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“No… I can’t do it anymore…”

Konan’s face was red, and she collapsed in exhaustion.

At the same time, she looked enviously at Kushina, who was still gritting her teeth and persisting.

How many positions had she been in Why hadn’t it ended yet

After a few minutes, Yahiko and Nagato also fell down.

“You can’t hold on for so long, and you want to have the power to change your own destiny and change this country”

“What do you all think you are A peerless genius who can increase chakra by drinking water like me”

“Stand up! Start training again from the first movement, and then everyone will do a group of push-ups, ten sets of sit-ups…”

The expected wail did not appear.

After Yahiko and the other two heard Haru’s reprimand, they all gritted their teeth and stood up without a word.

Then, according to the method that Haru taught them, they began training from the first movement.

At their age, there was nothing more important than building the foundation.

Therefore, Haru did not teach them anything else at the beginning.

He just wanted them to use the method of physical training to temper their bodies.

When they could keep up with the nutrition, the coordination of their bodies, flexibility, and other aspects, they would enter the next stage.

As for Kushina, who had already built a good foundation in the Ninja School, Haru asked her to train together just to set a role model, a goal for Yahiko and the others to chase and work hard.

Kushina, a ‘weak’ girl, could easily complete all the training tasks, so what excuse could they not find

In fact, Yahiko and the other two already felt that they were too lucky.

Originally, they just wanted to find a safe place to stay and eat so that they would not starve to death.

But they did not expect that this Akatsuki who suddenly rose up was actually built by the benefactor who saved them!

Moreover, if not for Konan’s certainty, Yahiko and Nagato wouldn’t have dared to boldly request an audience with this extremely beloved and respected leader of Akatsuki.

Even until now, Yahiko and Nagato still didn’t know what method Konan had used to recognize him.

At that time, he was clearly wearing a mask and a long robe, only revealing his back to them.

In the end, they could only be blamed for the woman’s intuition.

And for Haru, he just gave a little hint, and everything became natural, not damaging his own style at all, so what was there to be dissatisfied about

Although he had never been Sensei or taught students, his foundation and vision were still there.

If it really didn’t work out, there was still Kagami!

He could always trust Uchiha Kagami, so what else could he say



Kagami, who was still painfully dealing with Akatsuki’s big and small matters, rubbed his nose. 

This was a cold.

Why not ask for a few days of sick leave


“Let’s stop here today.

You are really the worst student I have ever brought…”

Yahiko and the other two lowered their heads in shame.

They did not know that they were the only ones, but they were the worst.

Then, Haru called out to Kushina, who had not let go of her guard.

After Konan and the others left, he said, “If I give you a chance to choose now, will you return to Konoha”

A sudden question directly stumped Kushina.

If it were before she became a Kyuubi Jinchuriki, before she was brought here, she might not hesitate at all.

Because other than Konoha, she had nowhere else to go.

Four years had left her with many bitter and beautiful memories.

But when she found out that she was being cultivated as the next Jinchuriki, to be honest, It immediately destroyed the trust and feelings she had accumulated with great difficulty for Konoha!

It was like someone had picked up a pig and fed it carefully every day, taking care of it meticulously, just for the sake of slaughtering it one day to eat the meat.

Do I still need to be grateful

No need.

Because from the start, this was a clear reward and reward.

It was just that no one had ever asked about the thoughts of the ‘pig’.

Yes, no one cared whether Kushina wanted to become the new Jinchuriki or not, and no one cared about her thoughts.

However, just when Kushina was in the most unstable state of mind, someone took her away, brought Konoha out, and went to a new environment to live in.

Even Kushina gradually found that she seemed to prefer the current life.

There were so many people who needed help and many things that she could contribute.

Now, looking at Konoha, it was more like a cage that you could never get out after one step in!

“I… I don’t know.”

“Anyway, my opinion is not important.

Even if I said I wanted to go back, would you let me go back”

Haru said without hesitation, “Of course not.”

Kushina chuckled.

It was the same indeed.

“Although I can’t deny that I took you away because of your body, I won’t use you to do anything, even if it’s for the sake of the Uzumaki family.

So, in the same way, I won’t let others use you.

This is the reason why I won’t let you go.”

When he mentioned the Uzumaki family, Kushina’s slightly mocking expression finally changed.

She didn’t seem to be resistant and believed his words.

However, she still muttered, “Only a fool would believe such nonsense…”

“After a while, I will give you a present.

When the time comes, I won’t stop you even if you want to leave.” It was unknown what he thought of, but Haru suddenly said with great confidence.

Kushina was a little expectant, but she still snorted.

At least during this time, Kushina could still tell whether the other party was a bad person or not.

“By the way, you seem to pay special attention to Nagato”

Kushina finally panicked a little.

She hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I just saw that guy with red hair like me, so I was a little curious.”

“What is there to be curious about” Haru gently scratched his face.

“Isn’t Uzumaki Clan always red-haired”

“That’s right, but isn’t he… ah, Could it be that Nagato is also…”

Looking at Kushina’s shocked expression, Haru smiled very happily.

“Didn’t I tell you Nagato also has Uzumaki Clan’s bloodline.

Maybe the two of you are relatives”

Kushina suddenly turned around and ran out.

She almost thought that she was the only one left in the entire Uzumaki Clan.

However, she did not expect to see her own clansmen in the Rain Country.

How could she not be excited!

Haru did not stop her.

This kind of thing would be known to them sooner or later.

Moreover, he also wanted to take away all the surviving Uzumaki Clan people, ‘for them’ to take revenge on the five great countries!


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