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“What other powers do you have Take them all out.”

Hanzo calmed his breathing and tore off the mask on his face.

In the silence, he held the deadly scythe and ran forward quickly.

“You want to fight in close combat Alright, I’ll grant you your wish!” Haru was not surprised at all.

Flying Thunder God Slash·Infinite blade flow!

Sword Technique: Flash!

Hanzo injected all his essence, energy, and spirit into it.

Body Flicker immediately came in front of Haru and slashed!


Haru disappeared, and Hanzo’s full-power strike only cut the air.

Time seemed to be slowed down by countless times, and a katana strangely appeared behind Hanzo.


Hanzo immediately opened his eyes wide and spat out a mouthful of blood.


Hanzo swung his scythe and slashed behind him at a very hidden angle.

But there was nothing!

There was no one behind him!


Another katana stabbed into Hanzo’s body from the front.


Hanzo roared in dissatisfaction, but no matter what, he was a step too slow to touch the other party.

Left, right, front, back…

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

As if in the blink of an eye, Hanzo’s body was filled with six more swords.

Finally, Hanzo’s right hand, which was holding the scythe, fell down powerlessly.

It was unknown when the scythe that had been imprinted with a QR code had fallen to the ground.

Hanzo lowered his head with a dull look in his eyes.

Fresh blood dripped down and soon dyed his feet red.

Another sword appeared in Haru’s hand, but he did not give Hanzo a final blow.

Instead, he chose to throw the sword in his hand forward.

“Since you have once protected this country, commit suicide.

I will give you a proper burial.”

Hanzo finally reacted.

He raised his head and looked at Haru.

The corners of his mouth lifted up with great difficulty.

It seemed to be a sneer but also a self-deprecating smile.

“A proper burial I… Hanzo… do not need anyone’s… pity.”


Hanzo shook the chain with all his might.

The last explosion talisman was hung on the chain.

Then, it tightly wrapped around him.

Then, the explosion talisman on the chain began to emit light at the same time.


Hanzo Thee Salamander, who had affected this country for many years, self-detonated and died.

From then on, Ninja World no longer had this person!

Many people looked at this scene with mixed feelings.

No matter what, Hanzo was once the actual ruler of this country.

His ending in this way naturally made people sigh.

And Haru’s goal had also been achieved.

Hanzo appeared perfectly according to the script, and then the assassination failed.

Then, he suffered a crushing defeat in the field he was best at until he committed suicide.

It could be said that apart from looking down on the strength that Hanzo showed in the water, the rest was not beyond his expectations, and there was no accident.

Or it could be said that when Hanzo first launched a sneak attack with the sickle chain and was hit by him in the QR code, the result was already doomed.

As for the final Flying Thunder God Slash·Infinite Blade Flow, it was actually just a variant of the infinite blade flow.

He abandoned the weakness of setting up the ‘domain’ in front of him and then used Flying Thunder God’s tactic to constantly travel between the space where weapons were stored and the enemy.

This required a very high degree of control over Flying Thunder God, and his perception and reaction ability had reached a level that normal people could not imagine.

Only then could he successfully use it.

Being defeated by this sword technique that had never appeared before, Hanzo actually did not lose in vain.

After a brief silence, what followed was cheers from everyone!

“Invincible, invincible!”

“Long live Lord Yone!”

“The Rain Country is ours!”

Not only did they defeat Konoha, but even the Demi-God, Hanzo, fell in front of Lord Yone’s incomparably powerful strength.

Although many people still died…

But this time, he saw the hope of victory!

This country was really saved!

Only then did Haru notice that Konoha’s people had disappeared.

He asked Kagami, “Where are they”

Kagami said, “While you and Hanzo were fighting in the water, Jiraiya took the others and escaped.”

Haru nodded and did not ask why he did not chase after them.

“Clean up the battlefield and count the casualty list.

At the same time, send someone to spread the results of this war.”

Hanzo was already dead, and he had to bear all the responsibility.

Other than a certain part of his die-hard loyalty, there was almost no one who would stand up for Hanzo or take revenge.

In addition, after defeating Hanzo and Konoha, who had been beaten to the point of fleeing, could it be that other than him, there was someone more suitable to sit in the original position of Hanzo than him

Everything should fall into place, naturally!

Kagami immediately went to arrange it.


It was rare for Kakuzu not to have a sour face.

So, when he saw Haru return, he still did not have a good expression.

Unless one day that bastard returns all the money he scammed him, Kakuzu will not forgive this bastard!

“Well done; I will raise your salary when we get back.”

“Humph! How much”

Kakuzu first snorted coldly, then could not help but ask.

Haru was stunned.

He laughed and ran away with Flying Thunder God.

Kakuzu trembled with anger and swore that sooner or later, he would make this bastard regret treating him like this!

Just as Akatsuki’s people were cleaning up the battlefield, a corpse that had been rushed far away suddenly opened its eyes.

“Cough… cough…“

Orochimaru stood up weakly and looked in the direction of Akatsuki from afar.

Then, he immediately summoned a giant snake.

He gritted his teeth and pulled out the katana on his body.

For some reason, he did not throw it away.

Then, he immediately went into the stomach of the giant snake.

Before Akatsuki’s people rushed over, he slipped away under their eyes.

If he had not used the Body Modification Technique to transform his body completely different from ordinary people and even shifted the positions of many organs, it would have been very difficult for him to survive in the hands of that person.

However, when he touched the position of the two wounds on his body, Orochimaru felt that the other party seemed to have deliberately avoided his vital points in the end.

Why did he do this

Why did he have to spare his life

Was it because of his former classmates, or was it because he disdained to kill him

“Senju… Haru, could it really be you”

Recalling what the other party said before he fainted, his intuition told him there must be no mistake!

That tone, that sentence… It could not be a coincidence.

But could this kind of thing be used as proof

“So, what should I do”

Orochimaru hesitated for a moment and decided not to tell them this matter when he went back.

He would make plans after he secretly investigated it.


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