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“So, can I ask you all to get out of my territory”

As soon as these words came out, the effect could be said to be earth-shattering!

The people brought by Orochimaru were furious on the spot.

The people standing behind Haru were both excited and nervous.

Their faces were red, their veins were bulging with excitement, and they were speechless.

Lord Yone was really too domineering!

“That’s right, get out of our country, you robbers, executioners!”

“Get out! This is our country.

We don’t welcome you!”

“Get out, get out!”

With one of them taking the lead, the rest of the people immediately roared in unison!

Even when Hanzo was still alive, he had never said such domineering words.

It was clearly difficult even to protect himself.

Yet, he had taken the initiative to provoke the Wind Nation and the Fire Nation and even took the opportunity to attack the country of iron.

If this wasn’t big brain energy, then what was it

To be honest, Haru’s current behavior wasn’t an easy thing to do.

He pretended to be a bully, but if he failed, then he would be the most stupid person!

From this, it could be seen that there was also a risk, and he needed to be more cautious.

At this moment, Orochimaru was very annoyed.

If not for the fact that he didn’t know what Akatsuki was really relying on, he would have already made his move.

Why would he waste his breath probing

But now, not only did he not find anything, but the other party was also getting more and more insatiable…

Orochimaru’s patience had been exhausted, so he raised his hand slightly and said coldly, “Move…”

Before he could say anything, a voice interrupted Orochimaru, “Orochimaru, wait a minute.”

It was Jiraiya, who had been hiding inside.

Seeing Jiraiya appear, Orochimaru was not surprised.

After all, he knew that this guy had come to investigate this Akatsuki.


“You want to stop me”

“I think there may be some misunderstanding.

Why don’t we sit down and have a good talk”

Jiraiya showed his innocent side again.

In fact, he already knew why Akatsuki’s members would have conflicts with Konoha’s people.

To be honest, he admired Akatsuki’s actions from the bottom of his heart, but his position could not allow him to condemn his own people’s mistakes.

That was why he used the word ‘misunderstanding’ to describe it.

If the two sides could calmly sit down and talk, this ‘misunderstanding’ could actually be solved.

As long as he and Orochimaru restrained the people under him after they returned, and then Akatsuki continued to rescue the villagers and stopped any attacks, the two sides could coexist peacefully without interfering with each other.

After all, their purpose for coming here was not to kill these unarmed ordinary people, even though some of them had indeed done so.

But negotiations

Orochimaru had never considered doing so.

Otherwise, he would be the one who came today, not the hundred people behind him.

Because as a leader, he needed to consider the safety and rights of his own people, not some unimportant people.

What Right and wrong

Things were only divided into right and wrong.

This was a war, a war that could kill people.

To actually talk about good or bad, right or wrong, wasn’t this a bit too funny

And Haru was even less willing to sit down and talk about anything.

Was there a need for this

He had waited for such a long time to build a stage.

How could he choose to give up just because of one sentence from Jiraiya

He had already prepared to step on Hanzo, Sand Village, and Konoha to reach the top of the position!

And there was no more suitable time than now!

Therefore, Haru and Orochimaru acted at almost the same time.

The katana and Kusanagi Sword collided fiercely, and with a clang, the battle began.

Then, the two sides, who had already prepared for the battle, almost subconsciously rushed out and fought.

Jiraiya looked at this scene in a daze, and his expression was complicated.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Whether it was Orochimaru who made the first move or the other party made the first move was not important.

Even when he could not help but save Konoha, he was once again dragged into this never-ending war.

Then Akatsuki’s people attacked, and he was forced to counterattack.

The ‘good ninja’ who protected the villagers was killed by him, the ‘bad ninja’ from Konoha…

“If the little girl was still alive, she would be very disappointed to see this scene.” Jiraiya couldn’t help but laugh at himself, but he couldn’t help it.

He really hoped that there would be a day when he would be able to welcome true peace.

“Hey, we can’t use this side.

Let’s go over there.”

After a short but intense exchange of blows, Kagami changed his voice and said this deliberately.

Jiraiya also discovered that the other party’s strength was not inferior to his, so he could use this opportunity to leave this place, so he immediately nodded in agreement.

Doing this would not make him as conflicted as before.

And when Akatsuki’s ‘outer’ members and Konoha’s elites fought, the gap immediately became clear.

It perfectly displayed the difference between a motley crew and a regular army.

After all, not to mention their own strength, it was impossible for them to expect these fellows who did not know how to get together to understand how to cooperate.

After all, after Konoha ninja graduated from the ninja school, they would directly train the fetters between their companions in the form of a team to train the cooperation between them.

The difference between this and that was too great.

However, these people managed to hold on with their hot-blooded heads just now, which was really surprising.

Then, at this moment, Kakuzu, who had a gloomy face, made a move!

On this chaotic battlefield, the lethality that Kakuzu could display was simply unimaginable!

Ninjutsu of all kinds of attributes was casually executed, one after another.

A large number of black lines killed the enemy from all kinds of inconceivable angles and then took away the heart.

Not knowing whether it was because this mission was too easy or not, even Kakuzu began to pick and choose, not even looking at the ordinary heart.

He even deliberately slowed down the frequency of his attacks, as if picking a piglet, judging these people from head to toe.

Every time he found a higher quality heart, he would reveal a happy smile.

With the help of Kakuzu’s dimensional attack, the others gradually stabilized themselves and even tried to launch a counterattack.

No one had expected that Lord Kakuzu, who usually had a sour face and looked at everyone as if they owed him a few hundred million, was actually so strong!

They could win!

They could really win!

Many people were excited, and their morale increased greatly.

Haru, who had been paddling the water, was satisfied after seeing this scene.


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