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“You didn’t find Orochimaru’s corpse Then forget it.”

A day later, Haru was listening to Kagami’s report.

Although there were many casualties, those who survived were equivalent to having gone through a baptism.

Moreover, not only in terms of strength, what truly obtained was Akatsuki’s cohesiveness.

As for Orochimaru… As long as Orochimaru still walked on that path, it was only a matter of time before this fellow fell out with Konoha.

Naturally, he could not let Orochimaru die so early.

Moreover, with Orochimaru’s intelligent and suspicious character, he might even bring him some surprises!

“Yesterday’s battle has already been spread out.

Presumably, in a few days, the entire Rain Country will know that we have defeated Konoha and also ‘forced to kill’ the ‘sinner’ Hanzo.”

Haru nodded and asked again, “How is Konoha’s reaction now”

“They have withdrawn from the Rain Country overnight and are stationed at the Fire Country border.

They should be worried that we or Sand Village’s people will counterattack and wait for new orders.

After all, the strength we showed in the previous battle can not be underestimated.

Jiraiya and the others are not confident of defeating us.”

“Konoha ran so fast, but Sand Village didn’t make any movements”

“It’s useless even if they did.

Sand Village is almost completely wiped out.

Continuing to waste time with Konoha is for the sake of better conditions, or stall for time and wait for other battlefields to come to an end.”

If Konoha lost, then Sand Village could use their remaining strength to borrow the light of others to bite off a piece of meat from Konoha.

After all, he was not the only one who chose to attack.

“Sand Village wants to leave, but can Chiyo really endure it” Haru asked curiously.


How could Chiyo endure after having her son and daughter-in-law killed

But the murderer, Konoha’s White Fang, who was also Sakumo, went home to take care of his child after killing the people.

Moreover, the child had just been born, and even if he came out to carry out a mission, it would not be so fast.

No matter how much hatred Chiyo had, it was impossible to kill into Konoha’s base to find trouble with Sakumo.

That was not revenge.

It was courting death!

Therefore, it was better to say that Sand Village’s people had not all returned to the village and still stayed on the border, eyeing covetously, which must be a great contribution to Chiyo.

It was just that she hadn’t found a good opportunity to do so yet.

When he mentioned doing it secretly, Haru subconsciously thought of Black-Zetsu, who he had driven out of the trash, and wondered if this guy had any clues.

“Next is the time to harvest the fruits of victory.

Take Kakuzu out.

No matter who it is, if they dare to hinder us, send them to see Rikudou Sennin!”

Kagami nodded gently, turned around, and walked out.

The next few days were exactly as Haru had imagined.

The Rain Country had completely changed!

‘The Sinner’ Hanzo had been defeated by Yone, the leader of Akatsuki.

At last, under the command of Yone, he wept bitterly and confessed his crimes.

Then, he slit his own abdomen and committed suicide.

(Akatsuki’s official version)

The former hero and guardian of the Rain Country had died.

But there was a new hope!

Under the leadership of Lord Yone, not only did Akatsuki drive away Sand Village, but he also beat away the strong enemy Konoha and took back the territory.

One to ten, ten to a hundred… In the overwhelming sound, even if someone questioned the authenticity of it, they would immediately be drowned in the saliva of others.

After all, what was the truth was not important.

What was important was that Akatsuki was really saving people, and there was real food to eat!

And when did the high and mighty Hanzo care about the lives of ordinary people like them

Therefore, wherever Akatsuki’s people went, they were almost welcomed and walked in.

They all wanted to become Yone’s territory, and since then, they have hung Akatsuki’s flag.

The result of this was that countless people were attracted to him.

Among them, there was even a lot of the original Elite Rain Ninja.

The entire power of Akatsuki’s armed force was like eating golden soil.

Every day, it was multiplied!

Of course, there were many trees and birds.

Some of the loyal subordinates who had been abandoned by Hanzo wanted to take revenge for Hanzo.

For these loyal fellows, Haru could only mourn for them and send them all to see Hanzo.

Kindness did not exist.

What was the meaning of eradicating dissidents

Simply put, it was to drive away or kill all the people he was worried about and then replaced them with his trusted subordinates!

At first, Haru was prepared to take all these people down, even if he had to bear some infamy.

But now, someone actually took the initiative to hand him the knife, ‘The reason to eradicate dissidents’.

What else was there to say

With the label of ‘Hanzo’s remnants, how many heads do you have to lose

Just like that, Akatsuki recovered the lost land and reorganized his men.

Then, he smoothly arrived at the center of Rain Country – Amegakure.

What Haru wanted was to end the battle quickly.

In the space where Sand Village and Konoha were temporarily unable to make a move and were afraid of each other, he first took control of Rain Country.

Moreover, he wanted all the people to recognize his kingly uprising!

“Stop! Who is it”

Outside of Amegakure, Haru and the others were stopped.

“We are all members of Akatsuki.

This time, we brought some food and medicine.

We hope to distribute them to those who need help.”

“Food and medicine”

After hearing what Kagami said, the eyes of the Amagakure Ninja lit up, revealing a greedy expression.

Then, he said bluntly, “So you are Akatsuki.

I thought you were refugees from somewhere.

Alright, hand the things over to us.

You can do whatever you want.”

“Hehe, I’m afraid that won’t do.

We have to personally hand these things over to those who really need them.”

“You don’t understand human language, right I told you to leave the things behind and then scram back to where you came from! Akatsuki Isn’t it just a swindler organization that only knows how to boast If not for the fact that the leader was unwilling to argue with you, he would have already sent people to kill you! You really think you are a person”

Facing the other party’s arrogant appearance, Haru was not angry.

He only looked at Kagami and said, “I still agree with Kakuzu’s method.

We don’t have the energy and time to waste on these self-righteous trash.”

Kagami smiled bitterly.

“I also didn’t expect that Amegakure’s roots had already rotted to this extent.

However, I still insist on my own opinion.

There must be people here who don’t want to be in cahoots with each other and still insist on working hard to change this country.”


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