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“Formation of  Ten Thousand Snakes!”

“Earth Release – · Earth Dragon Art!”

Orochimaru used all his strength, but the other side just stood there calmly, and any of his attacks were useless.

Orochimaru could even feel the faint ridicule coming from the other party’s eyes.


Manda was once again summoned by him.

After agreeing to Manda’s request, Orochimaru urged Manda to wrap around Haru’s only condensed part of Susanoo.

Ho… ho… sounds began to ring out.

However, it was not coming from Haru but from Manda!

“You like lingering Then I will let you pester me enough!”

Originally, only a portion of Susanoo had immediately evolved into a skeleton form, and its explosive size suddenly made Manda feel very painful.

But before it could undo its body, Haru’s Susanoo had once again become much bigger!

The skeleton’s body was instantly covered with ‘meridians’ and ‘flesh and blood’, and was wrapped in the outer layer of chakra.

This was the second form of Susanoo.

After its size suddenly increased again, Manda finally couldn’t bear the pain of his body being forcibly torn apart.

He roared and released his body.

But Haru, who was preparing to get more snake soup at night, didn’t have any intention of letting it go.

He grabbed Manda’s head and smashed it on the ground.

Bang! Bang!

Perhaps he was not satisfied with the two hits.

Haru directly grabbed Manda’s tail and swung it three times on the left and three times on the right.

From time to time, he would whip it on the ground, and his mouth was humming a song that others could not understand.

Manda was flung around like a noodle, occasionally smashing on the ground, and soon his eyes became circles, and his brain was a mess.

Then Haru tried to use Manda as jump rope, but it was too much for him to continue to condense the next stage.

Haru thought that it was unnecessary to jump rope, so he regretfully gave up.

Otherwise, he would have to do a double shake or something.

Haru picked up Manda, who was as soft as noodles, stretched Manda’s body with both hands, and then ignored Orochimaru’s cold eyes; Fire Escape – Great Fire Annihilation sprayed out again.

Manda’s miserable cry rang out from within the raging sea of flames once again.

Left with no other choice, Manda could only use the snake slough technique to escape from Haru’s hands forcefully.

Haru only felt his hands lighten, leaving behind only a snake skin that had been shed, and it was still a bit charred.

Truly worthy of being a group of ‘good partners’ who had worked together, even their escape patterns were similar.


When Jiraiya saw that Orochimaru was surrounded by danger under the attack of Akatsuki’s leader, and even Manda was almost burned to death, he became anxious.

He immediately wanted to get rid of the enemy in front of him and then go to support Orochimaru.

However, the way Jiraiya thought was too simple.

Kagami dragged him here just because he didn’t want anything to happen to Jiraiya, whom he admired.

It didn’t mean that he couldn’t beat him.

After seeing the ridiculous idea of Jiraiya wanting to end the battle quickly, Kagami couldn’t help but laugh.

“Fire Escape·Great Fire Bullet!”

“Fire Escape·Fire Dragon Flame!”

Compared to Jiraiya’s attainments in the field of Fire Escape, Kagami was not at all inferior!

Don’t forget Kagami’s surname.

He also had nearly 20 years of cultivation time and combat experience compared to Jiraiya.


The two extremely powerful Fire Escape fiercely collided together.

When the same attribute was used against each other, it was a competition for the power of the technique.

Even if Jiraiya first refined the chakra into oil and then used it to display Fire Escape, the power would be stronger by several points.

However, Kagami was not someone to be trifled with.

Back then, he was able to enter Tobirama’s eyes and become his bodyguard.

How could his talent and strength be inferior

He watched as the fire dragon engulfed all the flames and burned towards him.

Jiraiya’s expression froze, and he only had time to use his Needle Jizou to endure it forcefully.

When the flames disappeared, Jiraiya’s entire body was charred black, and he was in a sorry state.

Obviously, Needle Jizou’s ninjutsu had a very bad effect on Fire Escape’s defense.

When the three of them first went out to fight against Hanzo, in order to save Tsunade, he used Needle Jizou to resist Hanzo’s Flame Burst Formation and was injured by the explosion.

At this time, Jiraiya was not much better than before.

“H-H-H-H-At that time, you could have added Fire Escape or Wind Release.

Why did you show mercy”

Jiraiya took a deep breath and asked in confusion.

Because he had even made the worst mental preparation just now, but after the opponent suddenly increased the intensity of the attack, he suddenly suppressed the rhythm of the attack.

It gave him the feeling that he wanted to go back to the previous fight between the two of them, which was extremely intense but not deadly at all.

The face under Kagami’s mask smiled but did not speak.

He just pulled out the katana that was inserted on the ground and pointed at Jiraiya.

If it were for any other time, Jiraiya would definitely be very happy to spar with the other party.

But now…

“Although I don’t know why you did this, I’m sorry.

I must defeat you now and support my companions.”

Before he finished speaking, Jiraiya had already bitten his finger and used a summoning jutsu.

The huge figure of the Big Toad Boss, Gamabunta, appeared once again.

“I’ll have to trouble you again this time, Big Toad.”

Gamabunta had a pipe in his mouth.

There was concern in his eyes, but his tone was very dissatisfied.

“Why are you in such a sorry state again Didn’t you beat away the salamander last time”

Jiraiya awkwardly smiled, “We’ve encountered a troublesome enemy again.

I can’t beat him in terms of physical skills and Ninjutsu, and Orochimaru is in danger.

I can only count on you, Boss Toad.”

Hearing Jiraiya’s words, Gamabunta finally noticed the situation on the battlefield.

The blood-covered Orochimaru, the Manda whose eyes were full of fear and anger, and the huge strange skeleton and the snakeskin on the ground

“This is….”

Gamabunta took a deep breath of the pipe in his hand.

He even used the snake slough technique to save its life.

What kind of monster did little Jiraiya and the others provoke

Gamabunta complained in his heart, but he could not abandon Jiraiya.

In the end, he had to be determined and fight first.

“This is our opponent, right” To be on the safe side, Gamabunta asked another question.

It seemed that if Jiraiya dared to shake his head, he would immediately return to Mount Myouboku.

“Yes…” It was rare for Jiraiya to observe the situation.

“That’s good.

I don’t want to face that kind of strange thing.” Gamabunta breathed a sigh of relief, then heard a voice coming from below.

“Perhaps you all are relieved a bit too early…”



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