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“Open! Small!”


“Open! Small!”

“Open!… small!”


“It’s really f*cking weird!”

“Who says it isn’t Ten small shots in a row.

The probability is too low!”

“Sigh, bad luck!”

“What are you doing Didn’t you see that the one million taels have been thrown out”

“Didn’t you see that the guy blocking the face in front of you hit ten small ones in a row A bet of 200,000 and won ten folds! You calculate how much money he had won! That big’ fierce ‘woman only lost a lot of money”

“Hiss! It seems to be the case!”

After the first round, Haru kept calm and did not go to the top.

If the big one were the big one, he would buy the small one.

Every time Tsunade bet 100,000, he would bet 200,000, not a single bit more.

Although gambling was not good, he had to take back all the money that Tsunade had lost.

It was not too much to earn a little money.

Anyway, after today, he would not play anymore.

At this time, Tsunade had also finished drinking.

“Big! I’ll bet a million taels on this!”

“Customer… you might have drunk too much.

You don’t have money anymore.”

“Go, get me a million taels and two bottles of good wine.

Burp —“

The dealer looked kind, but he looked at Tsunade up and down and advised, “Are you sure you want to borrow one million taels Do you know our rules”

“Cut the crap! Just take it if I tell you to!” Tsunade glared at the dealer and frightened him.

When he returned to his senses, he couldn’t hold his face anymore.

He sneered and sent someone to take the money.

After a while, someone brought over a million Ryo and an IOU.

Tsunade didn’t even look at it.

She skillfully signed her name on it and even pressed a handprint.

“Where is the wine”

“Give it to her.

Count it as my treat.” The dealer said coldly.

In any case, this woman would soon be unable to be arrogant.

The liveliness here attracted many people to watch.

As soon as the wine came up, Tsunade began to drink.

She drank half a bottle.

What about the other half

Of course, it was all spilled down.

It was unknown how many people secretly followed and swallowed their saliva.


“One million, all bet big!”

Tsunade put the bottle on the table and said boldly.

At this moment, Haru placed his bet, “Two million Ryo, continue to bet on the small.”

There was still someone who dared to bet on the small

Moreover, he bet two million

This… was a bit hard to understand.

However, Haru had won ten matches in a row, and some old gamblers had bet with him.

Tsunade couldn’t help but squint at this guy.

No one knew what he was thinking.

When the dealer saw this, he couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

At the same time, he decided to teach this bastard a lesson.

Did he really take this place as an ATM

So after he shouted a few words to make sure he left his hand, his hand quietly touched the bottom of the table.

Wasn’t it normal to have a magnet in the dice

However, when he touched it, he did not touch the button.

Instead, he touched a snake!

The dealer was immediately frightened.

He let out a strange cry and fell backward.

“What happened What happened”

“Snake, there is a snake under the table!”

“Ah How can there be a snake in the room Did you see wrong”

Several thugs searched around several times but did not see any snake, so the way they looked at the dealer began to feel a little strange.

“Can’t you open it Hurry up!”

“It can’t be that you can’t afford to lose.

Are you looking for an excuse”

Being stared at by everyone with malicious intent, the dealer could not help but swallow his saliva.

Now, he had no chance to continue making small moves.

He could only bite the bullet and open it!

Looking at the dice inside, the dealer’s head was big, and his face was a little pale.


This time, the crowd also burst into an uproar.

They had never seen such a ridiculous number!

Even more outrageous was that the other party had bet two million!

At first, the dealer didn’t know what to do.

For any casino, two million was not a small sum.

If not for the fact that there was still one million in the account, it would have been…

Wait a minute, that’s not right!

The one million in the bet was just borrowed from them!

This was equivalent to obtaining an IOU of one million Ryo and then losing two million Ryo.

It was simply a huge loss!

This thing, an IOU, could get back the money.

However, it would be a useless waste of paper if it did not come back!

However, just as the dealer could not help but start communicating with the eyes of the people in the casino, the person who won eleven times in a row spoke up.

“Give me her IOU.

I’ll buy it.”

The dealer was stunned for a moment, but he still instinctively said, “This is one million Ryo, plus three hundred thousand interest, a total of one million and three hundred thousand Ryo… Are you sure you want to buy it”

Three hundred thousand interest… this was even higher than usury!

However, it did not matter to Haru.

“Give it to me.”

When the dealer saw that this guy was serious, he was immediately happy.

He lent one million and took it back in the blink of an eye, earning three hundred thousand.

It was still a little painful to pay the two million, but in the end, he only lost seven hundred thousand this way.

But compared to the two million before, it was not so unacceptable.

“Brother, you have good taste!”

The dealer readily completed this transaction and gave Haru a thumbs up, showing a knowing smile.

“Sis, go to a good place with me”

Tsunade smiled meaningfully, picked up the bottle of wine she had not finished, and staggered out.


The moment Haru got up and went out, countless envious eyes fell on him.

They really wanted to kill this guy and take his place.


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