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Tsunade and Haru walked out one after another, and the more they walked, the more remote the place became.

Then, Tsunade stood still, her face red, her eyes blurred, and her red lips opened slightly.

It was very attractive.

“Is this the good place you said”

Haru, “…”

“I came with you! Didn’t you bring me here”


Tsunade continued, “ I think this place is good.

What do you think”

“I think it’s good too.

It’s suitable to talk about…”


Before Haru could finish speaking, he instinctively used Body Flicker.

When he looked back, he was drenched in a cold sweat.

A pit more than ten meters long told him what would happen if he hadn’t dodged the kick just now.

“No… wait..”

“Heaven’s Guard Kick!”

Another boom!

“No matter who you are, if you target me, you will die!”

Tsunade threw away the empty wine bottle and stepped forward again, using the family heirloom Senju and Power Flowing Technique to attack Haru.

Haru didn’t bother to explain.

He seized the opportunity and directly shook off Tsunade’s fist power.

Then, he secretly hit Tsunade’s lower abdomen.


Tsunade was instantly sent flying.

When she fell to the ground and wanted to get up, her stomach churned, and she directly vomited.

Eh —

Haru looked away in disgust.

When Tsunade finished vomiting, her consciousness became much clearer.

“Who are you”

“I am your uncle!”

“You are courting death!”

Tsunade’s face turned cold, and her eyes were full of murderous intent.

The most intolerable thing for her was that someone was joking with her family!

So this time, Tsunade was really angry!

With a bang, the ground shattered!

With the help of the explosive force, Tsunade instantly appeared in front of Haru, unleashing all the strange forces.

Every punch and kick seemed to want to shatter the entire space.

“I am really your uncle!”

Haru only had time to finish this sentence before he began to feel depressed and was forced to resist Tsunade’s punches and kicks.

Although he also had strange strength, it was obvious that his level was not as high as Tsunade.

After all, everyone’s talent was different, and their energy was limited.

Even if there was a cheat artifact like Shadow Clone Technique, it could not make his strange strength stronger than Tsunade.

Especially after Tsunade is in a 100% serious state!

After taking two hits, Haru felt that it was too painful! Thus, he changed his train of thought and retreated, successfully distancing himself.

Then, he took a deep breath, “You forced me to do this!”

“Multiple Shadow Clone Technique’s techniques!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred Haru appeared.

Then, he began to form seals at the same time, and the ‘two spears’ were aimed at Tsunade!

“Water Escape: Water Bullet, unlimited ammunition!”


(Please think of the Gatling emitting blue light, and it is a handful of people.)

Tsunade instantly frowned.

The water bombs that came from all directions could not be avoided! So, she could only cross her arms in front of her to block and was actually prepared to take it head-on.

Although Haru had deliberately reduced the volume and power of the water bomb, every time it hit her body, it still made crackling sounds, which was very painful!

However, Tsunade was not constantly being beaten.

During this process, the surface of her body began to flash with electric arcs.

Thunder Escape


This was just a ‘simple’ conversion of the chakra in the body into an electronic field.

When the electric field was formed, the surrounding water vapor and the almost connected water bombs immediately became the conductor of the electric field!

Zi la… Zi la!

All of a sudden, lightning burst out!

The dazzling electric arcs spread out and danced.

More than a hundred clones were instantly submerged, one after another turning into white smoke.

Haru, who did not expect Tsunade to have this move, subconsciously used Flying Thunder God to escape.

When the electric arcs disappeared, all the clones disappeared.

A voice came from behind Tsunade, “Calm down.

I am really your…”

Chaotic Body Charge!

Tsunade did not say anything and turned around to punch.

Haru had no choice but to block it, but this time, Tsunade’s fist was different.

In addition to the strange force, another force infiltrated it


The force that entered Haru’s body instantly paralyzed his nervous system, causing the control of his body to drop to the minimum.

Chakra scalpel!

Tsunade’s glowing right palm directly cut towards Haru’s neck.

This blow was enough to cut off his trachea directly.

Haru cursed in his heart.

He raised his head and immediately activated Flying Thunder God.


Tsunade’s attack seemed to hit empty air.

“Disappeared… Body Flicker No! It disappeared together with the aura.”

At this time, Tsunade felt the aura of the other person again.

She turned around, and sure enough, this guy was standing behind her.

“What you used just now was…”


Before Tsunade could finish her question, the ghost mask on Haru’s face suddenly broke into two halves and fell to the ground.

“Long time no see, Tsunade.

In a flash, you have grown so big.

You don’t even recognize your uncle.”

Looking helplessly at the broken mask falling to the ground, Haru took off his hood, revealing his handsome face and iconic black and white hair.

Tsunade stared at him, pursed her lips and red eyes, clenched her fists, and her body trembled slightly.

That’s right.

This was the expression that should be seen after many years of separation.

To be honest, after meeting for real, Haru was both nervous and nervous and a little excited.


After a while, Tsunade suddenly calmed down and walked over with her head lowered.

Seeing this, Haru sighed in his heart, “Sigh, after so many years, I still like to act spoiled.”

“Forget it, only this once.

It won’t happen again.”

Haru was very helpless and opened his arms…

However, Tsunade didn’t throw herself into his arms like a swallow returning to its nest.

Instead, she stood before him and said something in a very small voice.

“Huh What are you talking about”

“… Shou… Foot!”

Hands and feet

Heaven… Guarding the foot



Haru, who was completely unprepared, directly sank to the ground.

Haru was stunned.

Was she crazy enough to hit her uncle

“Don’t, don’t hit my face!”

When Haru was pulled out of the ground by Tsunade, he subconsciously covered his face and said.

He even forgot that he even knew Flying Thunder God.

However, this time, it did not land on his body, nor was it the Heaven Guard Kick, but…

It was tears….

Haru sighed and gently hugged Tsunade’s head.

“I’m sorry, I came back late.”


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