Flying Thunder God, was looking around in confusion.

“This is… Death Forest”

Tobirama pulled out Raijin Kunai, that he had left here last time, and sneered, “I haven’t gotten even with you about what happened during the day.

You should have a good sleep here tonight.

Anyway, with your speed of travel, you will be back to Konoha soon.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.

Your sense of direction is not very good.

Be careful not to get lost….”

Hashirama immediately turned pale with fright and rushed towards Tobirama.

If he couldn’t touch Tobirama’s body before he could use Raijin to fly away, then he would really have to run back to Konoha step by step from the Forest of Death!

Sure enough, he shouldn’t be so complacent during the day!

This younger brother of his was someone who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance!

But… wasn’t he done with his revenge

Hashirama, who had not recovered yet, revealed a look of’ grievance ‘in his eyes.

Sure enough, the God of Ninja World was just a packaging character.

In fact, Hashirama’s nature could never be separated from an adjective.

He was naive!


“My stupid brother, you are too naive!”

The corners of Tobirama’s mouth slightly curled up.

He had carefully calculated the distance between them.

With his understanding of Hashirama and the speed of Flying Thunder, it was impossible for Hashirama to meet him in time.

“Let it be.

You stay here and feed the mosquitoes and atone for what you did during the day.”

“This is my, Senju Tobirama’s, real revenge!”

Tobirama, who had erupted with all kinds of inner scenes, suddenly thought, “Flying Thunder God, let’s go!”



Tobirama, whose face was full of confusion and shock, was directly pressed down to the ground by Hashirama, who was flying over.

‘What happened just now’

‘How did Flying Thunder God fail to activate it’


‘Why are the coordinates of the Flying Raijin I left at home gone’

In just a short time, the coordinates of the Flying Raijin Tactic that Tobirama had already sensed had suddenly disappeared, as if someone had destroyed it.

Then, just as he was thrown to the ground by Hashirama and was in a daze, the Flying Raijin kunai that he left at home could not be sensed.

“Haha, a flaw has appeared!”

Hashirama, who originally had no hope, immediately hugged Tobirama tightly like an octopus and laughed heartily.

“Let me go!”

Tobirama’s face was a little red, and his heart was very ashamed and angry.

‘What a disgrace!’

However, Hashirama’s face had not been cultivated for a day or two.

When he heard Tobirama’s angry words, not only did he not let go, but he even formed a ‘seven-day lock’.

It was obvious that he had made up his mind and would not let go no matter what.

“Send me back, or we will stay and feed the mosquitoes together!”

“Dream on!”

Tobirama was so angry that he wished he could spit out his idiot big brother.


Water Release!

At the same time, in Senju’s mansion, Mitowho had finally finished her work, yawned, then lay down and covered herself with a quilt, with a serene smile on her face, “It’s the middle of the night.

Since you ran out, don’t come back!”

For this reason, Mito not only destroyed all the flying Raijin tactics left by Tobirama at home but also especially went to check whether the big lock was tight or not.

“Well, time to sleep —”


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