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To be able to make Black-Zetsu completely bow his head, even if it were just on the surface, made Haru secretly happy.

Of course, he didn’t need to think to know that Black-Zetsu was enduring humiliation and lowering his vigilance.

No matter how harmless this guy was, the big bad wolf would never become a happy sheep.

Thinking about Madara’s ending, he knew what would happen to this guy.

However, in order to confuse Black-Zetsu, Haru promised to give Black-Zetsu a chance after mocking him.

Let this guy destroy the Wind Country!

Didn’t he like to play tricks If he likes to be the mastermind behind the scenes, then let’s go to the Wind Country and make a scene.

If it succeeds, the Wind Country will be the first target he has chosen among the five great countries.

If it doesn’t work, he won’t lose anything.

What do Black-Zetsu’s good deeds have to do with me, Senju Haru

I don’t know how to consider it, but Black-Zetsu actually agreed very readily.

It seems that the Wind Kingdom will suffer in the future.

“Hand over all the money and food!”

“What are you talking about with these lowly people Attack!”

Pu, pu!

The two figures immediately fell into a pool of blood, but their eyes still lingered on the child who was protected under them.

“Run… run…”

The child seemed to be frightened and kept crying for his parents.

The wandering Ninja who was searching for things seemed to be a little impatient.

One of them frowned and walked over with a knife.

The next second, the child would die miserably under the knife.

“You really deserve to die!”

At the critical moment, Kagami cut off the enemy’s weapon with a knife, and then beheaded the enemy!

The people outside also rushed in.

There was no suspense at all.

“Sorry, we are late.” Kagami looked at the two corpses and the child who was numb and desperate.

He sighed heavily.

“Lord Kagami, it has been solved.”

“Yes, leave a few people to bury the bodies of these two people on the spot.

Then take this child back to the camp.

The rest of you continue to follow me.”


“Who are you”

“We are not Amagakure Ninja… Ah!”


The two ninjas, Konoha, mercilessly killed the two villagers who were suspected to be Amagakure Ninja, but in fact, they were just ordinary people.

Sou Sou Sou Sou!

The next moment, the two ninjas Konoha were surrounded.

Kagami, who came late again, was full of anger in his eyes.

He asked, “They are just ordinary villagers.

Are you not going to let them go”

“Who knows if they are Amagakure Ninja who pretends to be a villager.

A wise person would rather kill them by mistake and not let them go!

“Well, a good one would rather kill by mistake, don’t let it go!” Kagami’s eyes turned extremely cold.


A dark green energy layer appeared on the body of the furious Kagami, and then a skeleton palm slapped down!


More than a dozen Sand Village were pierced through by the black lines, their bodies hanging in the air, and even their hearts were dug out.

In the face of such a terrifying scene, many of the villagers who were saved only felt awe and gratitude.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid.

We are the rescue team sent by Akatsuki.

Now you are all safe…” Someone kept shouting, comforting everyone’s emotions and moving them away from here.

As for Kakuzu, who killed these trash in one move, he was very cold.

Every time someone looked at him with grateful eyes, he would be extremely irritated.

He wished he could kill all these bastards who dared to ‘look down’ on him!

His great uncle Kakuzu had always killed people without blinking an eye.

When did he save people

It was all because of that bastard!

Seeing that he only needed to kill people to raise his salary, he temporarily endured it.

But he was not afraid of that bastard, absolutely not!

Resentment and warning!


Hanzo was defeated and Amagakure Ninja fled.

At this moment, the Rain Country was like a piece of rotten land.

Anyone could come and step on it.

They wanted to see if there were any other benefits.

Under these circumstances, the most unlucky were naturally these commoners of the Rain Country.

If a ninja broke into their home, the better ones would still be able to hide and save their lives, and the unlucky ones would be killed.

If they ran into a more abnormal one, it would really be a luxury to even die.

And just as the people of Rain Country fell into despair, the place that Akatsuki protected became the only remaining pure land in this country!

And unlike before, this time, Akatsuki no longer cared about his own land, but took the initiative to stand up as the savior of Rain Country!

Any ordinary villager could seek the protection of Akatsuki.

Any executioner who dared to invade this country, as long as they were encountered by Akatsuki’s people, it would inevitably be a bloody battle!

In addition, Akatsuki also sent rescue teams to search and rescue everywhere, giving the people who were desperate and numb the last glimmer of light and hope!

In just a few days, everything that Akatsuki did was quickly spread to every corner of the Rain Country through word of mouth(in addition to sending people to spread).

For a time, there was praise for ‘Lord Yone’ everywhere!

In contrast, Hanzo and Amagakure Ninja, who were fleeing, were reduced to a disdainful existence that everyone called to fight.

Don’t forget, in this war, there was a part of the war that Hanzo personally stirred up.

In the end, not only did they lose so badly, the entire country was about to be destroyed.

When people are in danger and can’t eat, where are you

When the people of this country were wantonly slaughtered, where were you




Hanzo was just a coward who only knew how to run away, a coward!

The only one who truly fought for the sake of the people and the country was only Lord Yone!

As the saying goes, even if water can carry a boat, it can also capsize the boat.

In the original story, why was Hanzo worried that Akatsuki would endanger his own rule and status

Wasn’t it because it was obvious who was doing the real thing and who was destroying this country step by step!

The people’s sentiment had been transferred to someone else, so how could Hanzo not be anxious

In comparison, this time, Akatsuki, who was led by Haru, had a clear goal from the beginning.

The better the people under Akatsuki’s protection, the more it showed Hanzo’s incompetence!

In addition, after the defeat and escape, the dem-god title shattered, which also made the people’s last fear of Hanzo disappear.

Right now, the hope of the Rain Country is Akatsuki, it is Lord Yone!


Why did he mention the culprit that caused the country to become like this

Haru kept receiving the feedback, his face full of smiles.

Of course, he had to let others know that he was doing good deeds, and the more, the better.

After all, he did not have the habit of writing a diary.

At the same time, he had White Zetsu keep a close eye on Hanzo.

He believed that it would not be long before Hanzo could not help but jump out.

Of course, he could not lose this key supporting role in this big show!


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