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“Orochimaru-sama, we…”

“Has the scouting team returned”

“Not yet, but…”


The words that they wanted to say were immediately forced back by Orochimaru’s cold gaze.

Another few minutes passed.

The fighting on the battlefield became more and more intense.

It was unknown what madness these Sand Village ninjas were going through.

They did not care about their own casualties at all.

They risked their lives to keep Konoha and the others, as well as Hanzo.

Half of the people that Jiraiya brought with him had already been lost.

Many were even accidentally injured by the poison gas that Hanzo spread indiscriminately.

Sand Village had the antidote left behind by Chiyo, but Konoha did not have Tsunade.

Seeing that the morale of Jiraiya’s side had fallen to the freezing point, Orochimaru finally sent the scouting team back.

“Orochimaru-sama, all directions have been identified.

No enemy’s ambush or traces have been found.”

Finally, the information he wanted coming.

Orochimaru looked forward with a murderous look, “The target is Sand Village, don’t leave a single one alive!”


Konoha and the other ninjas could not wait any longer and immediately rushed out.


“I will give you a chance later.

When the time comes, you will immediately evacuate from here.” On the battlefield, Jiraiya said with a serious expression.

In terms of strength, they, Konoha, should be the strongest, but the most infuriating thing was that the enemy only needed to release poison.

Sometimes, if one was not careful, it might just be a small cut, and they would quickly die.

This made people very helpless.

“Fire Escape: Great Flame Bullet!”

“Now is the time.

Let’s go!”

Jiraiya took the opportunity to shoot a flame, trying to let Konoha’s other people retreat first.

After all, this level of battle was not something they could get involved in.

If they forced themselves to stay, they would be poisoned to death by the unknown.

However, seeing that they wanted to escape, Sand Village and Hanzo, fighting in full swing, did not want to let them go.

The Sand’s Commander and Hanzo thought that Jiraiya and the others were helpers found by the other party, and they were the kind that could not be explained clearly.

Therefore, they subconsciously chose to attack at the same time!

Sand Bombs!

Flame Explosion Array!

When a large number of round sand bombs densely covered Jiraiya and the others like machine guns, the ground suddenly began to sink slowly, and many exploding talismans were revealed.

Jiraiya was the first to notice.

He loudly reminded the others to be careful, and then he immediately used the Ninja Art: Needle Jizou to hide and protect himself.

The next second, Jiraiya was drowned by countless sand bombs and explosions.

Seeing this scene, The Sand’s Commander and Hanzo all revealed surprised looks.

What was going on Wasn’t Konoha a helper invited by the other party

Both of them had the same thought at the same time, and then they began to feel something was wrong.

But before they could find a chance to solve the misunderstanding, all kinds of ninjutsu had already exploded among Sand Village and the others!

“It’s Konoha! Konoha’s reinforcements are coming!”

“This is a trap, a trap!”

Looking at the reinforcements rushing out of Konoha’s group, Sand Village and the others, who had just experienced a bitter battle, suddenly panicked, and their morale was greatly reduced!

On the other hand, the ninjas brought by Orochimaru were not only Konoha’s elite ninjas, but their morale also was high, and they instantly took control of the initiative.

The Commander and Hanzo suddenly felt their hearts skip a beat!

The camp that Konoha was in was very far from here.

It was definitely not something that could be easily rushed over.

Without a doubt, these Konoha Ninjas must have been hiding in a safe place from the beginning, waiting for this moment to appear and suddenly give them a fatal blow!

Konoha wanted to kill them all!

So all of this was Konoha’s scheme.

The chaotic battle started again, and Jiraiya was in an extremely sorry state as he removed the Needle Jizou.

As the result of the commandeer and Hanzo’s attack, Jiraiya took it head-on and suffered heavy injuries, staining his clothes red.

Fortunately, the main target of the attack was him.

Otherwise, more people would have died.

“Are you dead yet”

At some point in time, Orochimaru had already arrived by Jiraiya’s side.

Jiraiya scratched his head with a straightforward, honest smile, “I won’t die from these superficial wounds.

Why are you here now I’m worried that they still have other tricks up their sleeves.”

“You still have the energy to ask this It looks like you won’t die.

I want to wipe out these people and try to leave Hanzo behind.”

Jiraiya stopped smiling and looked at Orochimaru with an ‘I’m not joking ‘ look.

He nodded gently, “Since you’re going to do this, you should have a certain level of confidence.

What do you need me to do”

“It’s very dangerous.

Maybe I’ll die.”

“On the battlefield, how is it not dangerous Besides, I believe in you and myself.

I won’t die.”

“You hopeless fool.”

“The first day you met me”


At the same time, Haru was secretly watching all of this.

Sand Village, Ran Country, and Konoha were all gathered here.

Naturally, he was the one behind all this.

As for effect.

He had initially only wanted to try it out.

It was fine as long as it went with the plan.

There was no loss at all.

In the end, these actors actually performed exceptionally well and changed the script to this.

At this time, even if someone noticed that something was wrong, it was already too late.

They could only continue fighting with red eyes.

Otherwise, wouldn’t so many people have died in vain

Someone had to pay the price and bear the blame!

If it couldn’t be him, then it could only be someone else.


Flesh and blood splattered, and souls wailed!

Enemies and companions fell one after another; if they wanted to live, they had to be the last ones standing.

As a result, Sand Village was one step ahead and collapsed.

The commander gritted his teeth and unwillingly gave the order to retreat.

However, it was already too late.

It was not something that they could leave as they wished.

The general knowledge was that snakes would never give up easily on their prey.

Even when facing a huge prey that they could not swallow, they would greedily open their mouths and bite it!

Then, the commander realized in despair that these people would not be able to escape Konoha’s pursuit and would even suffer a cold blow from a certain poisonous snake when they wanted to fight to the death!

Run, they could not escape.

Fight, they could not win.

The saddest thing was that even if they wanted to risk their lives, they would not give them this chance.

Seeing that Sand Village’s troops were about to be wiped out, Hanzo also had the intention to retreat.

He didn’t know who had come up with such a vicious plan and how did the alliance agreement between him and Sand Village leaked out

Hanzo had already regained his calm.

He only needed to leave this place to investigate thoroughly one by one.

He would definitely take revenge for this!


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