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Kakuzu did not expect that there would still be someone so shameless.

He even used a shadow clone in his territory.

How much did he fear death

However, it did not matter.

This time, he would not fail again.

The Earth Grudge Fear* emerged from behind Kakuzu under the fearful gazes of many people.

[*TL Note: The Earth Grudge Fear is a secret kinjutsu of Takigakure which transforms the user’s body into something similar to that of a rag-doll, held together by hundreds of thick black threads.]

“I will accept this corpse that is worth 50 million, hehe.” Kakuzu laughed sinisterly, and then he used Fire Escape together with Wind Release.

The fire mixed with the wind instantly turned into a sea of fire.

This might even cause the entire territory to be rebuilt!

However… choose Fire Escape and Wind Release

“Water Escape: Water Wave!”

In the next instant, a water current that was spinning and rising like a tornado appeared out of thin air.

It then spread like a waterfall and finally formed a large river that directly extinguished the surging flames.

Then, it rushed towards Kakuzu without slowing down!

Kakuzu’s pupils contracted.

Water Escape’s power was indeed beyond his expectations.

“Earth Release: Rock Collapse!”

Kakuzu slapped the ground, and a huge crack appeared on the ground, causing the river that was rushing over to flow again.

But when Kakuzu raised his head again, he found that the person was gone

“Illusion Sword”

When Kakuzu heard the voice, a large number of black lines immediately erupted and began to attack indiscriminately.

But in the next moment, all the black lines disappeared.

Kakuzu froze on the spot, unable to move.

Even blinking his eyes seemed to be difficult.

He even felt like he was a bamboo that could not be moved.

He could only watch as the firewood knife slashed at him.

The sword flashed!

Kakuzu instantly felt that he had been cut.


The scene shattered, and Kakuzu fell to the ground with cold sweat all over his body.

Both his hands and legs were cut off.

“Believe me, even if you have five hearts, I can destroy them all before you resist.”

Kakuzu, who was thinking about how to retaliate, suddenly froze, not daring to make any more suspicious movements.

No matter how this guy found out, or if he said it casually, he did not dare to gamble!

Because if he lost the bet, his life would really be lost.

And for Haru, it was really nothing to easily defeat Kakuzu.

As his own base camp, even if it were just temporary, he had set up countless QR codes in his territory.

Even though he couldn’t use Flying Thunder God too openly, with his shadow clone, he could secretly use it.

Therefore, Kakuzu was simply courting death by looking for trouble here!

Secondly, the strength of Kakuzu was that he could use five attributes ninjutsu and composite ninjutsu.

Just like Sarutobi, he could even live through the method of changing the heart.

These were all the strong points of Kakuzu.

But at the same time, Kakuzu’s weakness was also very obvious.

His heart was still a vital point, his movement speed was not fast enough, and his resistance to illusions was just average…

Therefore, when he met an assassin like Haru, who had high attack speed and high agility, he really restrained himself!

How could he resist after being attacked by Mangekyou Sharingan

Kakuzu was directly hit by the Illusion Sword and laid on the ground.

The whole process was as easy as killing Orochimaru with a single glance from Itachi.

“I’ll take this person with me.

You guys continue.”

After saying that, Haru picked up Kakuzu’s head and conveniently placed an Explosion Talisman on Kakuzu’s forehead.

Then Haru carried him and left the territory.


After Haru left, the territory returned to its former calm atmosphere.

However, this time, the topic of idle chat turned to Kakuzu, who had just assassinated Lord Yone.

“How many time has it now”

Why is there still someone who is blind enough to throw himself into the trap for that little bounty

“Who says so Lord Yone is far more powerful than a bounty of 50 million taels.”

“However, the people who came this time are very strong.

Their moves are very strange.

It is probably difficult for ordinary Jonin to handle them.

No wonder Lord Yone wants to take action personally.”

“Oh, right, that guy just now was Akira’s responsible, right”

“Haha, it’s time to cry again tonight.”

“You guys only know how to tease Akira all day long.”

Although everyone was teasing him out of goodwill, and no one thought that it was Akira’s dereliction of duty, Akira was still very depressed when he heard it.


After Haru took Kakuzu away from his line of sight, he immediately used Flying Thunder God to move to another place.

Then, he heard Kakuzu laugh coldly, “It’s an illusion again.

This time, I won’t fall for it again.”

The corner of Haru’s mouth twitched, thinking that this guy had mistaken the scene of the changing scene for an illusion.

Forget it.

Let him do as he pleased.

“Kakuzu, I know you.

Back then, you recklessly try to provoke Shoudai Hokage, Senju Hashirama, by throwing asword from eight hundred miles away.

In the end, you were instantly killed by a single move.

You begged bitterly to save your life.

In the end, you never change….”

Kakuzu was startled, ‘Who exactly are you How exactly do you know all this”

However, the answer was that the content was somewhat beyond his expectations.

“How did you know I threw a sword from eight hundred miles away Where did you hear this from This is all slander!”

Haru was stunned for a moment and became interested.

He asked, “Then what exactly happened back then”

Kakuzu immediately fell into reminiscence and said in a low voice, “Back then, I fought against Shoudai Hokage, Senju Hashirama for three hundred rounds, but I lost in the end…”


Before Kakuzu could finish speaking, Haru couldn’t help but stab his heart!

Who was he bragging to

Fought for three hundred rounds


“If you keep bragging, I’ll stab your waist until it breaks!”

Kakuzu coughed up blood as he howled.

It wasn’t easy for him to be born from his back, but he was still a dead fetus.

“Hehe, whether you believe it or not, what I said is true.

If not for the fact that Senju Hashirama and I were both injured in the battle back then, resulting in me being unable to recover my strength after so many years, how could I have fallen into the hands of a despicable person like you who only knows how to sneak attack!”

Haru was shocked on the spot!

My G.o.d, so you are like this Kakuzu!


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