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As the Sharingan in Kagami’s eyes changed into the appearance of Mangekyou, the dark green energy body quickly condensed into a huge skeleton with only the upper body.

Although he did not really want to use this ability in the face of such a large psychic beast.

Just now, Gamabunta, who was glad that he did not have to face this skeleton thing,  was gloating at Manda.

However, he was suddenly dumbfounded!

So why did Jiraiya think that the two of them could quickly defeat this kind of strong enemy

Was it floating

“Uh, although I don’t know why, the other party seems only to want to drag me here, so he hasn’t used his full strength” Jiraiya scratched his head and guessed.

Gamabunta took a deep breath, pulled out his short knife, and said seriously.

“In the next year, I hope that you won’t summon me out.

Nothing good will happen every time!”

Jiraiya smiled awkwardly.

At the same time, he made up his mind.

After the war ended, he would go to Mount Myouboku to study Sage Mode.

He would no longer waste his time fishing and basking in the net for three days.

“Prepare to go, Jiraiya!”


Fire Escape·Toad Oil Bullet!”

Gamabunta’s oil and Jiraiya’s Fire Escape instantly produced a chemical reaction of 1 1 to 2, and the power rose more than one level.

It was even harder to resist than ordinary Fire Escape.

Even Kagami was surprised to see this power.

Without any big idea, Susanoo immediately evolved from the first skeleton to the second form like Haru.

Then in the next instant, he was struck by the super-strong Fire Escape that contained toad oil.

Only Kagami, who was within the protection of Susanoo, was incomparably calm at this moment.

The raging flame attached to the surface of Susanoo burned to its heart’s content, but it was simply unable to burn through the defense of Susanoo.

If it were for Amaterasu Fire, it might be more or less the same.

When only a few scattered flames were still burning, Kagami’s vision also recovered.

However, Jiraiya and the toad Gamabunta were nowhere to be seen.

There was nothing left or right, and there was nothing behind them

“The sky!”

Kagami, who suddenly noticed the huge shadow under his feet, immediately looked up at the sky.

At this time, the toad Gamabunta, who had jumped high up to block the sunlight, descended from the sky with his divine weapon, “Toad Sword Beheading!”



Under the disbelieving gazes of Gamabunta and Jiraiya, the broken blade directly flew out, spinning in the air countless times before finally stabbing into the ground.

“That was…”

Without much time to think, Gamabunta dodged the flash of cold light with his vigorous body and then jumped hard to distance himself.

At this time, he and Jiraiya noticed that the other side had a dark green double-faced crescent axe in his hand.

Just looking at it from afar, there was a fierce aura coming from it.

It was this axe that had just cut off Gamabunta’s blade!

Kagami didn’t say anything more, but another identical axe appeared in his other hand.

Then, a chain suddenly appeared on the ring at the end of the two axes, connecting the two axes together.

It was simply unimaginable that Kagami’s Susanoo would actually produce such a weapon in the end.

Perhaps it corresponded to the bottom of Kagami’s heart…


Kagami suddenly threw out the axe in his right hand.

Gamabunta immediately carried Jiraiya to the side to hide, but just as he jumped up, Kagami’s Susanoo gently shook the chain in its hand, and the flying axe strangely changed its trajectory, flying towards Gamabunta again.


Although Gamabunta’s reaction was already very fast, it still left a hideous wound on his hind leg.

Kagami lightly pulled the chain, and the axe that had lost its target obediently returned to his hand.

“Boss Toad, are you alright” Jiraiya frowned and asked worriedly.

Gamabunta endured the pain.

He pretended to be relaxed and said, “It’s just a superficial wound.

It doesn’t matter.

But how did you encounter such a troublesome guy I think even Hanzo is no match for him.”

Jiraiya also had the same opinion.

He felt that the Rain Country was truly terrifying.

It was such a small place, yet many experts had appeared.

“If possible, I don’t want to provoke this guy either, but… alas!” Jiraiya laughed bitterly.

At this moment, a loud noise suddenly attracted the attention of many people.

“Orochimaru, if there aren’t a thousand living sacrifices next time, I will definitely devour you!”


Manda, covered in wounds and blood, didn’t dare to bare his teeth at Haru.

He could only threaten Orochimaru viciously the moment he returned.

It was obvious that this time, Manda was at a loss.

Not only did it fail to earn the offerings, it almost lost its life.

Being able to stay and accompany Orochimaru to continue fighting for so long was already considered as being extremely benevolent, so after it truly felt the threat of death, it finally abandoned Orochimaru and ran off alone.

At this moment, Orochimaru’s condition was not much better.

The other party’s strength was the kind that made people despair!

Even when he faced Hanzo, he had never felt this way.

In his heart, he had always thought that surpassing Hanzo was just a matter of time.

It was just that the poison was slightly troublesome, but it was not completely impossible.

But what about the enemies they encountered now

So powerful that they could ignore all his attacks!

So powerful that they could tear apart his strongest summon beast!

So powerful that a casual slap could force him to the brink of death!

How is that possible

Why is there such a powerful person

The short moment of losing his spirit caused Orochimaru to dodge a little slower.

In the end, he was only brushed aside.

The young Orochimaru was directly sent flying.

When he was still in the air, he began to vomit blood.

“Is it only at this level Do you think that just by defeating that narrow-minded fellow Hanzo, you will feel that you are strong enough to challenge a god”

Haru’s expression changed.

He suddenly removed Susanoo and walked towards Orochimaru step by step.

However, no one noticed that his hand was secretly forming a seal behind him.

While Orochimaru was struggling to get up, he continued, “You asked me before, what is the basis for daring to drive you all out of this country”

“I can answer this question now.

This reliance is the strength that can crush all of you!”

Orochimaru staggered to his feet.

There was no fear in his eyes.

Instead, it was endless madness!

“Who exactly are you”

He was unwilling!

How could someone with such great strength be unknown


He had never heard of this name from Ninja World before!

Moreover, what made him feel even more strange was that he had always felt that something was very strange in the previous battle.

How could the opponent use Leaf-style Sword Art

“If you wear the mask long enough, you’ll forget the face behind you.

Who am I I don’t know it myself.

Who am I I don’t even know myself.” Haru said indifferently.

At the same time, he took out a mask and threw it at Orochimaru’s feet.


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