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 Chapter 16 - Going To School Not Going!The next day, Hashirama, with two panda eyes and a pink apron, took the initiative to cook breakfast.

However, Mito still did not give him a good face.

And Tobirama, who knew that he had offended his sister-in-law, simply did not dare to show up.

Haru and Tsunade, who did not know what happened last night, looked at Hashirama from time to time and forced themselves to hold back their laughter.

However, Ayako did not hold back and asked directly, “Dad, did you make Mom angry again”

Hashirama smiled at Mito and said awkwardly, “It’s a misunderstanding.

It’s all a misunderstanding.

Dad already knows that he was wrong.”

‘Who would have thought that the invincible Senju Hashirama was actually an honest man who was afraid of his wife’

Haru sighed and looked at Hashirama with disdain.

“Honey, come, have a taste of the heart-fried egg I made myself.”

Mito glared at him, but she still gave him a face and took a bite.

Then she said lightly, “It’s salty, and it’s overcooked.”

“Next time I improve, next time I improve… try this soup again…”

Although her mouth was constantly picking faults, the breakfast in front of the Mito was decreasing at a visible rate.

For some reason, the poached egg in Haru’s bowl suddenly didn’t smell good.

He was annoyed and stopped eating!

“I’m full.”

Haru put down his chopsticks in annoyance.

At this time, Little Tsunade saw Haru put down his chopsticks and said with concern, “Haruru, why aren’t you eating”

Haru couldn’t help but sigh, “Uncle didn’t have a good appetite today.”

Haru said as he glanced at Hashirama.

However, Hashirama, who was immersed in the world of two people, didn’t even listen him.

This made him very depressed.

Then something that made him even more speechless happened

“Oh, so it’s like that —”

Little Tsunade happily picked up the fried egg in Haru’s bowl and took a bite.

“If only you didn’t have an appetite every day, then I would be able to eat double, hehehe —”

The petrified Haru looked at Tsunade in disbelief, his heart aching!

‘I really did dote on you for nothing!’

‘You can even say such crazy words’

Little Tsunade ate the fried egg in a few seconds, and then she could not help but look at the untouched bowl of seaweed soup in front of Haru.

“Haruru, I…”

Without waiting for Tsunade to finish, Haru immediately picked up the bowl of soup in front of him and drank it clean!

“Huh What did you just say”

‘You have no conscience, and you still want to trick your uncle’

‘Dream on!’

Then he saw Tsunade carefully ask, “Haruru, don’t you have no appetite Why are you still…”

Haru calmly put down the bowl, “Well, your uncle likes to drink soup.

Even if his appetite is not good, he can drink it.”

Tsunade nodded thoughtfully, “Oh, so it’s like that…”

Then she smiled and pushed the bowl of seaweed soup in front of her to Haru, “It just so happens that I don’t like the taste of seaweed soup.

Since Haruru likes it so much, drink it all —”

After that, little Tsunade happily skipped away.

Haru looked at Tsunade’s back and then looked at the bowl of soup in front of him.

For a moment, he was in a mess!

‘Am I… being tricked again’

Haru began to doubt life.

Where did the trust between people go


After breakfast,

The fried egg was snatched away, and then Haru helplessly drank two big bowls of seaweed soup.

He only felt that the water in his stomach was shaking with every step he took.

However, he heard another ‘grave’ news.

“What the hell Going to the Ninja School”

“Not going, not going, not going!”

“I can learn by myself at home.

Isn’t it the same for all the big families It’s not like I have to go to the Ninja School.”

“Besides, I’m only three years old.

Even if I have to go to school, I have to wait until I’m six years old!”

Haru was arguing for himself with excitement!

However, Hashirama, who told him the bad news, was not moved.

“Even if you don’t want to go, you have to go.

Tobirama has already arranged it for you.

Soon, the Ninja School will start.

You and Tsunade will be enrolled.”

“Age is not a problem at all.

Children between three to six years old can sign up.

And even Tsunade, who was a few months younger than you, agreed.

As an uncle, you have no shame”

“Ninja School is not a dangerous place.

I really don’t know what you are worried about.”

Tsunade, who was very excited, also helped and said, “Go to school, I want to go to school!”

The fearless Tsunade had long been bored of staying at home.

It was so interesting to go to school and could play outside every day.

However, Haru, who wanted to cultivate at home, did not think so.

The outside world was so dangerous, and his identity was so sensitive.

Most importantly, he did not have any ability to protect himself.

But looking at Hashirama’s attitude, he had to go even if he did not want to.

So he asked tentatively, “Can I bring a few guards with me Don’t worry! This time, I won’t bring too many.

Just give me four Jonin!”

Hashirama’s face twitched, and he said calmly, “Get lost!”

“You should go to the Ninja School to learn things and make friends.

This is good for your future growth…..

The other families have also begun to try to send their children to the Ninja School.

If everyone has guards, what will that look like”

“Moreover, there is also Jonin in the Ninja School.

It is very safe, so there is no need to mention bringing guards to school!”

“Okay, but on the way back and forth Last time, there were enemies coming to our door, so we have to be on guard!”

“Give me four Jonin to send Tsunade and me to school.

Otherwise, I won’t step out of the house!”

Hashirama was speechless.

The children of other people wanted to play outside all day long.

How did he have to force Haru

However, Haru’s words were not unreasonable.

Even if he did not say it, Hashirama would secretly arrange people to protect them.

“Four is too much.

Moreover, Jonin has a very important task to carry out.

How can he accompany you to make trouble every day At most, I will give you two Chunin.”

Haru immediately bargained, “Three Jonin.”

“Three Chunin.”

“Two Jonin, this is my bottom line!”

“At most, one.

Do you want it or not”


“Then it’s a deal.

One Jonin, don’t use special Jonin to fool me, only Jonin and elite Jonin!” Hashirama said.

After a long time, Hashirama felt something was off.

Why did he feel like he had been tricked


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